Tsui Hark, Derek Yee Team Up for “Death Duel” Movie Remake

An upcoming 3D movie adaptation of Death Duel <三少爺的劍> recently began filming at Hengdian World Studios, featuring Derek Yee (爾冬陞) as director and Tsui Hark (徐克) as executive producer.

Literally translated as “The Third Master’s Sword,” Death Duel is based on one of the most popular works of wuxia novelist Gu Long (古龍). The story centers on Xie Xiaofeng, who is called the third master and is considered one of the top swordsmen in the world. However, he quickly becomes weary of the bloody occurrences in the martial arts world and mysteriously disappears.

Death Duel has been adapted many times, the most popular being the 1977 movie directed by Chor Yuen (楚原). In this version, Derek Yee actually starred as the titular third master, which gives him an edge in directing a new adaptation.

“Tsui Hark and I have wanted to film Death Duel as early as 1998,” Yee said, later comparing himself and Tsui Hark to ancient martial arts masters, who always waited for the right time to embark on a task. “We wanted to wait until no one knew how to make an innovative wuxia film, until viewers were fed up with buying tickets for wuxia films. It isn’t our style to blindly follow the crowd – it’s too dull to do something that isn’t challenging.”

Death Duel will star Lin Gengxin (林更新) as Xie Xiaofeng and Peter Ho (何潤東) as his rival, Yan Shisan. Also joining the cast are Mainland Chinese actresses Jiang Yiyan (江一燕) and Jiang Mengjie (蔣夢婕), though their roles have not yet been revealed. When asked about the cast, Yee shared that for many movies, it is easy for viewers to guess the story’s outcome based on the actors in the film. However, he hopes that this will not be the case for his and Tsui Hark’s version of Death Duel.

Death Duel 2

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh dear, I think Lin GengXin is a mistake for this role. Has anyone seen him in an action movie? Besides being an overnight sensation as 14th Prince in BBJX (don’t get me wrong I love BBJX and everyone in it), but haven’t seen him in any other series since. Hope they don’t overuse cgi and wires since LGX knows nothing about martial arts.

    I think Nicky Wu would have been a better choice….can do his own stunts, know martial arts & taekwondo…..popular !!!

    1. Well, if nicky wu was cast, I would gladly miss the movie! That guy is so boring in term of look/acting/screen present >_> I know it’s my opinion only. I’m willing to give LGX a try 🙂

      1. the only other project I saw him was that Detective Dee movie. I liked him in there! He has this charm about him lol! I will watch it for LGX, and I like action, martial art movies! So it’s a plus plus for me! WEEee. Besides peter Ho, I have no clue who the other people are!

    2. @Jasmine7,
      Well if you have not seen him in anything else besides BBJX, then you would not know how he would fare in action/martial arts movies. Most of the actors and actresses that film wuxia series do not know real martial arts too. They are taught and guided by the martial arts director/choreographer.

      Nicky knows real martial arts but I do not think that you necessary need to know it in order to do well in wuxia and action dramas. Sure, it is good to be able to do your own stunts but even if you cannot, it is not a big deal since they always have stuntmen.

      1. Look at Eddie peng, I don’t think he knows “real martial arts” but he worked really hard for his new Wong Fie Hong series.

  2. Personally I like the work by both, so I will have some high expectations for a good show.

  3. Can’t wait to see the movie, not sure about the girls choice. I guess I’m picky, but so far these two girls look average >_> kinda the same as my impression of liu shi shi went I first saw her, pretty in a very plain sense, or she could be pretty if you do something about it lol! Hard to explain, but the girls are a let down >_>

    Hopefully it’s just actions, and no annoying romance stuff :p

    1. This novel does have romance it in it, but not sure if the movie will focus on it or not.

      1. I’m ok with romantic plot line and action, the only thing I don’t like is stupid female lead, that either spoiled brat to start with, then mature, or spoiled brat but has some pity side to her growth up, so that we find her cute and love her lol.

        So I’m hoping the two female leads are somewhat bearable lol! Not too annoying/bratty/stupid lol

      2. I did not read the whole novel but only parts here and there, but did see the mainland adaption. IF it is accurate, then the female lead is not annoying at all. But the younger ones that go after her son can be,however, are still not too bad.

  4. I saw the mainland series of San Xiao Ye De Jian and really enjoyed it. However, I don’t like it when they make such a long novel into a movie because it is usually not complete and thorough enough. Unless they choose just a very short and important aspect of the story, but I still think longer wuxia novels are better as series rather than movies.Movies just do not allow enough time for plot and character development.

    1. Totally agree with you.
      I really don’t like seeing the “cliffnotes” of a good wuxia story made into a short movie.

      It may not be the best series, but I like “The Four” for the way they are drawing out the story into 3 movies. I wish more would do this.
      The best would be to get a movie quality director/cinematographer to do a series with movie budgets and special effects.
      Would probably be crazy expensive though.

  5. I don’t have a comment on the cast since I haven’t really seen them enough to know if they will be good or not.
    The other remarks about the movie and waiting to film it are exciting though!
    I hope they are able to film it to the level they envisioned it, and that it really is something new and different – in a good way.
    I hope to god they leave all the flashy quick-cuts out of the fight scenes though so that we can enjoy the choreography and cinematography.
    This is what I HATE about new action movies out lately. You can’t see what’s going on and appreciate them like you could in the old days.

  6. Wow, Lin Geng Xin is doing well since he severed ties with Tangren and represents himself. He’s getting movies role rather than 4th male leads role in TV series with Tangren.

    Not sure if he’ll be good here, but just want to say that he has done well to fend for himself. Good luck to him.

    As for Detective Dee 2, the movie is not great in my view, but I do like Lin Geng Xin’s portrayal of his character.

  7. Besides the cool poster, I have no idea what this is about. The last Tsui Hark film I saw was Flying Swords of Dragon Gate and it was pretty boring despite the plot twists.

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