Pregnancy is Secret Reason Behind Fan Bingbing’s Breakup?

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Li Chen (李晨) made their stunning breakup announcement yesterday. After dating for four years and Li Chen’s high-profile proposal in 2017, the couple was expected to tie the knot this year. The breakup news became viral, even causing a server crash on a Chinese social media site.

Adding to the drama, a netizen claimed that the “real” reason behind the breakup is that Bingbing is currently pregnant, and Li Chen is not the baby’s father. The netizen uploaded a screenshot from CCTV security footage of a woman with an obvious belly bump. Although wearing a face mask, the woman bears close resemblance to Bingbing.

Fans from Bingbing’s official fan club were outraged and slammed the claims to be false. They pointed out that Bingbing couldn’t be pregnant due to her busy schedule lately. Aside from participating in charitable activities in Tibet in April, Bingbing was seen wearing high heels in May, and wore waist-constricting clothes as she continued her weight loss attempts this month.

Bingbing’s studio issued a statement claiming the pregnancy news is false and will pursue legal action due to their damaging nature.


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