Peter Ho Announces Plans to Marry Girlfriend Next Year

Successfully keeping his love life a secret for years, Taiwanese actor Peter Ho surprised many with the announcement that he plans to get married next year!

Turning 39 years old in September, Peter is often regarded as a diamond bachelor within the entertainment industry and has found success in the Mainland Chinese market. Unbeknownst to many, Peter has been dating his mysterious girlfriend, Peggy, for the past seven years. The couple already received blessings from their parents over their wedding plans.

Peggy does not work in the entertainment industry. As a result of Peter’s star status, Peggy gave up her career and is willing to be the supportive woman behind Peter. Immediately after their marriage, the couple hopes to start a family soon. Peter disclosed that he promised his father that he will have children within the next two years.

Peter Ho’s Romantic Side

Although Peter has always been career-minded, he is not without a romantic side. With Christmas approaching, Peter revealed that he had once placed immense effort into preparing a surprise meal for a girl he liked. Unfortunately, the surprise failed and the girl could not make it to the event due to a heavy snowstorm.

For this year’s holiday, Peter hopes to relax at home. “I want to set up a Christmas tree, roast a turkey, and enjoy the warmth of Christmas.”


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  1. Can’t imagine, he’s 39. Time really flies. Like his performance and characteristics

    1. I can’t say I find his performances all that great in any of his dramas. glimpses thru and never really complete any of them? haah…

  2. Someone correct me here, but i thought he was dating actress Janine Chang all this time?!!! Did they break up? omg

  3. I was hoping he will marry Janine Chang. Well, congrats to them any way.

      1. I know. I thought he and Janine Chang were dating each other. Too bad that it didn’t work out. 🙁

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