Pageant Drama: Revealing the Gossip Girls of the 2016 Miss Hong Kong

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Pageant Drama: Revealing the Gossip Girls of the 2016 Miss Hong Kong

After going through a vigorous elimination process, the thirty original contestants of the 2016 Miss Hong Kong Pageant were finally cut down to the final ten. These ten contestants, as well as the ten finalists from the Mr. Hong Kong contest, will meet their fate this Sunday, September 11. The two competitions will be held in conjunction with each other, the first in Hong Kong pageant history.

With the finals drawing nearer and nearer, the MHK hopefuls are at their highest media attention. Recently, a Hong Kong gossip magazine received exclusive “insider” information from the MHK backstage. The insider told the magazine that quite a lot of the MHK contestants this year are troublemakers—they gossip, polish shoes, and some even ostracize the less popular MHK contestants.

#10 Phoebe Sin: The Shoe Polisher?

Though she attempts to show a girl-next-door image to the public, the insider said #10 Phoebe Sin (單文柔) is actually a big troublemaker and gossipmonger. She forms cliques, ostracizes the less popular contestants, and starts drama.


Phoebe Sin

The source said, “She loves to form cliques and is always trying to suck up to the more popular overseas candidates. She’s very friendly with them and always praises them, but when it comes to the local candidates, who are less popular, she treats them coldly. She’d scold them for the smallest things and always double-cross them.”

Phoebe, allegedly, is also very good at “polishing shoes.” The source continued, “She made some homemade dessert which she only shared with the overseas candidates. She completely ignored the others. She’s also very good at sweet-talking, always thanking people for taking care of her. She knows what she’s doing!”

#4 Daisy Dai: The Boastful Royal Descendant?


Daisy Dai

The insider source also mentioned #4 Daisy Dai (代蓮曦丹美) as someone with “questionable” character. The source said Daisy really prides herself in being the descendant of a Mongolian royal. She claimed that her ancestor was the fourth wife of Genghis Khan, preach about her royal blood, and would force people to call her “The Princess.”

The source added that Daisy is also suspected of manipulating her votes at a TVB social media event, making herself appear more popular than she really is. “She suddenly gained two thousand votes and became number one overnight,” the source explained. “It’s obvious to what happened.”

Phoebe and Daisy Deny Rumors

Reporters reached out to Phoebe and Daisy for comment. They both expressed their shock at the rumors, and wondered how they were started.


Andrea So and Tiffany Lau

“I don’t even know how these rumors came about!” said Phoebe. “Maybe it’s because people have noticed that I am closer to some of the girls. I don’t even know which candidates have more potential [to win].”

Phoebe admitted that, while she is closer to #2 Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) and #5 Andrea So (蘇韻姿), all ten of them get along really well and consider each other as friends. Phoebe said, “Tiffany and Andrea are funny people, so that’s probably why I’m closer to them. When I’m exhausted I’d be too tired to socialize, so how would I start cliques? I am still in contact with some of the girls who got eliminated. This rumor is definitely not true.”

Daisy pleaded innocence and said, “It was the others who started calling me The Princess. When I first heard it I didn’t even know how to react. How could it be me forcing them? I’m a very average girl, still studying, so I urge everyone to just call me Daisy!”

In regards to the suspicion of her manipulating votes, Daisy explained, “I advocated myself on Facebook and Instagram. I used to be a fashion blogger so I had quite a lot of followers. When the voting event started I asked everyone to vote for me. That’s it.”

Source: Eastweek

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