Priscilla Wong and Natalie Tong Attend New York Fashion Week

Recently, good friends Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) flew to New York to attend Theory’s fashion show. The actresses coordinated their outfits and opted for trousers and heels. After the event, they immediately changed into casual wear and toured the city. They continued to sightsee together the next day and even visited the Empire State Building.

Both Natalie and Priscilla have been frequently sharing photos from their trip on Instagram for the past two days. One of the photos Priscilla uploaded featured the beautiful city view behind her. Her good friend, who is also Natalie’s ex-boyfriend, Tony Hung (洪永城) wrote, “Let New York turn into Japan. You are great at taking photos.”

It’s hard to tell if he was sarcastic or if he was genuinely complimenting the photography. Yet, Pricilla replied, “You don’t know anything.”

Yesterday, Natalie posted a few pictures taken from the famous Empire State Building, where the romantic scenes of countless movies were filmed. Like many girls, Natalie has always fantasized about a romantic moment on the skyscraper.

“When I was young, I watched Sleepless in Seattle <緣份的天空>, and the film’s magical power made me believe I could encounter true love at the Empire State Building,” Natalie shared. “So I told myself I must visit it. Although I did not meet my true love this time, I’m still very happy that I got to see it in person. I feel very lucky. I just don’t know why every photo [Priscilla] took of me makes it look like I’m in jail.”

Her remarks attracted a large number of fans to leave messages. Some said, “Actually, that person has always been beside you.”

It is unsure if they were talking about Natalie’s good “sister” Priscilla or someone else.

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