Myolie Wu on Dating Philip Lee: “I Hit the Jackpot!”

Although Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has only been dating entrepreneur Philip Lee for three months, she believes he is ideal husband material. She feels very fortunate to have met him, likening to hitting the “jackpot” in this relationship.

After the couple was photographed kissing on the streets of Taiwan last week, Myolie admitted to her new romance. Phil later clarified that while he has not yet proposed to Myolie, he finds her to be an amazing and considerate girlfriend. Both cherished their relationship and see each other as potential marriage partners.

Founder of a headhunting agency and partial investor in nightclub Play, 40-year-old Phil is a successful entrepreneur. He had dated Selena Li (李詩韻) for one year and was also linked to Miss Chinese International 2012, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯). Although Phil is popular among females, Myolie has complete trust in him and believes in the importance of open communication.

Love Was Due to Fate

Philip Lee Myolie WuAs it turns out, Myolie was supposed to meet Phil last year. Since Myolie was eager to date, several of her friends began introducing men to her, with Phil being a potential prospect. However, Myolie backed out of the blind date with Phil because she was too nervous.

Months later, Myolie was ready to expand her dating options and asked her friends for introductions again. A different friend coincidentally set up Myolie and Phil once again. The pair fell for each other immediately due to their compatible personalities.

Offering nothing but praises, Myolie said Phil is the perfect man, “We get along very well and it’s hard to find someone like that. I think he’s perfect. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Good to hear she’s finally found her Mr. right. wish her all the best 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for her 😀 . She totally hit the Jackpot alright XD

  3. I’m so happy for Myolie :). She really hits the jackpot! I agree with Myolie Phil is perfect jackpot and she deserves someone as great as him!

  4. Yes Myolie hit the jackpot and got the great husband choice. I’m very happy for her as her big longtime fan since my childhood :D. Just want her to be happy and found her love. In agreement what an upgrade from Bosco Huang Zong Ze. I’m sure he regret breaking up with her and now seeing her found a husband better than him in everything who makes her super happy like now.

  5. Happy for Myolie! I guess she has found the Mr Right? I hope they get married soon. Phil Lee sounds like an awesome marriage candidate based on Myolie’s description. Myolie sounds like deeply in love with him too and in blissfullness. I’m so happy for her.

    If someone was with you for 8 years, but never admitted to the world that you’re his girlfriend, and only waited for you to announce it first, and didn’t propose yet, it’s time to leave. Clearly he’s not worth it and you can find someone better and suita you more, like Philipolie. I support Philipolie 🙂

    1. well said! it’s sad that myolie stuck around for 8 years in a relationship that brings nothing good for her, she’s too kind and patient. all in all it took her 8+3 equals 11 long years of searching to find her true love 🙁

      1. True love? Lmao You must be nuts to be saying that. Are you gonna badmouth Philip if things don’t work out? Fickle.

        Wasted 8 years? It goes both ways. Apparently, things didn’t work out for Boscolie. They ended on good terms. Maybe they will get back together. Who knows? I wouldn’t say “waste” when both are willing parties.

      2. 8 years that brought her nothing? Well think about it, if it wasn’t for those 8 years, she wouldn’t be what she is right now, and even so, wouldn’t have met who she suggests as her Mr. right now.mi don’t think any relationship is a waste or a tragedy. I’m sure she gained something out of her previous relationships, as long as she moves on with life happily is all that matters in the end , isn’t it? Lol

    2. Oh please. It takes two. Neither Bosco nor Myolie admitted their relationship. And, Myolie CHOSE to make the relationship public after winning BA. If anybody recalled that moment, she may be caught in spotlight and what not.

      Don’t know why Bosco is constantly painted as the baddie by Myolie’s fans.

  6. Good for Philip ,another beauty pagent celeb added to his collections 😉

    1. i think she is more than a number to him as he shows affection to her publicly unlike the other two. selena and philip didn’t match physically, she was way too short for him and personality wise, prob was too high maintenance from her guru makeup flair n looks.

      myolie is the only one he announced and declared love for publicly. i think he is serious about her. she’s more of a homebody n someone he connects with personally.

      1. It’s true. Myolie is the only woman he declared beautifully as his girlfriend in facebook. He never did so with Selena Li. Meant Myolie is special to him and not just for casual token. He loves her dearly.

