Netflix Acquires Rights to Ruby Lin’s “Blue Hour”

Produced by Ruby Lin (林心如), Taiwanese drama Blue Hour <華燈初上> is set to be released on Netflix. Set in 1988’s Taipei red light district, the suspense drama revolves around the lives and struggles of sex workers.

The star-studded cast includes: Ruby Lin, Chris Wu (吳慷仁), Joe Cheng (鄭元暢), Jacob Wang (王柏傑), Wallace Huo (楊謹華), Cheryl Yang (楊謹華), Tony Yang (楊祐寧), Esther Liu (劉品言), Puff Guo (郭雪芙), Nikki Hsieh (謝欣穎), and Derek Chang (張軒睿).

Although Ruby is helming the production, she has a major role as a hotel madam who was born from a wealthy family, but was married to a scumbag ex-husband (Joe Cheng). She runs the hotel with a bold streak.

Award-winning actor, Chris Wu, plays an unconventional role as a cross-dressing madam who competes with Ruby’s character for business. Jacob Wang also shows his sexy and flirty side as a male sex worker.

The production team took their time to write a script that is culturally accurate, while containing suspenseful elements. Over 250 million Taiwanese dollars were spent to produce the 24-episode series, which features extravagant sets and glamorous costumes.

Blue Hour is set to be released in the second half of this year.

“Blue Hour” Trailer

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  1. Look good Man!!! Ruby really knows her stuff…Looking forward to it. Sick of the China newbies who cannot act properly.

    1. You should watch the movie called I think “ Wu sheng” which talks about those who are abused and on school but cannot speak up. It is based on a true story.

    2. Many actors and actresses can act well as they are trained unlike tvb. I guess in some cases you either have it or you don’t.

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