Nicholas Tse On Loving Faye Wong and Cecilia Cheung

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Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) has not accepted any TVB interviews for more than 6 years. Due to his friendship with Luisa Lai (黎芷珊), Nicholas appeared as a guest in her interview program, The Best Actor <最佳男主角>. Nicholas shared many years of his heartfelt experiences, including love relationships with Faye Wong (王菲) and ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝).

Nicholas revealed that one of his weaknesses is in handling relationships. When asked about his past relationship with Faye Wong, he said, “Her Pop Diva status was never been a major problem throughout our relationship.” Luisa teased Nicholas that he used to call Faye Wong, “Baby”. Nicholas admitted that his failed relationship with Faye Wong was an important learning experience in his life.

Breakup with Cecilia Has Nothing to Do With Nude Photos

When Nicholas shared his stories about his ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, he said that they have gone through many tough times and challenges together.  Unfortunately, their marriage still ended in divorce. Nicholas revealed that they both needed to mature further. After their divorce, their relations remained positive, as Nicholas and Cecilia loved their sons deeply and are committed to be good parents.

When asked what attracted Nicholas to Cecilia in the first place, he said it was her personality of being not afraid to love and hate. She is a very kind-hearted person. Regarding chances of reconciling with Cecilia, Nicholas replied, “No, it truly doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.” He is very grateful that Cecilia had never made any negative remarks about him in front of their sons after the breakup. Their divorce has not affected his relationship with his two sons.

Nicholas said that Cecilia’s sex photo scandal with Edison Chen (陳冠希) sex photo scandal, and their airplane photograph together last year were not the cause of divorce. Nicholas claimed that he has never seen the nude photos. Nicholas believes that having faith and confidence in that person is good enough in a relationship.

As for worrying about his sons facing the same kind of burden growing up with their famous celebrity parents, Nicholas said he has some worries, but believes that if his sons can endure the constant media attention, they will grow up to be real men. He truly wishes they will become good people and be able to contribute to society.


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28 comments to Nicholas Tse On Loving Faye Wong and Cecilia Cheung

  1. sorrow says:

    when nicholas and faye are dating, i really enjoyed them together, age and position is not important as long two of them like each other

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    • Lee replied:

      Wasn’t he only 19 when they started dating? I just can’t wrap my head around a successful woman like Faye Wong being attracted to a kid… unless she herself was also emotionally stunted. Ah well, love is inexplicable.

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      • Yuyu replied:

        Being with a younger partner allows you to relive your youth and experience a more relaxed and fun relationship. It’s like having puppy love all over again except you are a cougar. So it’s cubby love?

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  2. funn lim says:

    Nicholas to me is a genuinely good husband with a genuine heart.

    He loves his wife very much and that’s why he never believes his wife has aby sex scandal with any leaked sex photos.

    Keep up your faith, Nicholas. You’re a role model to everyman and every woman on this earth to learn from.

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  3. bryantchang says:

    Wish he had talked about his short relationship with Bondy Chiu.

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  4. Cloud says:

    I can’t believe him when he said he never saw the photos. Those pictures were on every major newspapers and are still floating on the internet. The scandal made a dent in their relationship. Cha Siu Yan even said that after the scandal, they slept in different rooms. There’s no point in denying that the scandal made no impact in their relationship. It’s good that they’re keeping it friendly for their sons. Hopefully after this learning experience, they can both find happiness with a new partner.

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  5. Flower says:

    I think it’s an obvious lie that he didn’t see the sex photos. It was all over he internet and every major Chinese Magazine. Why he had to lie obviously for his image. If my husband has that kind of sex photos leak all over the internet….oh I don’t know how I could handle it. So it make sense that there would be an immediate distance, arguments and heartbroken feelings in between thier marriage and knowing the whole world saw it and having to face the media for it acting like you’re not mad is like you got smack in the face constintly but you cannot show any expression. I think Nick finally ask himself CC was nothing but trouble and controlling…Im out for good!

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    • costshort replied:

      Nicholas is very smart. He knows what to say and how to present himself as the good man. I can’t really trust anyone who has a long life in the entertainment business; he is still popular for a reason and not stupid or naive enough to stay telling truths.

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  6. Flower says:

    I think CC was a very beautiful woman but I got a feeling that she could be very controlling, demanding and she could become very nasty if Nick doesn’t do things her way that’s why yelling for divorce was granted.