      2. Funny how you are commenting about Philip as though you know personally what he is thinking. Even his parents nor his best friend would say with such confidence

      3. he already announced what he thinks of her in his Facebook, i think its not hard to deduce what he thinks. some of you have ur own ill n pessimistic perception of others relationships, don’t let it carry on over to ur own.

  7. The way Myolie describing Philip is very sweet and romantic. I’m happy for her finding the treasure after the long hunt. Way to go sister!

  8. myolie like any woman deserves love. hope this relationship bears fruit.

  9. I think she is in trouble, the dude is a player, go back to bosco, he’s more cool

    1. shut up you don’t even know phil in real life to say he’s a player. Myolie already confirmed he’s perfect for her and you should just accept that, you hater.

      1. Then why are you going every where badmouthing Bosco?you need to evaluate yourself before you attack others. You are the a true hater too. I can totally imagine you badmouthing Phillp if things do not work out. Geez!

    2. Some people here have followed Philip’s instagram and facebook before and he doesn’t look like player or smooth type. He’s only a handsome overseas educated businessman who’s educated or perhaps more than Myolie and suits her a lot since they were both schooled in England. Bosco was a local HK high school educated boy I never understood how Myolie can communicate with someone his level of educated for the 8 years. They have nothing in common.

      1. It is true that Myolie received some high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland. She later returned to Hong Kong and attended the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, majoring in Biochemistry.

        During her first year in university, Myolie took part in 1999 Miss Hong Kong pageant and clinched second runner-up. Shortly afterward, she signed up with TVB as a full-time contracted artiste and withdrew from school. Therefore, she was only a Year 1 student in university, and might not have completed her 1st year. Bosco Wong also finished Matriculation studies (Form 7) in Hong Kong. Therefore, their education levels were quite compatible. The only difference is Myolie’s command of English is better than Bosco’s.

      2. If Myolie thinks like u, that she’s more educated n thus deserves better (than Bosco), then she deserves to get dumped. However it sounds like this superficial judgement is coming from Siuyan only. Get a life dude…and some education…and some manners.

    3. No worries…Myolie will get over it if Phil cheats on her. She doesnt mind at all!

  10. She sure did bc he’s banking. Guess she’s ready to settle down. Wish her the best!

  11. She shd stop boasting too much. Do it when the guy have the intention to marry her. It will be such an embarrassment to break up later. In other words, low profile pls!

    1. My thoughts exactly! Save the gushing for later, this is still early days!

    2. Perhaps she intends to tie him down? She aint young anymore.

      1. She’s not desperate lady. Myolie always professional in whatever she do :). Philip Lee is also older than her. That is not the case.

    3. You know that Taiwan actress got married only after 2 weeks of relationship. True love happens and only those who in them can feel it and gush over it. It doesn’t matter if 3 months or 3 years.

      1. You are referring to Barbie Hsu. True that true love happens,but in order to have and ensure a lasting and happy relationship/ marriage,then you will need much more than just love.

  12. didn’t myolie grow up in england or studied abroad there just like phil, so they def have that in common. the two look very compatible. all the dates they have gone on with other ppl, they picked each other.

    1. Yea both Myolie and Phil were schooled in England, they are perfect match. If only they have met earlier when both of them younger then Myolie would’ve had a happy married life by now.

  13. I have always liked Myolie for her fashion style and elegant personality. I’m happy that she has found a man for herself. I know that feeling when you find ‘him’, to you, he’s your everything and you just love being able to spend time together and staring at his lovely face. Hope she will be happily ever after.

  14. she sound so inlove and happy with phil! He sound like a bad boy. As long as she is happy that is the main thing!

  15. Finally, Phil is settling down with Myolie…Congrats! Never mind he cheats on her later, she will be happy!

  16. 3 mos into ur relationship & u already admitted to the world u’ve hit the jackpot? Seems like u love him more than he loves u. Too early to say things like that but I get used too celebrities when they’re in love, they say all the good things about their lovers but when they break up, all these bad things expose. No matter how much in love u r, better keep it to urself so when u get heartbreak no one bring these things up to laugh at u or discuss all the bad things about u or ur lovers like they talk trash about Bosco

  17. Even if she claims to have hit jackpot, it’s way too early to say…Do so at the stage of discussing marriage.

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