Myolie Wu Excited in Working With Johnnie To

Since Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) left TVB, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has been considered one of the contenders to become the top fadan. Under TVB’s arrangement, Myolie secured a cameo role in film, Beginning of the Great Revival <建黨偉業>, appearing as Chow Yun Fat’s (周潤發) seventh wife. Recently, Myolie filmed Director Johnnie To’s (杜琪峯) Death of a Hostage <奪命金>.With a golden opportunity before her, Myolie did not wish to leave To Sir’s side. When it was not her turn to film yet, Myolie preferred to stay by his side and eat instant noodles instead, willing to put in all her efforts!

Death of a Hostage features Sean Lau (劉青雲), Anthony Wong (黃秋生), and Richie Ren (任賢齊). Myolie will portray Richie’s wife in the film. From the preparation to the actual filming progress, the project took over two years.

Since her debut, Myolie’s acting faced frequent criticism. Due to Myolie’s explosive character in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> earlier, the audience’s opinion changed.  It is understood that Myolie attached great importance to this cooperation with To Sir. Each time, she arrived to the filming set early and not late, memorizing her lines thoroughly. Yesterday, the crew filmed at a real estate shop in Happy Valley district. When Myolie arrived early, the crew informed her that To Sir was still assessing the filming angles and that filming will not start until one hour later. Since Myolie did not eat lunch yet, the crew member advised her to go out and eat first.  Myolie shook her head and bought a bun to eat at the bakery across the street.

Within five minutes, Myolie returned to the real estate shop and sat within sight of Director To’s numerous camera equipment. She carefully studied the script. When the actual filming started, Myolie held onto the hand of a young child actor. To Sir frequently came forward to teach Myolie where to stand before the camera. Myolie’s performance did not disappoint To Sir and the scene was completed in three takes. In contrast, Richie Ren, who has collaborated with To Sir numerous times, appeared much more relaxed. When it was not his turn to film, Richie joked with the crew members.

On her blog, Myolie posted a photo of Johnnie To and herself. Myolie wrote, “Death of a Hostage finally completed its filming!  Many thanks to To Sir for giving me this opportunity to portray a ‘little’ woman. I gained a lot of valuable experience this time. I’m very happy! ”

Myolie revealed that she benefited  from her collaboration with To Sir.  Witnessing To Sir yelling at other people, Myolie felt fortunate that she was not scolded. Prior to filming Death of a Hostage, To Sir requested that she erase her previous acting experience and used a new way to interpret her role. Myolie also praised To Sir as a director willing to teach actors.  To Sir pointed out Myolie’s small gestures onscreen, such as blinking and smiling while reciting her lines, gestures which she was unaware of herself.  In the future, Myolie hoped to be able to collaborate with To Sir again.

Source: Sing Tao

Jayne: Johnnie To is a very passionate director and good to learn from. Securing cameo roles for TVB artists with directors such as Johnnie To is a good way to increase their learning opportunities from other veteran actors as well.

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  1. Yah Myolie in a Johnnie To movie. This is a rare opportunity and Myolie is smart to savour the opportunity as good as she can. This might help her secure future jobs from Johnnie 🙂

  2. wow Myolie is very hardworking willing to sacrifice for to keep an opportunity. well wish the best of luck to her! I can’t wait how she acts in this upcoming film!

  3. She seems very hardworking and intensive! At least this is better than trying to find success through ever growing pinnochio nose

  4. That is Myolie? For a moment I thought Charmaine! Make up does make a difference!

    1. Was she not wearing make up in that photo?? She really does look very differnt… I didn’t think that make up would make that big of a difference.

      1. I wonder why she suddenly decided to not wear heavy make up like she usually does??

    2. That’s Myolie????She look like Charmaine(Fa Fa) in MSOEF ROFL!!!

    3. Maybe this is Myolie look with light makeup. She really look different from her usual look.

    4. lol.. I agree that she does look different without makeup, but most of you said she looks like charmaine. So does that mean she still looks good without makeup? Cuz I think she doesn’t look bad at all.

  5. Was this Myolie’s first time acting in a movie?? Good luck to her!

      1. She was in a movie with Chow Yun Fat, albeit a 10 second role ….

      2. 10 sec is very good la. thought she would play a cameo haha

    1. I think this is her first major role in a movie.

      She has cameo roles ’72 Tenants’ and ‘Beginning of the Great Revival’.

  6. It’s very obvious that Myolie is a very hardworking artist (even Bosco agrees!) regardless of netizens’ criticisms of his crying scenes. I think she fares better in comedy and prefer her in smarter, more professional roles that aren’t too serious.

    Glad to know she has a chance on the big screen. 😀

    1. Must be the camera angle.

      Or maybe Photoshopped to make Johnny To young and Myolie younger or something….

      1. 1. Light makeup
        2. Lighting and low resolution photo
        3. We rarely see her un-glamorous like this

    1. I think most tvb actress are skinny stick. Only Bernice is exceptional.

  7. Curious, when I first saw this photo on Weibo a couple days back, I thought Myolie cut her hair again. Or was this photo not a recent photo of her and it was taken back when she filmed Ghetto Justice when she had the same haircut?

    1. I think her hair has gotten longer abit which looks nicer than the one she has in GJ. What do u think?

      1. I didn’t like her GJ short hair but I liked her Rippling Blossom short hair. Not really liking her hair now – its just above the shoulders length and curly right? I think it would look better straightened =P

      2. yeah, her hair in Rippling Blossom was really pretty and stylish looking with dark red highlight. Short hair really suits her alot.

      3. Her hair now is longer than that pic above. That must’ve been taken right after she filmed GJ.

      4. ROFL the curly hair makes her look 40 and look like seelai. She should straighten it

      5. @jayne

        Do you have any news about Myolie and Selena’s costume fitting? I think it’s for an inspirational comedy with a little bit of supernatural

      6. Vivien,
        I’ll try to post later today, as it was already very late when I posted the other news last night.

  8. I feel sad seeing the current TVB fadans, honestly the quality of fadans have dropped tremendously. Myolie, Fala, Kate, Linda…. Sorry to say that I don’t find any of them pretty and their acting skills are long way to go. All the good ones seem to have left TVB. I think I’ll be watching lesser and lesser TVB dramas from now on…

    1. The 90’s original fadans are the best. I mean the era of Kenix, Esther, Marianne, Flora and etc

    2. TeeVeeBee pay is still cheap. Up the pay, you may see some of them back.

  9. I miss the time where they have Kenix, Esther etc. Not only they have pretty face but their acting skills are so good. Nowadays I can’t see this in any of the fadans.

  10. im not positive on this.. but i think she was filming a drama which consists of her being like a “see-lai” so i think this is why she seems very casual in that pic 🙂

    1. oh and if its that drama- its the one where she and a rich women exchange lives through like an online website… it’s something like that haha…

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