Oscar Leung Calls Kenny Wee a Locust

Restaurateur Kenny Wee (黃浩) has been throwing his legal weight, pressing charges against Eric Tsang (曾志偉) for physical assault and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) for defamation. The squabbles had Eric spinning a “crap-eating dog” story and Oscar an exploitative “locust” story, expressing their annoyance over Kenny Wee.

When Kenny claimed that Eric had slapped him at a wedding in early December, Oscar stepped to Eric’s defense and called the restaurateur for having “persecutory delusions”. Kenny gave Oscar until the afternoon of Christmas Eve to apologize to him, otherwise he vowed to sue Oscar for defamation.

Story of Locust

At a Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) interview to promote new TVB drama, Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>, with his costars on Christmas day, Oscar showed no fear and spun an elaborate story about a locust, a common annoying insect.

As might be expected, the topic was steered to the purported lawsuit. Oscar did not answer directly if he had apologized to Kenny, instead he went into details of what he did on Christmas Eve.

“Everyone must be curious what I did on Christmas Eve, right? I was home the whole day! I was busy cleaning my house. I even wiped my windows till there’s not a speck of dirt on them! In the evening, I relaxed and watched television. That’s when I heard a thud outside my windows. When I went up to take a look, I saw a locust-like bug lying unconscious outside. It must have wanted to fly into my house, not realizing there’s a window there because my cleaned windows are so clear!”

Elaborating further, Oscar had wanted to save the bug but decided against it as he “felt the bug was incurable.”  “Then Batman came and ate up the bug!” Oscar finished with a smug. With that, everyone on air applauded.

Earlier in the year, an advertisement ran in Apple Daily in Hong Kong, showing a gigantic locust overlooking Hong Kong. Ever since then, “locust” became a derogatory term used commonly by Hong Kongers to refer to Chinese immigrants who go into Hong Kong, occupying their houses and land, taking advantage of Hong Kong’s welfare and healthcare systems. It is defined as, “An invader who exploits and takes advantages of a city yet refuses to contribute.”

Oscar: “I Have Freedom of Speech”

Oscar did not name names nor did he further explain his locust story, but his distaste for Kenny Wee is apparent. Instead, he declared that Hong Kong has always been a city that allows freedom of speech, which allows him to make comments about current news in Hong Kong. As a result, his comments towards Kenny should not be constituted as defamation.

Throughout the radio interview, Oscar appeared playful and relaxed. Although the lawsuit came about because he had defended Eric Tsang, Oscar has not been in contact with Eric. Oscar brushed the matter aside, saying it is not worth spending too much time on.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am a bit lost as to what Oscar has to do with the Kenny Wee scandal that he defamed Kenny and now Kenny suing him.

    1. It’s because Kenny was angry of this statement:

      Oscar Leung said, “Maybe Mr. Wee is too stressed; he may have persecutory delusions. After I sang my song at the wedding, I left for filming. I absolutely do not believe that anyone hit [him]. I only know that he is Suki’s husband and that he likes to create gossip, perhaps to make himself more newsworthy. I’m very surprised he is a businessman; why did he make it as if he works in the entertainment industry?”

      1. If you’re lost as to why Oscar go to this length to help ET and got himself into trouble, I have no idea too. Maybe he is close to ET.

      2. So he had nothing to do with the slap and drugs and all so why did he joined in the bashing fun? Did anyone ask him? Why Oscar did you open mouth on something you didn’t see for yourself? The statement he made was defamatory but then he can always plead fair comment.

      3. Oscar was at the wedding and reporters basically asked every artistes who attended what they thought. Oscar gave his opinion and Kenny felt insulted so he sued.

        I don’t think Oscar is going out of his way to support Eric as much as he is just annoyed at Kenny threatening him with a lawsuit unless he publicly apologizes. I know I would never comply with someone’s demands if they threatened me.

      1. His name wasn’t mentioned. Maybe he’s close to Eric and it was a spur of the moment response when interviewed and he got high.

    2. Oscar accused Kenny for having “persecutory delusions” a statement he is not qualified to make.

      Still the public’s view of Kenny might be affected hence make him lose credibility. Yes suing for defamation is the correct play.

      Instead of shoe polishing he should apologized already!

    3. Agree. Oscar wasn’t involved in the first place..and now he’s the one being sued by Kenny. Since Oscar just won a TVB acting award, I think he should just keep his mouth shut because it attracts negative attention and he should just focus on his acting instead.

      1. Agree. Oscar just got promoted by TVB. Why did he get himself into the trouble of something that he could avoid? His stupid statement did not help Eric Tsang much. Perhaps if he wanted to make a statement to help Eric, he should have done it at the Police Station.

      2. If I’m correct, Oscar made the comment before he won the TVB award. Oscar is right though; there’s freedom of speech. Even as netizens who don’t even personally know Kenny or Eric or Oscar, we’re still giving our opinions, so why can’t he? Yes, he is a “public figure” but sometimes, you find someone/something as ridiculous as Kenny/what he’s doing that you just have the urge to comment on the issue.

        I wouldn’t apologize for such a stupid accusation. But then again, it might be a necessity if TVB asks him to.

      3. Freedom of speech does not extend to making comments about someone’s reputation unfortunately. Technically we all can be sued. I remember a recent fiasco a certain someone suing everyone on twitter.

      4. We can be sued but we are merely communicating our own opinions just like Oscar. According to Wikipedia, “If the allegedly defamatory assertion is an expression of opinion rather than a statement of fact, defamation claims usually cannot be brought because opinions are inherently not falsifiable.” the lawsuit will essentially go nowhere.