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    • Linnh replied:

      I heard that during their time married, Nick was still really imature, and cared more about his computer games than using time with her and their children? Well I don’t know.

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      • Cloud replied:

        Linnh, I believe that’s true because Patrick also said the same thing. He said Nic was possessed by video games.

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  7. kcabc says:

    Oh well, if it’s really over, why bring them back to the story anyway?

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  8. Rambling Mind says:

    Well….. he knows how to present himself as a good man. And by not saying anything bad about his ex-wife, it makes him look better. Thumbs up to him. Real smooth operator. Anyone seen his interview at the university? This guy is gonna make it big.

    Ms Cheung, you lost your million dollar ticket. Go back to dating EDC lah. He’s your level.

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    • Cloud replied:

      Why should she go back to EDC? The sea is big enough. Lost her million dollars? She didn’t even want any of his money. She has own money. She’s one of the few in the entertainment business that did not marry for fame and fortune. She married at the peak of her career and sold all her beloved dogs just to be with someone whom she thought was her soul mate.

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    • Linnh replied:

      Why so harsh? lol Well yeah she did a mistake in the past, but at least she didn’t cheat. And if you pay attention, she is better than EDC, at least she is a mature mom that takes care about her children. Have you hear any bad rumours about her lately? most of her rumours lately, is about her with her children having dinner with Nick.

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      • Linnh replied:

        take care of*

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      • E replied:

        @Linnh Past is past, I believe that but this is not about her being a good mom to her kids.

        It’s about her as a wife. Cheating is bad, and so does with the naked photo online. Nothing can fix what is done, which is why Nicholas will not go back.

        @Cloud um, huh?? She sold her dogs… ok… so what are you trying to says, that what she did is right… What did Nicholas Tse did wrong??

        –Both will later move on–

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      • Linnh replied:

        I was not talking about her been a wife, that was only the past thing, the online pictures was bad yes, but it wasen’t suppost to ge leaked, all I can say was she was dumb to even bother taking them, I can somehow understand Nick, but I still pitty their relationship, they do have to kids.

        And the thing with her been a mother was more because Rambling mind mentioned that she was on EDC level,and i don’t agree on that, because actually she is better.

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      • Linnh replied:

        *is *two

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      • Cloud replied:

        She never cheated on him. Those photos were taken when she was single and it was right after her breakup with Nic. The airplane encounter that she had with EDC does not count as cheating. They were on a public airplane. Yes, it was disrespectful of her to chat with EDC but it wasn’t cheating. My point with the dog was that she gave up a lot to be with him.

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    • Lol replied:

      She prolly end up with a white dude…like most models & actresses.

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  9. Linnh says:

    I actually like the way Nick answers too. It shows how much he has matured during those years. I actually hope, even when Nick say no for him and Cecilia to reconcile lol, but I am happy with friendship too.

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  10. ping0 says:

    I hope he will find his happiness in love whenever it may be. Good luck to him.

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  11. E says:

    As an actor, he is good but need more emotional face on screen. As a businessman, he skyrocket. This man will go far in life, but as a boyfriend/husband, he needs more work in that area. As a father, *thumbs up*

    3/4 is excellent! Best of luck!

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  12. Grifis says:

    I used to respect him when he stood by his wife during the scandal then I realized it was all an act. Of course, he ain’t stupid nor is he a saint. There’s no use in denying it. But really, they’re a perfect match since their personalities compliment each other. Nic is complicated and calculated. Cecilia on the other is simple and rash.

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  13. elin says:

    would like point out cc did nt cheat. those pics were frm her single days obviously poor judgement on her part. though i would like thnk cc has matured. i was applauding nic whn he stood by cc through scandal .. i mean it wasnt tht big a deal.. it happen whn she was single. those pics..

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  14. Cleo says:

    Maybe they are not really divorced like Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui never really breaking up/or never really together in the first place because I canNOT believe that Faye Wong was with Nicholas Tse!

    She’s OLDER and he’s just some guy who was in Canada to learn English for a few years – what’s so great about Nicolas Tse!??

    I just find that so HARD to believe – it was very strange.

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  15. contances says:

    After watching the 3 parts of the interview with luisa lai, i thinks he has mature a lot compare to his younger days. And i thinks that he is a good husband and dad too. Really thinks that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas tse are a compatible couple. Hopes that they will reconcile one day.

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