Niki Chow Has a Very Stable Relationship with Jeremy Tsui

After meeting current boyfriend, Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦), Niki Chow (周麗淇) learned to slow down in life and put behind her old worrisome self.

Since Niki is a very private person when it comes to her love life, it was not easy for her to reveal the identity of her significant other. Even after their relationship was exposed, Niki still felt awkward when the media asked her about Jeremy.

While careful in revealing details pertaining to her personal life, one thing was for certain – Niki maintains a very steady relationship with Jeremy. Despite the difference in their backgrounds, their personalities are extremely compatible. They also maintain excellent communications in their relationship.

Niki expressed, “Communication is key in a relationship. However, we’re always flying to different locations. He’s from Shanghai but I’m of Shanghai descent too. We’re very compatible. One plus one doesn’t always equal two. Since our dating relationship is going normally right now, I don’t want to always talk about my love life.

“You may think he speaks very naturally, but I feel that he doesn’t know how to choose his words sometimes. He even asks me if he says too much! But as long as we communicate well, I won’t stop him from doing anything. We don’t want to affect each other and we want to be ourselves.

“Is he my Mr. Right? I don’t know the line to draw for him being Mr. Right. But I’m not a complicated person – I only want simple love. I’m on the same page as him and we’ll plan our futures together.”

#1 In The Country

Niki’s popularity surged after her role in producer Lau Kar Ho‘s (劉家豪) The Gentle Crackdown <秀才遇著兵>. Working with Lau again in The Virtuous Queen of Han <衛子夫> last year resulted in great success. The series managed to grab the number one spot in Mainland viewership ratings.

Spending three months to film The Virtuous Queen of Han, Niki turned down many job offers. Niki did not mind and said her role, Princess Pingyang, gave her a sense of fulfillment.

While denying that her salary jumped three times after her increased popularity, Niki admitted to receiving a higher pay and more job offers before. With a bigger pay check, Niki’s next goal is to earn enough money to purchase a house in Shanghai soon.


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  1. why it said “they have different backgrounds?” i thought both families are consider well doing

    1. Perhaps because he’s rumoured to be super duper rich. I think Niki’s family should be well-off but not at that level.

    2. Like most HK media, they are stressing the HK vs Mainland angle.

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