Patrick Tam Becomes Proud Father of 7 Pound Baby

Patrick Tam's sonPatrick Tam Yiu Man just became the proud father of a 7 and half pound baby boy. His son was born on December 18th in the early morning. Mrs. Tam was in labor for over 10 hours before delivering their baby son. Patrick was with his wife the entire time. “I was very excited during the birth of my son. I also cut the umbilical chord too. I did everything that most guys would be afraid to normally do, to show the utmost support for my wife. When I saw our son’s round eyes, I felt very proud!”

Does the baby resemble Patrick or his wife more? Patrick said humorously, “Of course he resembles me; he is just as good looking! Since the birth of our son, I have been taking care of him. I feel an immense sense of happiness!”

Patrick has not decided on the name of his son yet. “I will consult with a metaphysicist before deciding on a name. The year of the dog is a good year, so I wish to choose an auspicious name!”

Mrs. Tam will be breastfeeding their baby son. Patrick has gathered tips from various nurses. “They recommended drinking black beer as it will produce more milk for the baby.”

Source: Netease

Jayne: Congratulations to Patrick & Mrs. Tam! I didn’t realize they were expecting a baby, as the media went crazy over Chilam & Anita’s baby for many months. From the photos, Patrick’s son seems very cute, nice nose!

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