Niki Chow Joins Good Friend Charlene Choi’s Label Emperor Entertainment Group

Despite Another Era’s <再創世紀> low ratings, Niki Chow’s (周勵淇) performance still managed to earn her the Best Actress title at the 24th Huading Awards in Mainland China. Hoping to further her opportunities, Niki recently signed with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG). Many of her good friends including Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), and Hins Cheung (張敬軒) are also under EEG.

Making a guest appearance on show, Girls Bedroom Talk <閨蜜睡房>, Niki shared her industry experiences and the fact that she had never thought of becoming an artiste. The 39-year-old revealed that she first entered the entertainment industry from an advertising collaboration with Nicholas, and later ventured into the music and acting scene.

With Charlene and Nicholas being under EEG, Niki was asked if she decided to join the company because of them. She smiled, “I’ve known Charlene for about 10 years already, so if I wanted to sign with EEG, then I wouldn’t have waited till now. This is fate. I still remember that when I told Charlene that I joined, she was very happy and said, ‘You should’ve signed so earlier!’

Niki added that EEG founder, Albert Yeung (楊受成), and Mani Fok (霍汶希) were good people, “It took me a full circle to work with them again, but the timing is right, so it feels very special.”

Niki said that she has very high expectations of herself, “Acting and singing are timeless projects, so I don’t want it to have flaws. I wish to use 100 percent to complete the work well.”


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