4 Actors Who Look the Hottest in Underwear

With Benjamin Yuen‘s (袁偉豪) upcoming photo book which celebrates beauty of the male body, fans may remember there were several actors who looked equally impressive when they went topless and posed in skimpy briefs.

Huang Xiaoming 

Filming an underwear ad in 2014, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) showed off his 42-inch muscular chest and beautiful tanned skin. His impressive “lower package” also surprised fans and the photos went viral.

Donnie Yen

Who knew Ip Man has such a sexy side? Filming an underwear ad for over $10 million HKD, Donnie Yen (甄子丹) filled out his briefs well. Donnie said proudly, “Since the vendor invited me to film the ad, of course they know I have the goods to look great in [the underwear].”

Alex Fong

It is not a surprise that former swimming champion, Alex Fong (方力申), would have a great body. In a 2014 underwear ad for a Mainland Chinese label, Alex lost 30 pounds to make his muscles look more chiseled in the photos. The form-fitting effect was more pronounced than any pair of swimming briefs Alex wore before.

Peter Ho

Peter Ho‘s (何潤東) impressive body left a deep impression when he filmed an underwear ad many years ago. Even Taiwanese actress, Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), could not help exclaiming in a variety show, “Peter Ho has a big bird!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. How I interpreted the article’s title: because they don’t look hot elsewhere x”D

    Donnie’s pic: look like he just finished weeing >_>

    Body wise: Peter is indeed the best but his post is terrible >_> anyway, I don’t find any of these hot lawl, in term of picture or selling the product lol.

  2. Anyway very enhanced… there…

    And Peter is like checking.. just in case missing… and look as if It’s there, ok?!

  3. They must be kidding. The four HOTTEST? or UN hottest? Pickings must be pretty slim.

    Does NOT matter how hot or UNhot Donnie Yuen is.

    Just never liked the dude from Day 1. In Singlish (local Singapore colloquialism) = I’d say he just gives off a ‘yaya’ (aka arrogant I think I am all that) vibe. But sorry dude, that look of yours isn’t too hot. Esp not that perpetual constipated expression either.

    Alex Fong?!! Chokes. What in the world … eeeeks! He is vying to take the trophy for UNcool and UNhot? 😛

  4. Some of those abs look like they were airbrushed in lol. And you know since its an underwear ad, they’re most likely stuffing to make it look bigger ha ha. But good on them. I’m sure they have pretty good physiques, especially Donnie Yen since guy is over 50.

  5. Srly, who do they think they can fool??? Those who are fooled deserve a blind award of some sort
    Just as women stuff their breasts or use up bra, these men definitely use cup or some sort of physical or digital enhancements. It’s all fine and dandy, whatever sells.

    Out of those pics, Alex looked the worst, most fake, and unappealing. HXM looked the most “real” and proportional. Donnie looked like he just had some good h**d xD

    1. @jjwong
      That Alex photo looks like he’s made of chocolate. It’s impossible for a skinny Hong Kong kid to look as chiselled as that without digital enhancements.

  6. The pics all look like they’ve been photoshopped to death especially Alex. Did he stuff an elephant’s trunk down there lol! Tbh, all the pics look gross, yucks!

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