Myolie Wu Spotted Visiting Herbalist; Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Dating for seven years, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) did not possess marriage intentions yet. However, “accidents” occur in many instances. On Christmas Eve, a reporter from Oriental Sunday spotted Myolie and Bosco at a gynecological clinic practicing traditional Chinese herbal medicine in Yau Ma Tei, which was popular among celebrity mothers such as Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Kenix Kwok (郭可盈). Myolie noted that she often felt dizzy, nauseous, and vomiting. Finally, she obtained a tonic prescription suspected to aid her her early pregnancy.

The reporter contacted Myolie regarding her pregnancy rumors, upon which she responded through her assistant, “Of course not! In my promotional event tomorrow, I will have a response for everyone!”

Sharon Chan Doubts Myolie Wu Is Pregnant

At a promotional event yesterday, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) revealed that she and good sister, Myolie Wu, attended a Christmas Eve party together. Regarding Myolie’s pregnancy rumors, Sharon laughed, “We attended a party together on Christmas Eve. It’s impossible! However, she did not drink any alcohol that night. If she is pregnant, I have to be the nanny! Wait, I have no milk! It’s better for me to be the godmother! Myolie urged me to quickly become a mother that night also.” Furthermore, Sharon opined that Myolie just received the TVB Best Actress Award and will be filming a mainland series to boost her career, thus she will likely not become pregnant so soon.

Sharon Waiting For Boyfriend’s Proposal

Sharon’s boyfriend for many years gave her an electronic gift for Christmas. Sharon gave her boyfriend a new cell phone. Asked whether she has received a ring as a gift, Sharon smiled, “I am waiting for an engagement ring, but it has not surfaced yet. He indicated that he will put effort into earning money to buy a house.”

Jayne: I also doubt Myolie would want to become pregnant so soon after her career reached its current peak. However, it will be interesting to see why she visited a famed herbalist popular among expectant mothers.

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  1. i doubt it, if she goes to a herbalist place doesnt mean that she is pregnant. i’ed laugh

  2. I don’t know…but from her answers, it seems like she is cuz she’s even recommening Sharon to be a mother all of the sudden! LOL…but then again, she’s at a peak with her drama right now, so it would not be such a good choice in my opinion…maybe she and myolie party to much on the award night and forgot about condoms…LOL..

    1. LOL youre funny,didnt you read the article, myo didnt drink alcohol at the award night, but maybe after that, who knows, but you cant be sure of that. lol, wait about 3 or 4 months later, then we’ll know the truth.

    2. I don’t think she’s pregnant. If she’s pregnant, she must’ve already told her best friends Sharon, Christine and the others in the group. Nobody will keep secrets about pregnancy.

    3. She could play safely by a secret abortion… she could be pregnant because they forgot to use condom, condom was broken, or they had sex based on her period but mistook, or they took the shower together, or he used his hand touching his and hers…there were many possibilities. Or it was true that nothing happened….only she knows.

      1. This thing is unfounded in the first place.

        First of all she could’ve went to the place to get some normal health check and health prescriptions.

        Second is she’s confirmed her participation in a mainland drama in January. If she’s truly pregnant she wouldn’t make herself work hard like this.

        Thirdly she’s also settled and confirmed herself for TITS 2 in May. If she’s truly pregnant now her tummy will be bulging at that time and she won’t be able to commit to TITS 2.

        Fourthly if she’s truly pregnant she wouldn’t look so cheerful and instead will look worried or less cheerful since pregnant at this time will mean that her work will be affected and right now is a peak of her career

        So the news is most likely false alarm.

  3. apparently myolie is holding a press conference on the 28th to explain the situation? is this true?

    1. my bad, i heard somewhere else that she was holding a press conference but it seems that it’ll just be at her event.

  4. i hope she’s not pregnant… dont get me wrong, i really like boscolie… actually i love boscolie… but i dont wanna see her pregnant yet cus she JUST got tv queen and tvb will freeze her for a while if she has a baby and such… :\

    1. She won’t. Her personality that she showed unintentionally in award night don’t look like someone who will settle down and have babies so soon. She’s a go getter.

      1. but its not up to her if she “wants” the baby or not :\ couldve been an accident

  5. Good for her! Every artiste wants to have a “dragon” baby. Perhaps she is one of those artistes.

  6. A Career minded woman like Myolie won’t be preggo so fast. This might be just another publicity from TVB to boost Myolie. Why? Because she could’ve just answer straight away but still want to wait until press con and let the gossip continue a while longer ROFL.

