“Now, We Are Breaking Up” Fizzles After Steamy Opening?

(Above) Song Hye Kyo plays a fashion design team lead romantically connected to Jang Ki Yong’s photographer character, but later realizes he is the younger half-brother of her ex-boyfriend.

The first comeback drama since her divorce from Song Joong Ki, actress Song Hye Kyo’s Now, We Are Breaking Up premiered with a steamy opening on November 12 and achieved good viewership initially. Despite the K-drama Queen helming the dreamy romance, it seems even Song Hye Kyo’s screen presence fails to save the series from buzzworthy period drama The Red Sleeve‘s competition.

Familiar Trope Loses Out?

The actress plays Ha Young Eun, an emotionally icy team lead of a fashion design company, who ends up having a one-night stand with star photographer Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) at a fashion week event. He later reveals in episode 5 that he is actually the half-brother of her ex-boyfriend (played by Shin Dong Wook), who died from an accident ten years ago. However, Young turned him down as she still reels from the trauma of the tragedy from ten years back.

Unrelenting, Jae Guk then told her that he had been the one who took the photo she bought back in Paris then. “I had survived the past 10 years because of the lady who bought that photo. My heart has been beating like crazy because of my chance encounter with her. Because of her I cancelled my ticket, as she is here.…” Touched by his words, Young Eun visibly tears up.

Despite Song Hye Kyo’s emotional onscreen performance, the drama’s ratings took a dive from 7.9 to 7.0 percent, losing out to sageuk The Red Sleeve’s 8.8 percent for the same timeslot. Meanwhile, The Red Sleeve, which stars 2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young, has been raved for its leads’ stellar chemistry and  cinematography.

Viewership battle sees “The Red Sleeve” leading over “Now, We Are Breaking Up”.

Source: On.CC

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com

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  1. Unable to comment on on this drama since I didn’t even catch any parts but I like Red Sleeve Cuff so far, it is the only drama that I am watching now.

  2. I haven’t watch Red Sleeve Cuff yet, but so far I enjoy watching Now we are breaking up. Happiness is not bad either.

      1. Happiness is about a zombie outbreak set during post-covid times, the zombies look pretty scary but that’s the only aspect that’s scary. The pacing’s pretty good, the two leads are also really cool. The drama tackles the humanity side of the zombie scenario as well. Definitely worth checking out!

  3. I haven’t watched either of the 2 yet. It’s interesting how, despite NWBU having Hye Kyo, it’s being overtaken by a drama with relatively lesser famous actors.

  4. There are two beautiful leads for this drama, but mostly there’s unemotional staring. As handsome as he is, the male lead doesn’t add much here in the way of acting. by episode 4, you can tell that someone told him to smile and he does, in not so appropriate places. He stands and poses. Perhaps as time passes he will grow into acting a bit more. There’s not much here for Song Hye Kyo to play off of. She doesn’t do much with the role either. I’m sorry to say this. I’m on Ep. 4 and I can’t say that I yearn to follow anymore.

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