      5. Twitter… Ryan Giggs? I remember people making a joke about his injunction on The Graham Norton Show.

        Anyway, people should stop using freedom of speech as an excuse for being rude. Does Oscar even know Kenny or is everything based on hearsay? Keep quiet please, Oscar.

      6. Just saying that he has the right to express an opinion, whether that opinion is true/rude is another matter.

        Anyway Ryan Giggs case is totally different; its more of privacy law and the injunction was to protect his identity. We all know how successful that was lol. Anyway, if you want to talk about privacy law, Kenny is no angel himself in this respect. His alleged drug video if it even exists was taken with cameras within the VIP room of his restaurant, he even admitted that there were such cameras within the VIP room which violated privacy laws and removed them recently.

      7. Ah, Ryan Giggs has nothing to do with this. It was just a guess from Funn Lim’s last comment.

        Oscar has a right to his opinion, but couldn’t he have saved those words for his friends instead? Doesn’t matter if Kenny is a genuine piece of sh** or not, Oscar shouldn’t have retaliated like that in public.

        Anyway, my problem is him jumping in on a matter that doesn’t even concern him at all. Give his statement on the slapping incident and be done with it. Why throw some ungenerous words Kenny’s way? Why take a side when you don’t even know the full story? Unless Oscar is well acquainted with Kenny or involved in the scandal himself.

      8. @chps

        First of all, your quote from Wikipedia, states that when a person makes an opinion of another than the other person won’t be able to sued since an opinion has no right or wrong, correct? Okay well here is another fact add on to that law, when an opinion is made and family and friends judge said person due to an opinion made by another, that will be considered defamation and can be brought into court. And since Oscar compared Kenny, a human being, to a locust that is considered defamation towards him and since people from HK and other areas judge him based on that comment and others, Kenny has the right to sued and he rather has a high chance. For example, person A said a rather distasteful opinion of person B and that’s all there is. Than person B may not sued person A. But if person A’s opinion leads to family, friends and others to view person B differently because of person A’s opinion that by all means person B may sued person A for defamatory. That is how defamatory cases are won around the world. With everyone claiming their right for freedom of speeches, they abused that fact without knowing anything about the law and it’s consequences

      9. @Alice

        I’m not so sure about that. Because a defamatory assertion is regarded as a malicious, false statement presented as fact to the public. If an opinion is unfalsifiable, how would the statement be considered false? And he said Kenny “may” have persecutory delusions, merely his own opinion and not factual. Anyway, there is a precedent for the defense of opinion.

        Take a look here:

        And regarding the locust statement, I seriously doubt if they can prove in court that he was comparing kenny to a locust when he didn’t even mention Kenny at all.

  2. Can see he is smarter this time around by only implying that Kenny is the locust that can’t be saved.

    I suppose he is the crapeating “pleco” fish that cleans up after the fat c-o-c-k-roach after his swim in the aquarium, LOL

      1. I doubt it. If Oscar was going to apologize, he would have done it already.

  3. Oscar is stupid to get himself involved in this. He just won a TVB award and now he gets himself tied to so much negative press. He should have just said no comment instead of adding oil to the fire.

    But in principle I do support Oscar. Kenny suing Oscar for defamation is moronic. I’m sure most people have said things like what Oscar said. In fact, handful or other more famous people have spoken the same way about Kenny. The lawsuit would never be accepted in America, I don’t know about HK. Let’s see if Kenny will even go through with it or if he’s all talk.

    1. everyone in this case is stupid.they all think themself is superman.

  4. Whoever say Oscar is stupid is indeed brainless!!
    When they comment truly, they are called stupid. When they are not commenting, they are called fake!
    In that case, this STUPID KENNY must be making Lotsa $$$ cuz most ppl who commented that HE IS A BIG FAT LIAR will get sue!!
    And yup, I’m KISSING ERIC BUTT!

    1. I don’t think people would call Oscar “fake” if he didn’t comment. Some people aren’t commenting about this matter and those people are called “fake”. Many people were asked about the wedding/slapping incident and only Oscar [that I know of] talked about it in great details. He slander Kenny’s name and basically indiscreetly calling Kenny out in his interview. Such statements are made to given to the police only not to the public. I understand paparazzi would grilled him for information so he would be obligated to spill some info but later on continuing to besmirch Kenny by calling him a “locust” is demeaning. Such thing does not belong in the “freedom of speech category”. Eric is already a degraded life form and with that being said Oscar shouldn’t follow his footstep. I always thought of Oscar as a mature person who wouldn’t butt into drama that doesn’t concern himself. But apparently I was wrong. I think people who calls others “crap-eating dog” and comparing a person to a “locust” are completely obtuse and ignorant. Being a public figure, one would think before “adding oil to the fire”. And for all we know, Kenny might be telling the truth…lets give everyone the benefit of doubt before judging them and condemning them. But I do believe in one thing, suing Oscar is a bit too much. Perhaps Oscar should just apologize and be the bigger person. Getting this far in his career, he should be careful and not taint his name.

  5. I don’t like his locust analogy. He should’ve expressed himself in a more polite manner. This is similar to name calling, which as a public figure is childish. I don’t like Eric’s dog analogy either. As grown up and as public figures, they should know how to answer and express themselves better than this. They are role models to some people. Yes, they have the freedom of speech…but people will judge them on how they express their speech.

    1. Good comments. Classy and well-educated people will surely not do anything so silly (if people can’t take the word “stupid”).

  6. Poor Oscar has got himself into this mess. Well again, Eric has strong supports in HK, so being on his side, it may not do Oscar’s name too much harm.

  7. I do not see Oscar’s comment is defamatory because he used the words “may have” before the words”persecutory delusions”. With this statement he just wonders if WEE has “persecutory delusions” but not affirms that.

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