Priscilla Wong is Sick of Wearing Wedding Dresses

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) are involved in a very confusing and tumultuous relationship in their upcoming TVB drama, Two Steps from Heaven <幕後玩家>. A few days ago, the onscreen pair shot a rather bittersweet wedding scene together. After reciting their vows and exchanging a sweet kiss, Bosco suddenly vomits blood and falls to the ground.

Showrunner and producer Joe Chan (陳維冠), unsatisfied with the way how Bosco and Priscilla presented their kiss, required them to do the kiss four more times. Priscilla’s real-life boyfriend, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), also stars on the show as Priscilla’s ex-boyfriend.

Bosco noticeably struggled with his dialogue while reciting his vows during the scene. The actor joked, “Of course [I struggled]. There was pressure!” (Are you worried that you’ll upset Edwin?) “Of course not! We’re all as close as family. I struggled because I was trying hard not to laugh.”

Priscilla said she wasn’t embarrassed while doing the scene, saying, “We’re all professionals here. Actually, this scene was nothing compared to the other kissing scene I had with Bosco. That one was very daring and definitely something I’ve never done before.”

In Two Steps from Heaven, Priscilla’s character is romantically involved with both Edwin and Priscilla. It’s a confusing love triangle indeed—Priscilla said she had to wear five different wedding dresses on separate occasions. “It’s gotten me so confused. My character was involved with Edwin, but then I end up with Bosco. I’ve had five weddings for this drama. It’s absolutely horrifying. I don’t want to wear them anymore!”

Was Priscilla sad that the groom was not Edwin? She immediately changed the topic and said, “We thought doing the scene during a rainstorm would make the wedding sad and beautiful, but it didn’t rain in the end!”

Two Steps from Heaven, a soap opera about three friends and their attempts to build a business empire, also stars Louis Cheung (張繼聰) and Alice Chan (陳煒).

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Ah Bosco looks good in those photos. He seem like a good kisser.

    5 gown in 1 series! That is a lot!!!

    1. @happybi
      So agree with your points. Finally, I can see Bosco’s pics without haggard look but handsome indeed. I find that most of Bosco’s kissing scenes with his co-stars in Mainland/TVB dramas looked so natural and effortless (except for the K9 cops with Linda but they were still so cute together in the show though).
      Not so fond of Bosco/Priscilla pairing as I’m a shipper of BoTa/BoDa/BoKa cp on screen. Also, it sounds like this drama doesn’t have a happy ending. Hmm.. Not quite sure if I’m gonna watch it.

      1. @olivegarden think Priscilla looks older then Bosco. But its a new pair so could be interesting. Not a fan of her acting though.

        Haven’t seen @hetieshou in here for a while. Hope she is OK.

      2. @happybi women do tend to age faster than men so im not surprised that she looks older. i know a good bunch of women that marries men like 10+ years older and every time i see them together, it’s almost impossible to tell the big age gap because the women aged so much.

      3. @happybi well when it’s like Grace and Kevin, yes the situation depends. Grace literally looks like Kevin’s daughter but hey if it’s truly love, then i’ll keep my nose out of it! lol i do find this pairing a little off but yes, it’s something fresh.

      4. @akinu
        Yes it is so true that women age so much faster than men do which is why my mom and other traditional folks always opposed the older women younger men relationships. My mom prefers for me to one day marry a guy that is older. She used to be so strict with that but is better as she does not mind if the girl is a few years older. However, she thinks it is ok if the guy is 15-20 years older as men age slower than women. That is traditional folks for you. I like Kevin and all but his pairing with Grace is a bit off due to the large age gap. However, Grace has a face that ages fast so she may catch up to Kevin in no time.

      5. @happybi
        You are so sweet! Thanks for thinking of me. I have been down,busy and depressed because my mom was in the hospital. But she just got discharged and is recovering now. I am so touched that I was missed here. Hope that you did not think that I got banned or something. I also wonder where @jimmyszeto is? I miss seeing him too.

        I agree with you about Priscilla’s acting. She seems like a good girl but I do not really like her acting.

        By the way,yes some people have been banned so we now have peace here.

      6. @hetieshou @happybi

        Hi guys. Hope everything is ok for you now Hetieshou! I’ve only just got back from a holiday to China, Foshan. The site was accessible in China but I though I’d stay away for a bit.

      7. @jimmyszeto

        Welcome back! Glad to see you back. How was Foshan? I heard good things about it. Is the air fresh there? Hope you had fun and tell us about it.

        Thanks for your concern. I am ok now and my mom is recovering.

      8. @hetieshou
        That’s great to hear 🙂
        Yes. Foshan is quite developed nowadays with a lot of shopping malls. It was a slight culture shock at first with the clear lower standard of hygiene there. It was humid but the air is very fresh and isn’t polluted.Went on a day trip to Guangzhou too and was very impressed. I think in the bigger cities, the living standards are now get getting closer to the west. The most memorable moment was the frightening thunder storm that went on all night which to the ear can be compared to a continuous blanket bomb attack. Even relatives said they have not seen anything like it. Overall it was a good couple of weeks away from stress.

      9. @hetieshou welcome back! I know you were not banned that is why I hope nothing was going on since I haven’t seen you. Hope your Mom is doing better! Take care ok!

        @jimmyszeto welcome back too. Hope you had a good break!

  2. “In Two Steps from Heaven, Priscilla’s character is romantically involved with both Edwin and Priscilla. ”

    Confusing indeed!

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