Niki Chow’s New Boyfriend is Jeremy Tsui?

Has Niki Chow (周麗淇) finally found new love? After breaking up with her boyfriend of two years, Eric Cheuk, earlier this year, Niki remained single and expressed her wishes to find a new mate. In March 2013, it was rumored that she sought reconciliation with Eric, but there was no further development.

Last month, 34-year-old Niki was seen hanging out with 28-year-old Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦), a mainland Chinese actor managed by Hong Kong’s Universe Entertainment. The pair met on the set of historical drama The Virtuous Queen of Han <大漢賢後衛子夫>, which ended its three-month filming on August 26 at Hengdian World Studios.

On August 26, Niki and Jeremy were seen leaving Shanghai’s JIA Hotel together. Jeremy immediately turned around to hide his face when he noticed photographs were being taken, but Niki remained calm and ignored the paparazzi. When Niki boarded her mini-van, Jeremy stood in front of the paparazzi’s vehicle to block her from their view. It was reported that Niki and Jeremy stayed in the same room at JIA Hotel.

According to tabloid sources, Niki and Jeremy stayed in Shanghai for three days and rarely left the hotel. On August 28, Niki returned to Hong Kong with her two assistants, while Jeremy boarded a flight to Beijing.

On August 29 – the day before Niki’s 34th birthday – Jeremy flew to Hong Kong to attend Niki’s birthday bash. After dropping off his luggage at Sky One, Jeremy hailed a taxi and left for Tsim Sha Tsui’s The Peninsula hotel. It was reported that the hypersensitive Jeremy spotted the paparazzi rather quickly and quarreled over the photos being taken.

The tabloids alleged that Niki and Jeremy spent a romantic candle-lit dinner at The Peninsula. On August 31, Niki left for Singapore to promote her TVB drama and returned to Hong Kong the next day. On the early morning of September 1, Jeremy was seen hailing a taxi to Niki’s home in Residence Bel-Air.

Shanghai-born Jeremy joined the industry after winning in a modeling contest in 2005. He signed with Hong Kong’s Universe Entertainment in 2006 and filmed several local Hong Kong films before returning to mainland China to film dramas. He has appeared in Hong Kong films such as Child’s Eye <童眼>, The Detective 2 <B+偵探>,  and mainland Chinese dramas such as My Daughter <夏家三千金> and Painted Skin 2 <画皮之真爱无悔>.

Niki Chow’s Manager Hints at Romance

In regards to Niki’s romance with Jeremy, Nicki’s manager, Marianne Wong (王敏慧), neither confirmed nor denied the reports. She said, “I will not comment on her private life. If it’s true, then they have my blessings. I hope the media will give them space for development.”

Jeremy stated through his manager, “We are good friends. Let nature take its course.”

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  1. Is he that awkward ex-childhood-boyfriend of Charlene Choi in her film, My Sassy Hubby 2?

  2. Three day in the hotel room and never left the room? LOL!!

    I guess Nikki finally got to taste a young buck after a string of old farts.

  3. No idea who he is, but he is CUTE? hehe…
    She is alright, never particularly like her face or acting but she looks pretty up there in that pic.

  4. I remember him from 愛情睡醒了. I thought he was better looking than Roy Chui to be honest. Save for age, not a bad match.

    1. six-year gap is not that big of a deal,comparing with the recent wave of uncles hooking up with nieces. LOL!

  5. Jeremy Tsui? omg he’s from Love Waking Up.
    Real or not, I hope Niki finds her true mate. <3
    Support! support! Support you NIKI :DD

  6. I hope she finds the one who loves her most. She was so much hurt from ex-relationships with Kevin and even when going out with Eric, it didn’t last long. Go Nikki!

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