Netizens Uncover Flirting on Aaron Chen and Xie Xin’s Social Media

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Netizens Uncover Flirting on Aaron Chen and Xie Xin’s Social Media

Aaron and Xie Xin’s Instagram posts reveal more traces of their shocking extra-marital affair.

The extra-marital affair between Taiwanese hosts Aaron Chen (陳秉立) and Xie Xin (謝忻) has evoked a fierce barrage of criticism ever since pictures of the two artistes kissing in broad daylight were captured by the media. Despite Xie Xin posting a handwritten letter of apology to Aaron’s wife’s Grace Gong (龔淑卿) on June 13, netizens seem unwilling to forgive and forget anytime soon, and have uncovered further traces of the illicit affair from the two’s social media feed.

“I did something very scary at the moment when logic eluded me”

In her handwritten letter, the 37 year-old apologized to Aaron’s wife and mentioned her feelings of “shame and regret” at what she described as her “irrational and impulsive actions”. She also wrote that Aaron was both a “teacher and a friend” to her, and was ashamed for having “crossed the line of friendship”, and regretted hurting “a great partner at work” (presumably Aaron). Adding that she ought to bear a “huge part of the responsibility” for the situation, she also apologized to Grace.

Telling Instagram Posts Reveal Whereabouts and Surreptitious Flirting

In a post dated on April 7, Aaron had checked in at a baseball game in Tokyo, Japan and posed with a pink-hued soda drink, while a companion (who was obscured) held out a plate of curry rice in front of him. In the caption, the host shared about “my favorite baseball/ my favorite curry rice/lovely pink beverage/al monte so brilliant/finally I win some money~ won the match!” However, sharp-eyed netizens noticed that he went back to remove selected words in his caption, including “1 attack a day…just for once, all my favorites all gathered together”, perhaps due to sensitive connotations in light of the cheating scandal.

Scouring Xie Xin’s feed, she had also checked in at the same location on that day, posing with the same pink-hued beverage. Many netizens were quick to notice that the color of Xie Xin’s top in the photo coincided with the one who held out Aaron’s food in the latter’s photo, sealing suspicions that the two had been spending time at the same event. Scornful comments were left about how the two were having “a date under the guise of watching a baseball game”, as well as those which lambasted Xie Xin for “going overseas to catch a game with your adultery partner”, while blatantly ignoring Aaron’s wife.

Another set of posts from the two respective feeds published on April 16 also raised eyebrows and evoked disgust. Xie Xin had posted the photo of a bed and captioned it by focusing on the colors of gray and pink in her photo, calling the two colors “romantic but cold”. In his post on the same day, Aaron wore a pink jacket and wrote, “It may be drizzling but I’m not dampened by the gray skies; my heart is forever pink”. The seeming coincidence in their post content are now seen as none other than stealthy flirting between the two co-hosts in Taiwan’s variety entertainment scene. Aaron has since deleted his Instagram account.

Grace Already Knew of Affair?

Before Aaron and Xie Xin’s affair was exposed publicly, Grace was speculated to have already known about it. In May, Grace posted a series of Facebook comments which seem to hint at her disappointment in marriage. She wrote, “The person you shouldn’t force the most in life is yourself,” while pointing out that a good pair of shoes requires finding a fitting partner. If the shoes don’t fit the feet, then there will be pain and heartache; it is best to throw away the shoes. In another post, Grace wrote, “Marriage is the graveyard of love. When returning home every day, does that mean it is like sweeping the grave? Hope people with courage can find true love.”

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