Nicholas Tse Slept at Cecilia Cheung’s House for 4 Nights; Reconciliation Still A Possibility

Since Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) and Cecilia Cheung  (張栢芝) signed divorce papers last August, frequent speculations arose that the pair were headed towards a reconciliation. During last year’s divorce crisis, Nicholas stated that he still loved Cecilia very much, but did not know how their marriage could persevere. It was rumored that Cecilia still loved Nicholas very much, even taking a hiatus from acting to spend more time with him. Their strongest bond was found in their two young sons, Lucas and Quintus. In March, Nicholas even slept over in Cecilia’s house for 4 nights!

At the end of last year, Nicholas requested a 6-month vacation from EEG. Taking a break from filming movies and mainland television dramas, Nicholas has been spending more time with his sons, 4-year-old Lucas and soon-to-be 2-year-old Quintus. He reduced time spent drinking and playing video games, taking on healthier hobbies such as cooking.

In February, Nicholas slept over one night at Cecilia’s house, when she relocated temporarily to a residence one street across from his house in the Admiralty district. According to Ming Pao Weekly, Nicholas slept over four nights at Cecilia’s new house. Turning off his cell phone completely, Nicholas did not wish to be disturbed while spending time with his family. Each time Nicholas visited his sons, Lucas begged Nicholas to stay and sleep with him.

Nicholas Tse Admits Future is Unpredictable

Yesterday, Nicholas, Cecilia and Quintus attended Lucas’ performance at his primary school. It was the first time that the family of four were spotted publicly together since their divorce filing. Hacken Lee (李克勤) and Emily Lo (盧淑儀) were also at the performance, cheering their son, Ryan, who attended the same school as Lucas.

In the past, when Nicholas was asked whether he would reconcile with Cecilia, he said, “It’s impossible!”

However, Nicholas softened his tune recently and was very happy. Asked about reconciling with Cecilia, Nicholas said, “No. We have the same wishes in wanting the best for our sons.  We no longer argue and get along fine with each other. We were immature in the past. Perhaps we will become more mature in the future and know how to get along. Reconciling is not entirely without possibility.”

Cecilia Takes Hiatus to Spend More Time With Nicholas

Nicholas and Cecilia had a very public, and at times very ugly, divorce last year in which Cecilia publicly blasted Nicholas as being an irresponsible father with a video game addiction. She even claimed that Nicholas had fed the media the inside scoop regarding their marriage crisis and harmed her public image negatively.

After the anger settled down, Cecilia has grown more mature in handling herself. Although Nicholas and Cecilia filed divorce papers last year, the court has not officially approved their divorce yet. Allegedly, Cecilia still loved Nicholas very much and hoped to reconcile their relationship.

In January, Cecilia announced that she will take a hiatus from acting to spend more time with her sons. It was speculated that she had done so to coincide with Nicholas’ vacation time frame, wishing to spend more time with him to save their relationship. Furthermore, Cecilia’s movies last year performed poorly at the box office; thus, she re-prioritized her family first.

Moving into her $128 million HKD luxury home recently, Cecilia allegedly incorporated feng shui elements to promote positive energy for nurturing love between Nicholas and herself. The pair got along well with each other in recent months. Cecilia also lowered her expectations towards Nicholas, thus giving him less anxiety in her presence.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2269 via; Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Time is of essence in Cecilia and Nicholas’ reconciliation. Once the heart moves on, it is difficult to capture again. If Cecilia loved Nicholas, it was the right thing to do to take time off to spend with each other. They should have done so last year at the height of their marital problems. Gone away to a couples retreat on some remote island to spend with each other to sort out their priorities.

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  1. I think they’ll reconcile but sleeping at her place doesn’t mean it is heading towards that. It could mean he was spending time with his 2 sons but then he could have took his sons and slept in his own home.

    1. Also does not mean they’re sleeping together. I think Nic wants to oblige Lucas with that “wake up and see dad” feeling like how they were before.

    2. moving young kids all the time from home to home can disturb their usual patterns. I think that’s why Nic chooses to stay at their primary residence.

    3. they should come back together and love their kids don’t think about the old past just let go.start new life..

  2. 2 Lovely kids if they reconcile will support..

