Power Chan Renews Contract With TVB

The role of Pang Sam Shun in The Confidant <大太監> last year came as a big popularity boost for Power Chan (陳國邦). Although he lost the 2012 TVB Best Supporting Actor title to Koo Ming Wah (古明華), many netizens continue to show him their support. Last Tuesday, Power revealed that he has decided to renew his TVB contract.

“I’ve left TVB in the past for seven years, returning in 2000. In thirteen years, I’ve portrayed many roles I like. To get a good role, to be well-received by the audience, and to earn high ratings for a series is not easy. I waited twenty years until the role of Pang Sam Shun. It definitely boosted me. I am more well-known within the company, and there are more opportunities than before. So how can I leave [TVB]?” Power expressed.

Did Power already sign the contract? “We already discussed everything. The only thing that’s lacking right now is the signature.” Since Power is now highly popular, is TVB raising his salary? “It’s a normal increase by a few percentage points. Being in TVB for many years, I already know that money won’t be very high. Although no one can promise anything, the encouraging words from Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and other producers, as well as the noise from the awards ceremony were all positive reflections. I believe there will be more opportunities for me.”

Allegedly, Power was invited by Ricky Wong’s (王維基) HKTV to join them earlier. Was Power not moved by the high salary HKTV offered compared to TVB? He replied, “I did discuss with HKTV before. After the birth of my daughter, our expenses definitely increased. But my wife and I are considered lucky. We’re not at the point in which we really need money. We are fine the way it is right now, because we can work for what we like. It’s what we are happy with. Therefore, money is not the main consideration. The chance to gain opportunities is more important.”

Power Chan Looks Like Wayne Lai?

Currently busy filming for The Love Firm <傳愛事務所>, many people pointed out that Power Chan and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) look alike when they are standing next to each other. Power admitted that even his wife thought he and Wayne look alike.

Power expressed, “Wayne is one of the people who has given me support. We don’t have many scenes together in this drama. I’m really looking forward to future collaborations. I heard that we might film Five Tigers <五虎> next year, but it won’t be a sequel of The Confidant. It’s a brand new story.”

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Personally I think its a smart move to stay with TVB for the next few years. Although HKTV has appealing salaries they aren’t granted their licenses yet and the future of that company is still unknown. Whereas if Power stayed with TVB he will still gain a lot of recognition and the potential the make lots of money. He may very well be the next Wayne.

  2. Wow wow and more wow. You have made your fans very happy. Wise decision.

  3. Power Chan and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)….

    OMG, i always always think they look alike, good thing i wasnt the only one thinking that. My eyesight is not that bad after all ahhha….

  4. This is good news!! Very happy to hear he is staying with TVB.

  5. I must have been blinded by my devotion, didn’t see the close resemblance until now. Hope PC will be as successful as Wayne in 2013!

  6. I hope he moves over to HKTV once they get their license and up and running. He definitely deserves to get paid decent money for his hard work and excellent acting skills.
    I do agree that TVB is the best choice right now though for the exposure and potential in various roles that he is looking for.
    I hope his contract isn’t for very long, hopefully HKTV will be up and running before the end of the year.

  7. Ah! So the whole negotiation bit is just a “power play’.

  8. Yay, glad that Power will stay with TVB. Although hktv might offer a higher salary, tvb offers higher exposure which will lead to more outside jobs (like his recent endorsement deal, mall and other promotional appearances, etc) which can rake in a lot more money.

    Also, I didn’t even realize that Wayne and Power looked alike until recently when I saw a weibo picture of Wayne holding Power’s baby and I thought it was Power!

  9. Yes! Power Chan is staying, which means we still can see him on TVB dramas 😀

  10. What a good news! I hope Power Chan will be successful like Wayne. I am waiting for his series to watch.

  11. “Power Chan and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) look alike when they are standing next to each other”
    LOL yes this is so true! Previously in some of the dramas, I thought that Power was Wayne until I recognized that it was two different actors!

    So happy for Power to be staying with TVB. I always liked his acting.

  12. “Power Chan and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) look alike when they are standing next to each other”
    Power Chan is a younger version of Wayne Lai. He looks a lot younger than Wayne though he is only about 3- 4 years younger. The only big difference is Power’s eyes which are smaller.

    Both of them are good actors. Wayne seemed to be more lucky than Power so far, but I hope Power will be able to catch up soon. He has the potentials to become another Wayne Lai if he gets a custom-made role, a good script and a good partner.

  13. Aiya, what a great news! Love him as pang sam shun! TVB needs good actor like him and Koo Ming Wah!

  14. I just really wish they’ll give him more opportunities- he’s so hard working & talented & should be rewarded.
    Hang in there!!!!

  15. Mimi leaves, Power stays. Txb is successful to keep him but hope they won’t twist his career by promotions. I always like him as an actor and I don’t hope him to be monotone.

  16. when i (and they) was a lot younger, i always got the two mixed up. even their stature is similar. they should play real brothers in “five tigers”, if it ever does come to fruit (really hope so).

  17. haha… Mimi sacrificing herself to make some noise for her husband to renew his contract and gain a bit of publicity.
    looks like she took her wedding vows really seriously lol

      1. Poor Ricky and those ex-TVB artists/producers/directors/scriptwriters, etc…. 🙂

      2. Hmm… I wonder if any of the tvb traitors regret jumping ship now. Their projects can’t be released which means no exposure to the hk audience and less money-making opportunities.

    1. That is such bad news. Damn the HK government. It’s so unfair to the companies who have prepared for it so much. Even though this new license thing was started by the old government, the new government should continue it.

    2. “Ms Mo said that the licensing issue is linked to China’s worries about ideological control in Hong Kong.”

      China promised ‘1 nation, 2 systems’ and ’50 years no change’. Keep your promise, China!

      1. This is China here, do you think they will keep their promise?? I don’t think so…

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