Overjoyed with Wong Cho Lam’s Proposal, Leanne Li Loses Sleep

Leanne Li (李亞男) is eager to be Wong Cho Lam‘s (王祖藍) bride and has been waiting months for him to propose. When Cho Lam asked Leanne to marry him at the 48th TVB Anniversary Gala, she cried and became speechless with joy. Recalling the exciting moment, Leanne could not fall asleep the entire night.

“Last night was like a dream. I rewatched the myTV broadcast to relive the feelings! My body is very tired, but I didn’t want to fall asleep. It’ll take one week for my emotions to stabilize!” Leanne happily spoke to the press this morning.

After Cho Lam put the engagement ring on Leanne’s finger, she has been unwilling to take it off. “I went to sleep last night with the ring on. I want to remind myself every day that [Cho Lam] proposed to me, but I’m also afraid that I may lose the ring because of carelessness.”

While Cho Lam’s ring holds an impressive three-carat diamond, Leanne gushed, “Even if he proposed with a key chain ring, I would agree to marry him!”

Wedding Will Take Place Soon

The couple attended a post TVB Anniversary hotpot gathering last night, which included Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Nat Chan (陳百祥), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Luisa Maria Leitão (黎芷珊), and TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲). Eric admitted that he had suggested Cho Lam propose to Leanne at the TVB Anniversary to maximize her surprise and joy.

The couple plans to hold their wedding celebrations in Hong Kong, although it will not be a live broadcast by TVB. Cho Lam promised, “The date will not be too far away, but we need time to make preparations.” Eric also hinted that the couple is considering holding their wedding celebrations on Valentine’s Day.

However, Cho Lam and Leanne will focus on their careers for now and do not plan to have children immediately after getting married.

The couple is briefly separated for a few days as Cho Lam heads to Mainland China today to film for variety show, Running Man <奔跑吧, 兄弟>. Leanne said, “I didn’t want him to return to work so quickly, as I wish to continue celebrating with him. But he’ll spend my birthday with me. We’ll have a party at a friend’s house!” Leanne turns 30 years old on November 25.

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Congratzzz to CL and Leanne!!!…but i cant help but say this i think the ring is a lil to snug for her hehe =P

  2. I feel that cho lam is so lucky. Not that cho lam is bad but I’ll never want to marry someone like him who is so male chauvinis. Maybe he’s just like that on sin variety shows. Leanne on the other hand is so pretty and simple

      1. Love is about accepting each other for who they are. I always thought Leanne was with Cho Lam because it brings so much attention to her. “OMG, she’s dating that short guy? Wowwow, but she’s so pretty!” I always thought she would end up breaking it off. But by the way she reacted and what she said for this article shows that she really is in love with this little guy! He must really be something. It doesn’t matter if he is chauvinistic or not, as long as he makes her happy and she loves him, then who are we to judge?

      2. “how could she accept that?”

        Leanne can see pass the physical aspect and love the person.

  3. In terms of physical appearance they’re definitely out. I always feel that Leanne is pretty, but love is something we can’t explain. I’m sure Leanne see beyond just physical beauty of Wong Cho Lam. Anyway, I’m happy for them.

    1. Hi Bloom,
      Love is something very irrational and cannot be explained. Also,true love should go beyond just physical appearance and attraction or else it is less likely to last. I know many couples in real life who do not match when it comes to physical appearance,but when 2 people are in love,it goes beyond physical attraction. For example,one of my nephews just got engaged to a very over weight and unattractive girl which shocked us all. He was always known to be very shallow but I guess once you fall in love, you become blind. You know the saying, in the eyes of your lover, all they see is Xi Shi.

  4. Happy for them! 🙂 I think they’re lucky to have each other.

  5. Why does Leanne wear her engagement ring on left middle finger?
    I know she’s Christian, but its not a religious thing.
    Is it bcoz the ring doesnt fit on her ring finger? Or what?

    1. don’t understand wearing the ring on middle finger. shouldn’t it be on right finger? George Clooney’s wife wears her sparkler on right ring finger and wedding ring on left ring finger.

  6. Cho Lam is going to be the next Stephen Chow comedy king just less handsome. lol

  7. Congrats to them! May they have a lifetime of happiness together!

  8. Nothing against the 2 of them but how can the top management of TVB allow this 2 k lay fay to gate crash their anniversary show. They are not exactly top notch artistes – wcl is not too good a role model with his antics on tv & Leanne is a klf. Who cares whether they are together or not. The whole show eventually turned into the Beauty & the Beast show. The dwarf is highly overrated in the meaningless Come on, Cousin. TVB are always like a flower seller claiming their flowers are the most fragrant. Forever thinking their audience are brainless.

  9. Congrats to them both. Leanne Li is very pretty
    and Wong Cho Lam is one lucky guy.

  10. congrats to them both! it’s such a coincidence, but on that same friday, my fiance and I applied/registered at the mairie for our upcoming marriage.

    1. nicole,
      Congrats with your engagement! Enjoy the wedding planning and don’t stress too much over the details!

      1. thanks jayne 😀 we are only gonna do a simple ceremony followed by a small dinner (around 10 people), and leave the asian wedding stuff back home to my mom. And his mom is also planning a wedding at his hometown.
        I wont be stressing myself over it!

    2. a wedding is for a day…a marriage is for a lifetime. what matters most is planning with your other half.

  11. I honestly feel that Leanne does not really love Cho Lam. Watching the video makes my goosebumps raised! She was so fake…pretentious laughter and all. I do hope Cho Lam will not get ditch by her. I really dun think Leanne is pretty. Everyone is entitled to give their comment, so this is what I observe.

    1. Yes, it is very hard, especially justbased on some articles to determine if a person loves a person but we can hope the best will happen.

      🙂 to me, it depends on an angle when looking at Leanne. I normally did not see her pretty but I found her to be pretty in the Great Way to Care 2

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