  3. I think the two obviously still love each very deeply. When you’re not arguing but spending time together as a family your heart weaken at certin moments espcially when you see the innocent smiles of your children, their hugs, kisses, I love you and silly moments! When mom and dad are together they are at their happiest moment of their life. I think Nick is still stubborn they both are. People longs for love it is hard to keep that hatred feeling towards a beautiful mother of his two children forever especially when she tries to improve herself for him. If they only have one more day to live they will FOR SURE reconcile! Time will show and the sons are doing an amazing role in their situation.

    1. No one really knows… Time will tell but having a successful marriage/relationship takes much much more than just “love”, although I think that is one of the most important factors…

  4. By him saying “reconciling is not without entirely impossible” will just heighten Cecilia’s hope. Hopefully she doesn’t think too much into it, or she’ll be so disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

  5. spending time together more does not help the situation,,, give each other times to think it over,,,,

  6. they filed for divorce too soon. it was probably an impulsive decision, made in a moment of rage or in spite. a separation would have given them time for their anger to cool off and see if a reconciliation was at all possible. after five years of marriage and 2 children, i hope to see them reunite too. if only the media would just give them a bit of space, it would make things much easier for them.

  7. Who wants to bet, they can get re-married next year?

  8. It’s good to see Nic taking time out for his boys, especially when his tight schedules takes him out of HKG sometimes for months. I’m glad he’s bonding with the boys because Lucas is at that vulnerable age and Quintus is beginning to value his father’s presence. Nic should also arrange to have his boys spend more time with his parents. The boys are too close to Cecilias’s ‘hairdresser'(?) friend .

    Cecilia, however, probably realise she’s not that wonderful at the boxoffice afterall. And I bet the Directors and Producers who signed her on last year regretted paying top $$ for no returns. She maybe trying to create that ‘family atmosphere’ and again try to soften Nic through the children. Knowing Nic may still have feelings for her, she’s playing the obvious game because she failed in her previous scheme. She’s money greedy and if she’s not in demand for any future movies how long will her divorce settlement last??

    As some of you say, they should have sorted out their problems before filing for divorce, it could have been spite or haste on both parts. But it is also a fact that Nic was putting up with her and practically upto his eyeballs with her consistent demands and threats. This is not love. But I feel that Cecilia is the one really wanting to be free and famous again. She’s still immature. Having 2 children does not make her a matured adult. I suppose she thought she could have large divorce settlement, take the kids and still have a glorious movie career raking in more $$$ and what nots. But it backfired and now, more careful scheming and planning to get to that goldmine (Nic) again.

    One question :: if, UNFORTUNATELY, Nic reconciles with her, does it mean she gives back everything she received from the settlement ???

    1. Many report state that Cecilia did not take alimony for herself. The money was split up between Nic and the two boys. Perhaps this decision made Nic realize that she wasn’t in the marriage for money, which is why he’s still giving her hope. Or he could be playing mind games with her.

      1. Split between Nic and the 2 boys ?? You’re right, she didn’t want alimony for herself but she’s got the properties in her name already which she schemed. It was reported she also wanted shares in his PO company. But realising the public favoured Nic, she used Plan B. If she had really loved Nic why these thoughts?? Nic wasn’t fooling around, just working too hard.

        It’s better to try to get along as friends for the sake of the children. In another 10yrs, the boys will be old enough to understand why mum and dad are separated and I can’t imagine how they might view Cecilia’s past with Edison (& those photos!!)

      2. @jasmine7

        If we’re going to judge someone’s character based on what’s written in the press, then we can conclude that Nic was a terrible man. When he was with Cecilia during his obstruction of justice days, he made her “do this and that” to get the lesser sentence during his trials, and then threw her under the bus when he got out of jail. He was scared that he would lose his career, and decided to get back together with Faye. The media also wrote that he even used Faye’s money and fame to climb up the ladder. All of these things is what the press wrote over and over. And those files can be recovered on the internet. However, I will not believe anything that the media writes b/c distortion is what they do best. Same with Cecilia, I take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to entertainment gossips.

      3. There is always some truth in the HK media’s report, just need to filter them. Nic did used his driver I believe to get out of what he thought was a bigger charge but ended up much worse. I saw his interviews before the jail time, he was cocky, he was arrogant, he was full of himself, as any young handsome talented man from famous families will be. Maybe it is an image. Wasn’t there some rumour that he was beaten up in prison? Whatever it was he changed after that to become less sullen, still as quiet but more humble in a sense.

        “One question :: if, UNFORTUNATELY, Nic reconciles with her, does it mean she gives back everything she received from the settlement ???”

