Niki Chow Wants to Rekindle Romance with Kevin Cheng?

With Niki Chow (周勵淇) turning 40 years old next year, many fans are keeping their tabs on the Another Era <再創世紀> actress’ love life and wondering when she’ll settle down. Some netizens are even looking forward to the day she rekindles her romance with former beau, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), with whom she had an underground relationship with for several years before splitting up in 2008.

Although it’s been about a decade since the two dated, there are still fans who think the former lovers are perfect for each other and wishes for a reunion between them. However, Kevin crushed fans’ wishful thoughts when he tied the knot with Grace Chan (陳凱琳) in Bali over the summer.

Even so, some supporters of Niki and Kevin are not giving up. In fact, a netizen recently left a message on Niki’s personal Instagram account expressing his or her desire for Niki and Kevin to get back together as they are really a match made in heaven. Even though the content of the message is not something to make news of, it was what Niki did that took readers by surprise. After noticing that Niki had liked the comment, a user took a screenshot of the activity.

Thus, Oriental Daily reached out to Niki for a comment on the matter. The star revealed she is currently in Mainland China and not in Hong Kong, therefore, she can’t access Instagram.

Regardless, it may be possible that Kevin already took note of what happened since he recently opened an Instagram account. It won’t be surprising if Grace saw it as well, as netizens had earlier noticed Grace has been paying attention to Niki’s social media activity and often liked her posts. Yet, the two are not following each other on social media.

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  1. Grace Chan resembles Niki Chow just a little bit. Why did Niki break up with Jeremy Tsui? He seemed like such a nice guy. I prefer Niki with Jeremy. And Charmaine with Raymond.

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