Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen Were Already Friends Before They Got Famous

No one had ever thought about pairing up Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) together until 2017’s Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2>, their first collaboration. In fact, the “PakhoBen” bromance had been strong way before Line Walker even became a thing, dating back over 20 years.

Attending a press conference for their upcoming program The PakhoBen Outdoor Show <兩個小生去Camping>, Pakho shared that he actually first met Ben nearly 20 years ago. Ben was Pakho’s senior classmate, and he really looked up to him..

“Benjamin Yuen was well known among the school sports world,” said Pakho. “He was also a very popular guy at our school. His ICQ account number wasn’t hard to get because it was circulating online, so I took the initiative to add him. And that was how everything started.”

Ben said that when he first saw Pakho’s account, he thought he was a girl. He even asked Pakho to share a picture to prove his identity. Pakho said, “At the time I had an interest to join the [entertainment] industry, so I wanted to ask him for advice. I wanted him to share some of the road for me to walk on!”

The PakhoBen Outdoor Show, comprised of 10 episodes, will feature Pakho and Ben on camping adventures with nature. For a more intimate and relatable experience, Pakho and Ben purposely did not set off with a hair and makeup team.

When asked about the worst qualities they find in each other, they laughed and said they found each other perfect. However, Pakho said he him relies on technology too much, so he lacked the feeling of security during his camping trips with Ben.

Pakho then complained about Ben, saying, “He’s so slow at speaking. I’m always telling him to speak faster. When he leaves voice messages for me, I’ll be 20 seconds in and he still hasn’t reached the main point yet.”

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Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen Star in Camping Show

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