Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu: Introverts in Love

Celebrity couple Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) maintains an open and honest relationship, often sharing various aspects of their dating life. In an earlier interview, Edwin revealed that he fell for Priscilla because of her friendly and simple personality. Priscilla now shares her first impression of Edwin when they met.

Prior to filming Madam Cutie on Duty <師奶Madam>, Priscilla did not know Edwin too well, so she watched his performance in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> to have a better understanding of his acting. Since Edwin had more experience in filming comedies, Priscilla followed his cue for Madam Cutie on Duty.

“He’s quiet, and I’m also really quiet, so we were slow to warm up to each other. The first few days of filming were gloomy. There was no communication and our work pace was offbeat.” The cast eventually chatted more together, and Priscilla and Edwin had a better understanding of each other. She added that during filming, she had “no personal feelings” and treated Edwin only as a co-star as the script lacked romantic scenes.

“We are both simple people and are introverted. We realized during filming that we both like to stay in a corner quietly. We would only get together when we need to rehearse the script. After rehearsing, we would go back to our own corners.”

After filming completed, tabloids linked Priscilla and Edwin together, which allowed them more opportunity to face their rumors together. The pair kept in touch and slowly progressed to dating.

Happiness is Contagious

Priscilla and Edwin appreciate each other’s good traits. Priscilla said, “After getting to know him, I realized he is a really happy person. He finds happiness within himself.” She further added, “Happiness really is contagious. I am influenced by his positivity. He influences me a lot. I am a happier person with him. When we went to Japan earlier for vacation, he said I made him shop and spend less. We both influence each other!”

Since dating, they have not argued and complement each other’s flaws. “With our personalities, it should be quite difficult to get into an argument. We don’t even have the slightest disagreements. We are both pretty easy-going. Our perceptions and morals are also very similar.”

Marriage is not in the Near Future

Due to their highly publicized romance, many speculate that marriage is just around the corner for the couple. Priscilla clarified, “Marriage is another matter. People say that it is healthy to have some arguments when dating. I don’t particularly wish to argue. I am afraid of loud noises. Marriage is something I have not thought about at all. Earlier, I thought it would not be a problem to stay single. I have an elder sister and three younger sisters; we will be there for each other for the rest of our lives. Although he is more traditional than I am and plans things out more, I don’t think he has any thoughts of marriage at this point in time. Right now, the most important thing is to be happy.”

Rumored Flame Tony Hung

Although previously rumored to be dating her co-host, Tony Hung (洪永城), the two are only good friends. Priscilla clarified, “When I came to TVB, I didn’t know anyone except Tony, so we supported each other. We are really good friends. He is probably one of the first people to know I was dating Edwin.” She expressed that Tony often advised her to learn how to take care of other people. “He was happy when he knew Edwin and I were dating. Perhaps he was thinking ‘good riddance’, since he won’t have romantic rumors with me anymore!”


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  1. No offense but from zero comments to so many comment smells of self serving publicity. I don’t doubt their genuine love for one another but this is perfectly timed sort of interview. By the way cant even bring myself to watch one episode of madam cutie. Somehow I just don’t feel like watching.

    1. Funn,
      I appreciate Edwin and Priscilla sharing their love story. Yes it is promotion for their drama, “Madam Cutie on Duty”, but TVB often arranges interviews for artistes during the airing of their dramas.

      1. Yes indeed but prior to this all the coyness and silence and reluctance and wow, now a new series and there they go, unrestrained and blabbing away. I don’t like that. Don’t play coy. Be open from the start and not treat this relationship like a promotional tool.

      2. Agree with Funn. The sudden overnight change really smells publicity stunt even if edwin and priscilla a real couple

    2. well, the cast and the title didn’t seem like a type of drama i’d enjoy. after watching the theme song, i was pretty sure i wasn’t gonna watch any further

    1. They didn’t, until their series started airing with low reception and they need something to publicize

      1. The ratings for this series has been quite good for the timeslot it was given. Averaging 25pts.

  2. Both repeatedly claim that they are simple people. Maybe they have discuss what image they want to project to the public. 😛

    1. Before the airing of madam cutie both edwin and priscilla are more like don’t want to comment much, but suddenly while the series is airing they come out everywhere talking about their love. Why the sudden 180 degrees change? Seems like using relationship for publicity.

  3. if they are indeed together, I wish them happiness and not publicizing it for the sake of the drama.

    1. i agree. what a convenience timing to be all out overly open about their love while their madam cutie series is airing. just like Funn Lim said they seem to use their relationship to promote their drama. in the beginning while they have no drama airing they were so hiding about this, and now suddenly all out in open air lovey dovey and stuff. It looks too planned and for publicity sake even if their relationship is real, leaves bad taste.

    2. Valid points. Good for them if they’re together but too much public love confession = made up self-publicizing. That’s cheap, no offense. It’s almost predictable that artistes always hype up and talk a lot about their love life/rumour suddenly when they have their work on air on TV. My verdict – cheap publicity. If your programme is good, audience will watch it without you using your romantic life as publicity stunt.

  4. Anyone tired reading public love confession of Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu? Get a room and spare your love lorn speeches to each other, please. Too much PDA and it becomes like a show-off sort of publicity. Those who said it might have to do with their drama is airing have a valid point.

  5. No ill intentions actually.
    I do understand there will be emphasis on the artistes mentioned since the drama is still airing.
    Since Edwin fell in love with Priscilla during the filming, I wish them all the best…they do look very compatible.

  6. Well, so they are ‘introvert in love’ publicly. Yeah…. talk about irony…

  7. Edwin-Pris the next Aimee-Moses. Using relationship as promotional tool. Honestly it’s annoying

  8. Eh, I find them fickle. “No comment” to “let me tell you how it started.” Hmmm Probably for promotions then they gonna get offers as a couple and such.

  9. Definitely series promotion since Priscilla and Edwin pairs up in the series. They used to play ‘no comment’ or ‘only developing’ with media but now they went all out ‘let’s talk about how we love each other’ in planned interviews/talks.

  10. Madame Cutie On Duty is yet another trash from TVB. After watching ten episodes I still don’t get what the drama is all about. It’s here and there and yet neither here nor there. Little wonder TVB needs Edwin and Priscilla to hype up their lovey-dovey story. Many of my friends have stopped watching this drama after ten episodes and frankly there’s no great loss as it’s trash all the way from then too.

    1. Respectfully disagree. ‘Madam Cutie’ is actually one of the best comedies from TVB I’ve seen in a long time – it’s lighthearted, funny, but not draggy and doesn’t lose its focus. Have you seen some of the dribble that’s come out of TVB lately? ‘Triumph 2’ and ‘On Call 2’ were both utter garbage with no plot and unlikeable characters.

  11. Really don’t get the hate on Priscilla and Edwin – they both seem like genuine, likeable people, and have great on-screen charisma.

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