Aimee and Moses Chan Move Into New Home

The pandemic has impacted many artistes financially, but Moses Chan (陳豪) continues to make an enviable income. A savvy investor with his own cafe and dessert chain, Moses is TVB’s highest paid artiste after signing a $30 million HKD contract with the station. Wanting to provide a better environment for their family, Moses and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) decided to move to a different home.

Although Moses already owns a 2500-square-foot apartment in Tai Po, the Chans moved into a HK$70,000 rental in Hong Kong Island so their three children can enroll in a nearby international school. As their eldest son Aiden is already 7 years old, Moses and Aimee felt it was the right time to move.

With Moses busy with work, Aimee organized the family’s move to their new home. Rolling up her sleeves to pack and then unpack all their belongings, Aimee also handled different tools confidently and used a drill to assembly a shelf by herself. She meticulously made measurements on the walls to hang up their framed family photos as well.

Loving hands-on projects, Aimee shared that she learned the skills from her engineer father. She was happy to put her skills to use during the family’s move.

While their home is not completely furnished yet, the Chans are happily settling into their new environment and looking forward to build wonderful memories there. As their home has an expansive view of the sea, Moses likes enjoy sunsets while barbecuing on the balcony, which seems like the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Source: HK01

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