Nicholas Tse Finds Yang Mi to Be a Refreshing Costar

Although Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau’s (劉愷威) relationship has become official, earlier rumors between Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) were a hot topic. At the premiere of The Bullet Vanishes <消失的子彈> in Beijing, Yang Mi admitted that she continued to be very nervous when in the presence of her idol, Nicholas.

While filming The Bullet Vanishes, Yang Mi was rumored to have knocked on Nicholas’ hotel room door to seduce him.  This ignited claims that Yang Mi had broken up with Hawick for a better suitor, Nicholas. Both parties had since denied the allegations but Yang Mi and Nicholas’ heated bed scenes in The Bullet Vanishes once again brought them back into the spotlight!

Nicholas Protects Yang Mi from Rumors

At the promotional event for the movie, Yang Mi admitted that whenever she sees Nicholas, she feels nervous and has sweaty palms. However, Nicholas highly complimented Yang Mi’s acting, “Her acting is very pure.  It gives the audience a refreshing feeling, which is hard to find these days.”

When asked about their heated bed scenes, Nicholas and Yang Mi smiled but remained silent.  When the emcee persisted and asked Yang Mi where is her love for Nicholas, the protective Nicholas pretended to high kick him, which caused an uproar of laughter from the audience!

Not to be overshadowed, Sean Lau (劉青雲) acted as a salesman and started to promote his bullet vest.  The bullet vest was invented by his character in the movie.  The hilarity of the scene caused the audience to laugh.

Sean and Nicholas Were Tricked to Film the Movie

Producer, Derek Yee (爾冬陞) revealed that he lied to Sean and Nicholas in order to win their agreement to star in The Bullet Vanishes.  Derek said “Initially, when I sought out Nicholas, Sean had not yet agreed to film.  But I know that Nicholas wanted to collaborate with Sean, so I mentioned that Sean would film.  Nicholas then agreed to the movie even before reading the script!  After I secured Nicholas, we approached Sean.  Filming the movie together, they were indeed very compatible!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. But he does not love her.. and so she found another guy, taller and without 2 children as baggage and a crazy ex wife. The end to a love story.

    1. Oh yay. It’s like the modern day Cinderella story.
      Instead of a whipped and clingy Prince Charming, Cinderella finds some rich dude with a million dollar networth and a Lamborghini.

  2. man, how old is Tse? he looks old as hell…i know he’s under 35…

    1. He has been doing movies since he was 17 that’s why he feels older

      1. You are joking right? He got ton of money, should be able to afford best stuff to keep him look refreshing and young. Look at Aaron kwok…..

  3. How come most AZN stars looked so plastic? Is that what’s consider the norm look? I prefer Crystal Liu, Gigi Lai, Linda Chung…what’s your natural beauty star?

    1. What does AZN stand for?? My favorite natural beauties are Sun Fei Fei, shui ling, Huang Yi, Alyssa Jia, and others..

    2. I agree. Doesn’t Yang Mi’s face look like Viann? Or should I say, the pre-plastic face of Viann? I really miss the natural Chinese look like Crystal Liu, Vivian Chow, and Gigi Lai. Each of them has their own individual look, whereas nowadays, everybody from Mainland, and even some from HK and Taiwan start looking alike. Vivian Chow will forever be my favorite natural beauty celeb.

      1. You’re right. Yang Mi’s face does look like a doll, not sure if it’s from PS or she just naturally looks like that. It’s almost like the girls from Mainland China are all manufactured from the same factory – cookie cutters.

      2. When I was watching the All Wells Ends Wells 2012 in the cinema early this year, there was a part when Yang Mi was shot from the side and you can see a very strange protude from under her chin when the rest of her jaw is somewhat lacking in definition/muscles. Really odd.

    3. Some of the AZN ladies I find on the more attractive side are Selena Li, Fala Chen, Park Bom, Kim Tae-yeon and Lee Soon-kyu.

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