Nicholas Tse is Dating Janice Man?

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has remained single for two years since his divorce with Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝). Although linked to Zhou Xun (周迅) earlier, Nicholas denied any romantic ties. Did 24-year-old model/actress Janice Man (文詠珊) catch Nicholas’ eye and finally end his bachelorhood?

Tabloids claimed that after meeting Janice at a mutual friend’s gathering earlier, Nicholas was immediately attracted to her. They were spotted at Nicholas’ business partner Dennis Yeung’s (楊文傑) birthday dinner together several days ago at French restaurant, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. The four friends reserved a private room and chattered away excitedly. Dennis allegedly knew that Nicholas and Janice were dating, so the pair acted unreservedly. With his arm around Janice’s shoulder, Nicholas was very chatty throughout the night. Janice even fed Nicholas, who happily accepted the bites of food.

To avoid the press’ attention, Janice and Nicholas left the venue separately.  Not wanting to anger ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas reportedly kept  low-profile in dating Janice, but they called each other to frequently talk on the phone.

Through her manager, Janice admitted that she “attended the birthday dinner and Nicholas was at the same table.” Janice did not respond further on the reported intimate behavior during dinner. However, she said earlier that she loves “bearded men”, which matches Nicholas’ recent look.

Nicholas’ manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), maintained that he was still single and not dating anyone at the moment. Did Nicholas hope to keep the new relationship under wraps until further development?

Sources:; Oriental Daily

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  1. I think it’s just the makeup. She and Angelababy used to wear circle lens all the time and they both have the hair style and makeup you’d see on models in Japan. I have noticed that Janice uses more natural makeup now and she doesn’t wear circle lenses as much as she used to.

    1. I wonder if she had PS? I am guessing she did but maybe not as much as Angelababy.

      1. Nevermind, I just followed the link given by Tammy and yes she did have PS just like Angelababy. No wonder they both have a similar look.

      2. Hetieshou: I think she did too. Makeup compliments your features but from what i see in those pics, it does look like she had PS done. I’m not surprised since prob 90% celebrities have had PS.

      3. Tammy,
        I agree that make up does help a lot and can really enhance a person’s appearance as we have seen with celebs who are without it. Many can not live without make up. However, makeup can only do so much. PS is so common these days but yet so many celebs are still too ashamed to admit it. I find that sad that you are willing to use something but yet not admit to it even when it is so obvious.

      4. I think she might have done minor plastic surgery. Her face shape and nose still looks the same except her eyes seem to have changed. From the pictures shown in that youtube video, her eye shape changed a bit and got bigger and it looks if if she used to have single eyelids but they’re now double and her eyelids are much thicker. But ya compared to Angelababy, Janice’s change isn’t as big.

  2. Sorry, I don’t see any significant difference between before and after PS as alleged in the video.

    1. Yeah, all I see is makeup and better styling.

      But PS or no PS, she’s HOT. Nic Tse is one lucky dog.

  3. Cheung’??? What a cheap way to pull Cecilia into the article and make her out to be this angry scary ex. I doubt she cares who Nicolas is dating or not dating. If this silly girl Janice Man is really Nic’s girlfriend, then she has more to worry about than Cecilia. She had best prepare for the crazy mom and pops.

    1. But Cecilia is always pulled into Nic and Tse family articles. Nevermind she’s sunning herself somewhere in Singapore or something.

      The media (or whoever feeds info to the media) loves portraying her as the deranged, irresponsible, stalker ex. Oh don’t forget vindictive too (all her plans are always to get back at Nic and the Tses).

      Yupz … crazy “mom and pops” all right.

      1. nomad822: The media (or whoever feeds info to the media) loves portraying her as the deranged, irresponsible, stalker ex. Oh don’t forget vindictive too (all her plans are always to get back at Nic and the Tses).

        According to this video link below Cecilia is among HK reporters top 10 most hated celebrities blacklist in 2012 with Edison Chen (#1), Jordan Chan (#2)and Paul Wong (#3) as top 3. The others in no particular are: Stephanie Cheng (鄭融), Kay Tse, Justin Lo (側田), Gigi Leung, Niki Chow, and Gillian Chung.

        So not surprise there that news on Cecilia is mostly negative.

        Spencer Leung’s tv program 娛樂審死官@ 7:21

    2. No smoke without fire. Her vindictive actions speaks for itself….

      As for the in-laws (Pat and Deborah), they have not done anything so far but dot on their grandsons as all grandparents do, supporting their son Nic in his darker days (especially the years leading up to his divorce). They may have voice their concern and being upset, which is natural cause they care, but certainly never bad-mouthed CC out of respect for Nic.

  4. As men get older, they like to date younger females…5 years junior is not enough, it has to be at least 7 years difference.

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