Phoebe Sin Shares Sweet Marriage Anecdote

Celebrating 5 blissful years of marital union, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) share the little things that strengthen their marriage!

Phoebe: Marriage Needs Work

Ruco got wifey a cup of “Forgiveness Lemon Tea” after a bicker in the morning.

Tying the knot back in 2018, Ruco and Phoebe welcomed their daughter “Little Piggy (小豬比)” the following year. Recently, the 33-year-old shared on IG about a little anecdote when she and Little Piggy accompanied Ruco to mainland China, where he was filming the currently airing series, From Hong Kong to Beijing <香港人在北京>.

“This was taken during the first half of the year during the drama’s filming, we had argued over a trivial matter in the morning, and actually already forgot what had happened… Later in the day I was at his workplace when he knocked off, he passed me a cup of “Forgiveness Lemon Tea” (the beverage’s name), and brought me to a shop, where he pointed to a wall telling me to look at (it),” It turns out that Ruco had addressed a little post-it note to her, on which was written, “Phoebe Sin, don’t be angry”, signing off as “Hubby”!

Despite not placing in 2016’s Miss Hong Kong pageant, Phoebe caught the attention of Ruco, one of the judges back then.

As commitment to learning from both spouses is needed to keep the marriage strong, the 33-year-old wrote, “In life, there are bound to be conflicts; often men will be harping on logic and reason, while women tend to dwell on emotions. Communication between two people is a branch of knowledge, you gotta understand each other’s difficulties, and be accepting of their flaws. Mr Chan! As we continue learning (on the journey), happy 5th anniversary!”

The veteran actor had described meeting Phoebe during 2016’s Miss Hong Kong pageant as “love at first sight” , as Phoebe’s seeming lack of confidence on stage made him “feel like protecting her, giving her a little assurance”. The two then dated for just a year before deciding to marry, while Phoebe has since left showbiz to become a full-time mother, tagging along with Ruco on his work trips together with “Little Piggy”.

From Hong Kong to Beijing stars Jinny Ng (吳若希) and Ruco Chan as a married couple.

Source: HK01

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