Grace Chan to Film New Parenting Show

Since Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) returned to TVB as Creative Director last week, he is tasked with reviving the station’s variety programs. It is said that he will be creating a parenting talk show featuring Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), Candice Yu (余安安), and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) as hosts. Set for eight episodes, the show will start broadcasting in early April.

An official announcement is expected next week, and the three hosts have orders to not disclose any information to the press until then. Since all three celebrity moms have not been seen at TVB for some time, viewers will likely welcome their return.

A popular television actress in the 1980s, Candice shifted her focus to films and won Best Supporting Actress at the 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards. The last time she took on a hosting job was for the 2004 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Since leaving TVB in 2013 after 15 years of service, Mimi joined ViuTV as a contractor and has hosted their music show Chill Club. Although Mimi’s contract with Wong Cho Lam’s talent agency has ended, they remain good friends. It is likely that Wong Cho Lam  personally invited her to take part in this new show.

Since marrying Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎 ) and giving birth to her two sons, Grace has been absent from TVB dramas for two years. Aside from taking care of her family, Grace is an active influencer and started her own skincare business. This year, she made her TVB comeback, hosting Bong Bong, Amigo! <諸朋好友> alongside Amigo Chui (崔建邦).

Source: HK01

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  1. K… This is not a grace chan hate post but I just so happen to be watching brother’s keeper 2. I really enjoyed the first instalment (minus linda chung) but this second one is so bad, grace is such a bad actress like soooo bad LOL she just doesn’t have the actress gene in her.

    I’m glad it looks like she’s purely pursing hosting. She has the personality for that.

  2. Surely TVB has better talented and well caliber actresses than that gasping-away dark skinned old man grabbing native who only knows how to show off.

  3. Just be grateful she’s hosting, not acting lol Besides, that’s what she wanted in the first place. The acting was just a detour everyone had to go through, whether they were good or bad at it. haha

  4. This sounds like it’s tailor made for her. Bleh. Not a big fan of her personality.

    1. @meilin
      Grace’s seems to have a great personality and very down to earth. Just because her acting isn’t the best and she married a popular lead actor does not mean we should target her personality….

      1. @jimmyszeto I did not comment on her acting or who she married…

        I do find her pretty but I would not say her personality is down-to-earth, at least it doesn’t seem so to me. Nor am I a fan of that type of personality. I find it a bit annoying. Thought this was a place to discuss/share our thoughts.

  5. That husband of hers, is or was, a heartless man who ditched all his past girlfriends ranging from the first, a singer to the rest all actress.
    Just cant stand her hypocritical and fake smiles staring at that “old man”
    The apples do not fall far from the apple tree so don’t show off now.

    1. @pinkhelmet please tell more! I didn’t know he was a jerk. But I’m not a fan of his anyways. I just know he dated Charmaine and she was very sad after…

      1. @abcd there was a report then that Kelvin, during a scene, accidentally kicked someone’s groin and that poor guy was on the floor in pain. Guess what kelvin allegedly did? He walked away nonchalantly.

        Was said that Kenneth Ma walked to the guy on the floor immediately to check on him.

        I dislike Kelvin immensely then and has a soft spot for Kenneth.

      2. @jimmyszeto how did he get even fans?

        Not sure if Grace is down to earth but she’s definitely not one that sees her own flaws… her replies re her own acting skills were unbelievable

      3. @abcd he “dated” Charmaine while still in a relationship with Niki. Till date, it’s said that both ladies don’t talk to each other.

        Gosh, he’s an AxxHxx

    2. @pinkhelmet That’s why I always think he’s a lucky dude. haha lol… But I am into the blaming on the dude only for breaking up thou and I didn’t he was always the one who did the initiative in breaking up. I mean let’s face it, a couple breaking up is not only 1 person’s responsibility. Sometime it really have a lot to do w/timing n just not the right person. I do wholeheartedly agree he’s lucky that most of the girlfriends are not bad looking esp Nikki Chow? I mean and still managed to snag a wife 22 years younger? lol…. I actually do not like or dislike GC as there are a lot of annoying Ms. HK’s she’s not the only one. haha lol

  6. The singer from Taiwan and Nikki Chow are the ones badly hurt by that “old man”. Happily both of them are married so “the dark skinned old man grabbing native” must try to show off that she has grabbed what she considered a good deal.
    I am extremely pissed off when after she obtained the title, she was given an acting role immediately. Gasping away with that pair of bulging eyes and with that bad acting, she should quit out. There are plenty of better and more deserving actresses than that native.
    On top of that, showing off her dark skinned brother. There are plenty of smarter and better looking guys than that native. Boo and Get lost.
    TVB viewers should bashed her for her smug smile and showing her clothes, her so-called family etc etc.
    She must have hell of an inferiority complex (odd thing the parent look 100% Chinese) to resort to flaunting off.
    Please convey to that native woman what I have just said.

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