“My Girlfriend is an Alien” Actor Thassapak Hsu Sparks Viewers’ Interest

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“My Girlfriend is an Alien” Actor Thassapak Hsu Sparks Viewers’ Interest

With Chinese drama My Girlfriend is an Alien <外星女生柴小七> gaining traction through word of mouth online, many viewers are getting curious about the lead actor, Bie Thassapak Hsu (徐志賢). What many people don’t know is that the 27-year-old artiste is a man of many surprises. Not only is he a former K-pop idol, a husband and a father, but he is also of Thai and Taiwanese descent.

Born to a Taiwanese father and a Thai mother in Taiwan, the actor-singer moved to Thailand at the age of 14. There, he made his official debut in 2011 after he won first place at the talent show, “KPN Award,” and two years later, he became a member of the South Korean boy band, VICTOR. A man of many talents, Bie was also a cohost on the Mainland fashion variety show, Secret of Beauty <花顏的秘密> and he starred in two Chinese dramas: Love Won’t Wait <如果,愛> and Cinderella Chef <萌妻食神>.

As for his personal life, Bie tied the knot with well-known Thai actress Gubgib Sumonthip Leungutai in 2016. That same year, they welcomed their baby daughter Paopao in June, and the married couple often shares photos of their family of three online.

The handsome dad recently set off a heated discussion on the Internet for his portrayal of the hot and overbearing CEO Fang Leng in My Girlfriend is an Alien. His hilarious and ridiculous banter with costar Wan Peng (万鹏), who plays alien Chai Xiao Qi, is winning over fans in addition to the sweet interactions between them in the series.

My Girlfriend is an Alien tells the story of an alien girl from planet Cape Town getting stuck on Earth. She crosses path with CEO Fang Leng, who suffers from heterosexual amnesia, forgetting the opposite sex whenever it rains. The silly storyline makes for a drama full of high-energy, laughs, and romance.

“My Girlfriend is an Alien” Trailer

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  • 7 comments to “My Girlfriend is an Alien” Actor Thassapak Hsu Sparks Viewers’ Interest

    1. joojin says:

      I don’t think VICTOR is a Kpop group but a Thai-pop group instead

      Edit: my mistake they are indeed a Kpop group

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    2. wm2017 says:

      I couldn’t even pass one episode. The girl is cute but I just didn’t find it interesting at all even thou the 2nd lead is also kind of cute. I also didn’t find this lead interesting at all. He didn’t look like he’s only 27 to me either. I thought he looks a bit mixed but I was not curious enough to goggle.

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      • dramas4me replied:


        It’s too bad that you stopped watching it before you finished the 1st episode. You should give it another chance and you won’t regret it. It doesn’t get so popular for no reason at all. I finished the drama in two days and I’m still going back to watch some sweet, cute & funny parts. The story’s concept is strange, but the actors are doing a great job for the drama. They were so natural. I’m now a big fan of the main leads and the 2nd male lead. It’s one of my favorite dramas now. 🙂

        Login or Register before you can reply to dramas4me
        • coralie replied:

          @dramas4me Agreed. You really need to get thru the first two episodes to get to the meat of the drama. I thought the first episode was ridiculous too, but I really like the main girl (she’s such a natural!) and main guy (thu) is hot. So I kept watching. I really enjoyed it, minus the final few episodes where they’re kind of milking the drama, but that’s typical of Chinese series. My favorite Cdrama to date as of 2019

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    3. cutie777 says:

      Never heard the name before Thassapak? It could be made it up or something.

      Login or Register before you can reply to cutie777
      • dramas4me replied:


        No. That is his name. It’s probably his Thai’s name. Read this link when you have a chance.

        Hsu Thassapak (徐志賢) – MyDramaList

        I can’t wait to see their new projects. She has a new drama called “First Romance” – hopefully we’ll get to see it soon. He doesn’t have anything new coming out soon.

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    4. maxiaojun says:

      I’m Thai. I have known him for years but never paid attention to his singing and acting. Until, My girlfriend is an alien popped up on YT. So, I decided to give it a try. And, that’s it, I couldn’t stop watching, I even subscribed to WeTV for earlier access to the series. I like the chemistry between the two main leads. I was so much into it. Now, I still keep watching the series.

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