Niki Chow Initiated Breakup With Jeremy Tsui?

Hong Kong artiste Niki Chow (周麗淇) publically admitted dating Mainland Chinese siu sang Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦) in September 2013. However, the couple’s relationship reportedly came to an end, as sources claim they broke up on peaceful terms three months ago. Not wishing to drag their relationship on any longer, Niki was allegedly the one who suggested the breakup.

August 30 had been Niki’s 36th birthday. In an earlier interview, the actress already confirmed that she would be celebrating the day with cast members of her current project rather than with Jeremy. Although she never responded directly when asked if the two already broke up, she later implied it in one of her Weibo posts.

On the day of her birthday, Jeremy sent Niki his blessings on Weibo by posting four photos that they took together in the past, writing “Happy Birthday.” He seems to cherish the memories of their relationship. Niki responded, “Thank you for your blessing! Hope all is well for you! Take care!”, which clearly indicates the two have already gone separate ways.

According to sources, Niki and Jeremy broke up because they were unable to spend much time together. Niki was filming in Beijing while Jeremy filmed in Hengdian, and the couple frequently argued over the long-distance relationship. Niki reportedly suggested a breakup three months ago, but when facing the press, she simply said, “I’m not going to talk about this. Thanks for the concern.”

It is said that Niki has decided to fully devote her career towards the Mainland market and has even signed a management contract. In an interview with Niki’s current manager, he shared, “Niki is very hardworking and knows how to make use of time. I never ask her about her love life, because I believe she can handle it herself.”


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