Priscilla Wong Criticized for her Acting in “Line Walker: The Prelude”

After the airing of Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2>, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) has been criticizing for her acting. The 36-year-old actress reveals that she will be taking an acting course while on vacation to improve her skills.

With rampant rumors of an impending wedding with her boyfriend, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), is Priscilla worried that taking a vacation now would fuel the rumors? The 36-year-old actress responded, “No. There has already even been rumors about being pregnant! I want to [take a trip] attend a course to learn about acting, dancing, and ceramics. [Edwin] has to work, so I will be going alone to enjoy.”

Her decision to take an acting course comes soon after a flood of criticisms of her acting in Line Walker: The Prelude. A viewer even commented that her voice projection is awful, advising that she needs more practice. Is she going to take a course about acting because of these criticisms? Priscilla clarified, “[My decision] is not related to the criticisms. Of course, I will work hard and do my best. Everyone will have an opinion. I did look at the criticisms so I can see whether I have made improvements. The producer and my coworkers are all very supportive of me.”

Prior to transitioning to acting, Priscilla hosted travel shows for nearly eight years. Her role as host was very well-received at the time. Will she consider going back to her forte of being a show host? Priscilla said, “I am not a smart person. Even when I was in school, I had to study very hard. I had to host for eight years before becoming proficient at it. After filming my eighth and ninth drama, I need to continue to work harder and stay humble.”


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  1. Imo I do not see anything bad in her acting in Line Walker prelude drama. In fact she acted well. Not sure why she received so many criticisms?

    I find the role for Cherry’s acting needs a lot of improvement tho.

  2. Some people criticize because of their prejudice over certain individual or thing. Some also criticize because they are just following the majority without having their own reasonable opinion/judgement.

    For me, i think that Priscilla acted well in LW2 and i like her chemistry with Benjamin. She may not reach the level of best actress yet, but her acting is acceptable and definitely not as worse as commented in various forums.

    I’m glad to hear that she will be taking an acting course to improve her skills. This shows that she is serious towards her profession and willing to accept criticisms for self-improvement, instead of blaming audience for not appreciating her hardwork.

    Besides Priscilla and Sisley (who is also taking up acting course), there are many other actor & actresses that should follow their steps to improve their acting skills. This include the recently crowned TV Queen in Singapore; Ali Lee…whom i feel still lack of capability to carry a series by herself.

  3. I think her acting wasn’t the best either. Its due to the director zooming into her for in emotional scenes that magnifies her acting. If it was just one scene, she could have got away with it but in the series, she had many.

  4. I think they should go tell Grace Chan to retake her acting class instead because she’s not a good actress at all. I also wonder if she ever been in any acting class before?

  5. well, my husband had no idea who she was and was wondering why she was getting promoted. I wonder the same too.

  6. to me, this is her best performance ive watched her in. dunno wats all the hate for.
    her scene with benjamin after pak ho’s ‘death’ was very well done

    1. @ivan
      I know, I can’t understand why they would complaint about her when you have like Sisley Choi & Grace Chan? Those two are even more horrifying on screen? I didn’t like LW ORIGINAL SERIES expert for “3rd brother” but I actually the cool refreshing face of Pakho Chau in this Prelude? His non-existing romance scenes w/Priscilla Wong was actually pretty cute considering they don’t even have that big of a romance element in their relationship I still find them to be a cute pair up. I was able to finish them and find it be entertaining. That’s saying a lot when I usually can’t get passed a few episodes of these recent tvb series.

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