“Pirated Fan Bingbing” Catches Attention On the Internet

38-year-old Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) was the face of China’s entertainment industry, and for many years the actress—known for her beauty and elegance—reigned strong as China’s highest-paid actress. But a single tax evasion scandal in 2018 caused Fan Bingbing to lose her crown, and she could no longer earn as much as she used to.

Earlier this year, Fan made headlines for earning millions through selling beauty products online. Rumored to be temporarily blacklisted from the entertainment industry, Fan has found new ways to make money.

But Fan may not be the biggest money maker on the platform.

“Fan Ye Bing”

A “pirated” Fan Bingbing, known by the username “Fan Ye Bing” (范爷冰)—a combination of Fan Bingbing’s nickname “Fan Ye” (meaning Master Fan) and her name “Bing”—is making rounds on the Internet for earning millions of dollars, simply for one reason only: she’s an exact copy of Fan Bingbing.

Fan Ye Bing, real name He Chengxi (何承熹), is a 27-year-old Wuhan woman who spent the past eight years undergoing various plastic surgeries to change her face into looking like Fan Bingbing. She is now looking like an almost exact copy of the actress.

Reports say that Fan Ye Bing sells over 100,000 yuan of products every single day, selling more than even Fan Bingbing herself.

Fan Ye Bing has taken a lot of Fan Bingbing’s customers. Many netizens have verbalized confusion between the two due to their physical similarities. Some netizens even demanded to get their money back, saying, “Stop using Fan Bingbing’s face! You’re infringing her portrait rights!” Another said, “Stop lying to customers!”

Source: HK01.co

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What is wrong with young girls nowadays? Either depression, narcissistic or downright low self-esteem until they lost their self-identity and want to be someone else.
    It’s creepy to know that someone out there is going through plastic surgery to make themselves into a perfect clone of you. I wonder if the law allows for original Fan Bing Bing to sue her for piracy?

    1. @bizzybody Nah I don’t it’s anything mental with the fake Bing, she’s just hustling and doing what any other prc/ccp person would do. Copy infringement! Haha.

  2. infringement of photo rights, does that even exist where they are. is’t common practice to use famous people’s photos w/o consent in china. lol.

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