Nicholas Tse and Leo Ku to Rule Lyndhurst Terrace

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has recently taken a liking towards investing. With the financial banking of his own production company, Post Production Office Limited, Nicholas bought two shop spaces – numbers 26 and 28–two months ago. The shops are located on Lyndhurst Terrace, a street in the Central district. Together, the two properties cost over $117 million HKD. Nicholas previously bought property numbers 6 and 8 on the same street last year, owning a total of four properties on Lyndhurst Terrace.

Fellow labelmate, Leo Ku (古巨基), bought shop space number 22 space on that same street, with the property costing over $50 million HKD. Leo’s assistant and rumored girlfriend, Lorraine, was also caught looking around for a new shop space in Causeway Bay.

A few days ago, Nicholas, Leo, and Lorraine had a three-hour dinner together in Che’s Cantonese Restaurant in Wan Chai. Oriental Daily reported that Leo and Nicholas were discussing plans on purchasing the shop space number 24, in order to have their four shops link together in the future. Allegedly, property number 22 cost over $110 million HKD.

Leo and Lorraine arrived at the restaurant at approximately 7 PM. Nicholas arrived an hour and a half later. Both Leo and Nicholas appeared excited about their future collaboration plans. The dinner ended at 10 PM.

Holding a stack of folders, Lorraine was the first to leave the restaurant. Upon seeing the reporters, Lorraine looked shocked. She then quickly left in a seven-seater mini-van that was parked at the end of the street. A few minutes later, Leo and Nicholas exited the restaurant with smiling faces. Asking if Leo and Nicholas were planning on opening up a new store together, Nicholas smiled and humbly said, “Don’t say such things!”  Leo and Nicholas did not answer any further questions and the two left in Nicholas’ mini-van.

Yesterday, Oriental Daily called Lorraine to ask about Leo and Nicholas’ collaboration plan. However, Lorraine refused to comment. Reporters contacted Nicholas’ manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), who simply said, “Just friends eating dinner together.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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