Peter Ho Announces Marriage; Finally Reveals Wife’s Photo

In 2014, 40-year-old Taiwanese actor Peter Ho (何潤東) announced his well-kept secret relationship with girlfriend Peggy. Unknown to many at the time, Peter had already been dating Peggy for many years. Since publicly sharing his intentions of getting married, many fans have been looking forward to the day when Peter will officially make his wedding announcement.

Since Peter’s work schedule is packed, the couple has not decided on the date of the wedding banquet yet although they have already registered their marriage. Peter said, “But the wedding banquet will definitely be held this year. I have to discuss the matter with my management company.”

Eight years ago, Peter met Peggy at a nightclub and the pair immediately clicked. At the time, Peggy was working at a department store counter. Asked why he has kept his relationship with Peggy a secret over the last eight years, Peter apologized, “I only wanted to protect my girlfriend and her family’s privacy. Before we get married, I didn’t want her and her family to be troubled [by the media]. This was why I didn’t publicly admit I was dating. I hope everyone can understand!”

Keeping his promise to his parents that he will settle down, Peter successfully proposed to Peggy recently. Ecstatic with the proposal, Peggy could not contain her happiness and shared several photos of her ring on social media, designating it as “a diamond filled with sincerity.” Peggy also took to social media to announce the couple’s engagement with a heartfelt message, “Eight years and seven months. We are getting married! I thank myself for being confident to take this path. Thank you to my boss; although you are not always by my side, your heart has always been with me. A thank you to sister Chu, who constantly forces me to change my bad temper. Thank you to my grandparents, who have given me utmost freedom and care. Thank you to my family and friends who have given me their well wishes. 20130310. What a beautiful day!”

Peter’s popularity among his colleagues is also evident, as many fellow costars also sent congratulatory messages to the couple. Peter’s good friend, Dylan Kuo (郭品超), hinted that he will be one of Peter’s groomsmen, “Too romantic! Having known Peter for so many years, I am familiar with the kind of person he is. He is dedicated to his feelings, family, friends, work, and even fans! He sacrifices, but never asks for anything in return. He is the perfect sincere man! Knowing that you will be married, I am too happy! You two must live happily ever after! Regardless of the wind and rain you may encounter, you must walk through life hand in hand! PS: I am the perfect groomsman!”

Frequent romantic costar, Janine Chang (張鈞甯), also wrote, “Congratulations! Wishing my most loyal brother peace and happiness forever!”


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  1. That is nice! I have watched Peter on screen for over 20 years! I am glad that he has found someone he loves! Wishing them lots of happiness!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful ring!!! 8 yrs is a very long time so I’m happy he is finally putting on a ring on her! Always been a fan of Peter so wishing them a lots of love for sure!

  3. I find him to be extremely cute when I was about 16 ….haha now in the 20’s I have to say I got a little bored w/all his looks in the never-ending idol dramas. I always watch a couple of episodes here and there never finish but just how he looks is just too predictable redundant or that’s probably the stylists fault than his own i don’t know..hahaha…LOL…. I especially dislike how he’s in his 40’s now and still wearing earrings on the dramas like it’s still his High School Days. hahah LOL..
    G/F definitely looks older but perhaps that’s the trend, she looks pretty enough thou. 🙂

  4. I’ve always admired Peter Ho since his Liang Shan Bo days (really good drama BTW, tragedy aside.) And his songs always sound nice. I used to have the biggest crush on him. He was hilarious and so charming & sweet too. He has a good heart and it shows with his marriage with Peggy that he’s not a shallow pedophile like majority of his peers. Good on him. I wish him and his wife the happiest days ahead.

  5. I have liked Peter since seeing him in Crouching Tiger and am glad that he has finally found happiness. Hope their marriage lasts a lifetime.

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