Peter Ho Strips Nude for “Shining Days”

Family television drama Shining Days <璀璨人生> has been a hit on Hunan Satellite TV since it began broadcasting on August 27. Last week, male lead Peter Ho (何潤東) promised viewers he would publish a nude photograph of himself if the drama’s ratings broke four. The fans responded quickly to the well-built actor’s comments, forcing Peter to make good on his promise and post a daring photo of himself in the shower with his backside exposed.

In Shining Days, Peter plays Zhang Hefan, a rich young man longing for his father’s approval, who finds himself caught between two feuding sisters. One sister is Yu Fei (Li Xin 李沁), who grew up in a single-parent home with an indifferent mother but still retains her optimistic and kind-hearted nature. The other sister is Ye Lin (Kan Qingzi闞清子), a rich young lady who possesses a bit of a princess complex.

Initially, Yu Fei and Ye Lin are as close as sisters – until they discover that they are actually flesh-and-blood sisters. Making matters worse is Ye Lin’s discovery that her beloved Hefan has fallen in love with Yu Fei, who rescued him from kidnappers when they were little. To exact revenge, Ye Lin decides to chase after Yu Fei’s childhood friend, Xia Yuyang (Michael Zhang 張勛傑), as well as prevent Yu Fei from winning back the life of luxury she should have had.

On the evening of September 23, Peter rewarded viewers’ devotion with an update on Sina Weibo. The posted photograph, taken from behind, showed Peter simultaneously showering and brushing his teeth. The accompanying message read, “Thank you everyone for your support of Shining Days! The ratings broke four, so Mr. Durian is here to honor his promise! Every day, let us get up, brush our teeth, and take a bath in order to welcome the shining day!”

The message went on to show Peter poking fun at the other cast members and encouraging viewers to continue watching. “Director, Yuyang, Pingtao, Uncle, (probably not Grandpa…) next time it’s your turn!” he wrote. “Don’t forget to watch soon and continue pushing up the ratings!”

Peter’s revealing Weibo post has since been forwarded more than 44,000 times. Some netizens cheekily responded, “If the ratings break five, will we get a frontal view?” Others were more interested in the identity of the lucky photographer.


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  1. This article missed a crucial point of the story..which is the sisters are swapped at birth.

    1. So like that Korean drama 10yrs ago+??? What is up with Chinese remaking k-drama?? Models, my sassy girl, you’re beautiful, and now this -.-

  2. I find it’s strange people brush their teeth during shower. Do most men do this to save time?

    1. I brush and take a shower at the same time for unknown reason. Probably, I think it will save my time…

  3. that bottom is too big to my liking. Lol…
    not sure..didn’t find that sexy for some reason. Wrong angle. Big hip and bottom..

      1. Not sure Jayne but from the above pic, big butt, butt crack and big hip, it’s Not sexy at all. Lol. Probably I never find him sexy at all. Prefer Nick Cheung new bod any time.
        But I do agree he has nice pair of arms.

  4. Peter Ho can strip, turn around, full frontal, twerk and I still don’t find him sexy.

    1. Funn Lim, twerk huh? hhahaha LOL…gosh, that was the weirdest performance EVER. hahaa….

  5. Do you think artists need to do this just to get a break through or recognition for best actor by doing all this stuff must be all these directors/producers’ ideas is hard to earn a living for new artists compared to the old days.

    1. Actresses have been stripping forever; time for the handsome and hunky actors to show how sexy they can be.

      1. problem is he’s not sexy. i believe the plot can go kn without the need to strip bare like this and show off. gross

  6. Out of all the Hong Kong celeberities Kevin Cheng in Gloves comes off is the hottest.

  7. Seriously bad angle, this just looks weird, can’t stand his expression

  8. I love Peter and I don’t care how much i love a celebrity – I wouldn’t find them sexy – because it’s a strong word/feeling which I won’t have for someone non-related to me especially celebrity.

    This plot is very good – good actors/actresses. the little girl is very good too. It Rocks!

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