Patricia Liu Accuses Gabriel Harrison of Sexual Harrassment

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Patricia LiuCaptions: Patricia Liu accuses Gabriel Harrison of sexual harrassment and claims to have a copy of his apology text message. Gabriel Harrison denies the allegations. He vehemently proclaims, “She’s doing this for publicity! I’m innocent!”

As ATV is in the middle of broadcasting, Relentless Justice (aka No Turning Back)  starring Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Amy Kwok, Hawick Lau, etc., cast member Patricia Liu has recently spoken out that she was sexually harrassed by Gabriel Harrison one night.

Gabriel alledgedly inappropriately touched Patricia for 15 minutes and showed her an x-rated clip on his cell phone. When reporters spoke to Patricia and Gabriel, each had their own version of what happened.

Patricia first revealed the incident through a magazine interview and claims that she has evidence; Gabriel had sent her an apology message after the sexual harrassment incident. Gabriel on the other hand said he is innocent and was wrongly accused.

Reporters contacted Patricia for additional clarification. However her response was a little vague, “Yes he sexually harrassed me!” (Can Patricia describe in more detail what happened?) “I think it is best for you to talk to my assistant; you can contact her to schedule an interview appointment.” (Can Patricia give a general sense of what happened?) “I’m not accepting interviews right now…let’s wait until the magazine publishes the article.” (Has Patricia spoken with Gabriel?) “No we’re not friends; there’s no need to talk!” Patricia hung up quickly afterwards.

Patricia’s assistant recounted the sexual harrassment incident, “It happened in July. One night, he called Patricia and said he was in a panic mode and didn’t want to be alone. He asked her to go out for some drinks. Patricia was scared to go alone, so she asked me to come along.”

“When we arrived, we all drank a bit. He ‘pretended’ to be drunk and was all over Patricia, touching her inappropriately for 15 minutes. Patricia felt he went too far, so she left.”

“Afterwards, Patricia received a text message from him: ‘Hey don’t be mad! I was drunk! From your ‘brother.'” [Note: Gabriel plays Patricia’s elder brother in Relentless Justice.]

“Actually he harrassed Patricia during filming as well. He had shown her an x-rated movie clip on his cell phone.” (How come it was not brought to attention immediately?) “We thought about suing him for sexual harrassment, but there is no proof. What can we do?”

Gabriel is perturbed by the accusations. “I know of the allegations because I just accepted an interview with a magazine.” (So did Gabriel sexually harrass Patricia or not?) “No, I never called her in the middle of the night to go out for drinks. I did not seek her out because I was in a state of panic. If I had panic attacks, I would take medication. If I used this method to seduce a woman, it would be very low of me.”

“I did ask Patricia out for drinks, but there were many people there, with many witnesses. If I had ulterior motives, I would have asked her out alone. She told the magazine that I hugged her intimately, but I didn’t!”

How does Gabriel explain his apology text message? “During filming, Patricia created several incidents which affected others’ work, arousing even the complaints of the costume department. But I have my own code of ethics, so I will not talk about this. On the night we went out for drinks, I urged her to not to continue to act in this way, as it was affecting other people’s work. But she did not take well to my suggestions and left in anger.”

“I sat opposite her the whole night and never touched her. Why would I touch her? That’s crazy! I realized she was angry because of what I said, so I text messaged her, ‘I’m sorry! You can just consider me drunk!’ My intention of apologizing was in reference to my conversation at the [bar].”

Gabriel: “I’m Innocent!”

What about showing the x-rated clip to Patricia leading her her claim of being sexually harrassed? Gabriel responded, “I admit I had such a clip on my cell phone, but it is of humorous nature. I showed it to many production crew members as well.” (But Patricia claims this is a form of sexual harrassment?) “Sexual harrassment? Then she can sue me! I know during filming, she said I wanted to kiss her. That’s crazy! She is not my cup of tea! Why would she talk about the incident if it supposed happened so long ago?” Before hanging up, Gabriel said that the audience’s eyes are clear and will give him the deserved justice.

Credit: Netease BBS

Jayne: Hmm…it sounds like a publicity stunt. Although why would ATV harm their actor images like this?!

A few years back, wasn’t Wan Tin Chiu accused of sexual harrassment by another actress? Didn’t she accuse him of almost raping her?? What happened in the aftermath?

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