        No, in fact she will probably take more to secure her future. Maybe demand for more houses, shares, etc.

    2. your post sounds like you know Nic’s and Cecilia’s stories pretty well and know their feelings and thoughts about the marriage. you are so confident.

  9. Nicholas is a good man. He’s matured over the years and slowly resembling more of Andy Lau’s professionalism.

    I am not sure if Cecilia is the best fit for him though. He needs a woman like Jacky Chan’s wife, willing to be in the background and shut up in the public’s eyes. Unfortunately, he does not seem like he’s attracted to those woman.

    Regardless – I like the both of them individually. Cecilia’s made quite a few mistakes, same with Nicholas. There’s not one party better than the other in this relationship, it’s just a matter of good fit.

    Cecilia and Nicholas are not a good fit for each other and I honestly feel like the relationship is over. Their kids are young and they’ll fake it out for their sake – temporarily.

    1. Then he shouldn’t have given her more hope by telling the public that reconciliation is not impossible. He should’ve closed the door on her and let her move on for good. We don’t know those people and we don’t know their true personalities behind closed doors. The media is also very biased.

      1. What he says to the media and what is said behind closed doors may vary. As a reader, I can only make my best effort to interpret the situation. In my opinion, I don’t think he was giving her any additional hope. Actions speak louder than words … if he’s spending nights there but sleeping with his sons instead of his wife – then it’s clear what his intentions are.

      2. @panama
        He really shouldn’t have said that to the media. That is giving false hope. Why not say “we will only remain friends. But reconciliation is impossible?” Nic is possessive. He wanted to get rid of her, but not entirely. He’s leaving loose strings here and there.

    2. yes…the best marriage is when the wife is in the background and shuts up in front of the man! the subservient wife is the best wife!

      1. @KixBaby – that’s not always true. For Nicholas case, I definitely agree. Not sure if you are familiar with Joel Osteen. He’s a famous preacher from the states and he’s got a very outspoken wife. I find their relationship a good fit. It really depends on how the two personalities are.

        @Cloud – Not sure what the context of his message was, it’s likely he said it for the sake of his kid. Maybe there is hope, who knows … But i agree, i would not appreciate the guy leading me on if he knows what the final answer is.

  10. Reconciliation is a good thing. They make a good pair as well.

  11. It’s difficult to repair a relationship that is so badly damaged. There will always be resentment and anger, even if there is love. Best to learn from the past and move on.

  12. I am still digusted at Cecilia extra marital affairs with Edison. The photos are gross. Nick should move on and find other woman.

    1. Were they extramarital? I thought it happened outside of when they were together.

    2. There is no extra-marital affair. There photos were taken before Cecilia and Nic got married.

      1. But rumour has it whilst she was still in a relationship with Nic, hence the persistent gossip that the eldest isn’t Nic’s?

    3. Want to know it was an estramarital affair or not, just look at her tattoos. Those pics show her without belly tattoos, so they were taken in early 2003. It was only later in 2003 and 2004 that she tattooed her belly. It was stupid of her to take those photos and she shamed her family.

  13. What’s the point of posting these articles when there are no pictures to prove he really slept at her house? Lousy journalism.

    1. Ming Pao, the source, is actually pretty reputable in Hong Kong.

  14. HK paparazzis think they are god who can make or break a couple

  15. on off relationship been going on for years

  16. we don’t really know what they both thinking

  17. Who are we to say they should or shouldn’t reconcile? We don’t know them personally. Whatever they decide to do in the future, I wish the best for them.

  18. enuff is enuff. Nic should jst move on with life instead of dwelling into his past! In a way, he is giving Ceceilia hopes. If he has no intention of getting back with her, then pls dont give her any more hope. Move on.

  19. i hope they make luv during the 4 nites (: : ) hehe

  20. Nic’s love for the kids is simply refreshing, I believe he would take a bullet for his kids. He could of done a lot more movies and get paid a lot more, if he chosed to continue his work, but he took a 6 month break to grow up with his kids which can’t be said of many star couples. Not a fan of the couple because of their immaturity, but seeing healthy kids with no marks and seeing how involved they are, I hope they are 1 family again and I wish them more success.

  21. Hope there’s really a reconciliation, they as a couple is just so great for fans…lol….
    Ultimately just want them to be happy.
    They look so good together!!!

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