    1. Totally agree that this is just a publicity stunt to generate more news. TVB invested so much in her that theres probably a clause somewhere in her contract that she cannot get pregnant during tenure of her contract…

      1. Another +1 for publicity stunt. Myolie’s new series ‘Wish and Switch’ will be aired in 1 or 2 weeks for now! ROFL

      2. I’m just curious why is it called a publicity stunt when she just WENT TO THE DOCTOR? I guess when people are more famous, even things like going to the doctor is front page news. I think if she sneezes, the tabloid will call her the new strain of H1N1 and everyone reading it will scream PUBLICITY STUNT!
        There are many reasons for going to the gynecologist, especially a herbalist – check up, rashes, infection, irregular/heavy menstral flow. Hell, I myself went to a herbalist specialising in gynecology when i was 14 as I had bad period pains, and herbal medicine treats that at its cause rather than taking pain killers. I guess if I’m famous, I will be proclaimed as underage pregnancy and you guys will scream publicity stunt too, when all I did was to go to the doctor.

      3. Publicity stunt from the magazine and TVB who want to promote Myolie’s coming series. Look at Niki and Charmaine all said to fight by magazines and their series are airing now. See a pattern here? ROFL 😛

      4. Even if it’s created by the magazine as a ‘publicity stunt’ for WAS, Myolie is innocent in this matter. She’s merely going to the herbalist for her own health. It’s considerable too since she’ll be filming in the cold Hengdian in January.

        All the best for Myolie. If it’s just a promotional stunt from Oriental Sunday and TVB, it’s not a bad thing since that means her career won’t be affected. She has mentioned that she wants to keep active in acting for more years.

  7. LMAO, no way in hell this is true. There’s no way that Myolie would do something to jeopardise her own career after having waiting so long for her turn in the spotlight. No. Way.

    1. ROFL agreed. An ambitious woman like Myolie won’t settle down so soon. This is not true. There are thousands more reason to get a Chinese medicine or tonic 😛

    2. For some reason I also don’t think she’s pregnant and don’t wish she’s pregnant now. She just won an award she’ve been waiting for a long time and she’s having a bright future in front of her and judging from other actresses, they’ve all slowed down after having a baby. Yes Myolie won’t do anything that will jeopardize her future as an actress, she’s a smart lady.

  8. She can’t be pregnant, she has just won the best actress, so much opportunities waiting for her.

  9. please be pregnant so tvb can freeze you and reclaim the awards due to failure in their systems, LOL

  10. She seems like those type who won’t get pregnant before marriage, although who knows..

  11. It would seem that Bosco and Myolie are baiting the public 😛 Just having some fun is my guess.

  12. Even if she is, no scandal since the child would have been the guy she dated and confessed her love on national TV for like how many years? Where’s the scandal? Bosco, time to sell that ugly red is it audi? and buy her a decent ring.

    1. @Funn

      No need to sell because those magazines said on some front mag covers that he already bought her a Cartier ring of 6 figure worth. Time to end all this gossips now. I’m tired already with all the front covers.

      1. But I want him to sell. Ugly car! Time to get a MPV, if she is pregnant!

      2. @Funn

        You so fickle? ROFL don’t take HK gossip that seriously ROFL. Wait first until they come out with more evidence LMAO 😛

    2. I think you want this to be true just so he has an excuse to get rid of his car. haha

  13. Once, I remember, Myolie remarked that she would like to have “more rumours” but I don’t think the recent remour that she may be pregnant would have pleased her at all. No, like most of you I too don’t think the rumour’s true. At the moment her top priority is her career and everything else is secondary.

    1. @P.Tan

      This rumour is to promote her to be aired in January series with Johnson Lee :P. ROFL I don’t think anyone will believe this since she just won the BA award in TVB and will put career on top of her priority ROFL

  14. I doubt the rumour is true.

    Even if she is pregnant, she will most probably abort the baby secretly. She is career-minded, having a baby at this time will affect her greatly.

    1. If she is knocked up she have to discuss this matter with Bosco. Perhaps he wants to keep the baby and might leave her a younger gal instead.

      Credit to him for sticking to her that long when his peers have been playing dolls for so long!

      1. As a girl, I’m affronted by your need to “credit” someone for sticking with a relationship. It is a two-way street, isn’t it? It’s actually quite a disgusting thought as it brings out the bigotry of gender roles in today’s society.

    2. Quite agreed. She can’t afford to have a baby at this time and halting her career. She almost quit acting after lost to Charmaine in 2006, so trying all means not to have a baby is not impossible.

  15. Haha I also doubt that Myolie is pregnant . Even if she is she would share it right? She has also become TVB Queen so I don’t think she and Bosco would go that far yet. All the best Myolie <3

  16. well i dont doubt she’s pregnant, accidents do happen even aft precautionary action! I’m v sure her career is utmost impt for now without doubt, naturally abortion is the ez way out!

  17. I don’t believe Myolie is pregnant
    She won’t just dump her career in trash that way

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