Rainie Yang Admits She Cannot Cook Rice

Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) recently revealed that after moving out of her mother’s house, she came to the revelation that she did not know how to cook. As a result, she has plans for a cooking date with her mother in order to pick up some culinary skills. “To tell the truth,” she admitted, “I don’t even know how to cook rice!”

Although Rainie is good at house cleaning and general housework, she shared that she is clueless when it comes to the kitchen because she had no opportunity to personally cook when she was growing up. When she was 10 years old, she saw a classmate preparing tamagoyaki, a sort of Japanese omelette, and learned how to make it herself. Now, at 30 years of age, that dish is still the only one she knows how to make.

When Rainie moved out of her mother’s house and began living independently, she discovered that she would get so hungry that she would eat anything, such as food left over from the Mid-Autumn Festival last month. Additionally, she often ordered from a delivery service, and her diet became less healthy.

Unlike other females who may delve into the culinary arts in order to impress or simply feed a boyfriend, Rainie stated that her only reason for learning how to cook is to avoid going hungry. In her point of view, it makes more sense for her and her other half to focus on making a living and thus have the means to hire a talented chef or go out to eat at a good restaurant.

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is that other half Mike He?. A co worker’s daughter threw an embarrassing tantrum about 6 months ago that Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are married. It was quite sickening.

  2. Is her other half Mike He, cause according to my co workers 22 year old daughter, and she threw a tantrum and bet her life’s blood on it, according to her, Joe Chen and Ariel Lin are married.

  3. I love Rainie Yang but I don’t understand that this is news worthy lol
    But it is interesting to know she can’t cook rice xD but there are many celebs that can’t even cook at all!

  4. rinse rice, put rice in cooker, put a little water, click start, wait for it to finish, done.

    1. Not as easy as it seem, too much water and you’ll end up with congee, too little and the rice is dry and semi-cooked.

      1. Winnie,
        “Not as easy as it seem, too much water and you’ll end up with congee, too little and the rice is dry and semi-cooked.”

        One cup of water for one cup of rice. Cooking rice is easy with the rice cooker. You have to watch the fire more carefully if it’s on the stove top.

      2. It would be if you used Uncle Ben’s microwavable rice.

      3. Learn to read rice cooker’s instruction :/? Most cooker come with a basic instruction on how to cook rice lol. Also, so what if it turn bad the first time? It might be not perfect, but you can trial and error till you get it right. It’s not about not knowing how, it’s about she doesn’t even bother trying. I know she’s rich, but such comment just show she’s a bit spoil >_> circumstance allow her to not need to know how to cook, but still… Such comment just make her seem spoil and stupid :/ (a child can cook rice >_>)

    1. This is actually very common for HK kids and has been for generations. My mom certainly never cooked or washed a dish until she was married. I started when I was 8 years old.

      1. just because she can’t cook rice does not mean she is not fit to be a woman. there are some people out there that are not fit to be human for more atrocious things than not knowing how to cook

    2. Why “woman”? So it will be ok if a man cannot make rice?

      1. Totally agree!!!

        If women are independent and successful, they may be too busy to cook. 🙂

  5. Wonder if her other half is Mike He. According to the delusional rants of my co worker’s daughter, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin are married.

  6. It’s not that she cannot, is she never try… Come on, it’s not that she needs to cook it, you got rice cooker these days to do the job!

  7. It’s not just her… so many people grow up today without the ability to cook/learning to cook. instead they rely on pre-cooked frozen foods far too much. My wife and I are very selective about the foods we eat, and we do not eat anything pre-made. That way we control the ingredients and can watch salt/calories/fat content.
    Cooking used to be taught when I went to school… now it is not. I think it should still be a part of all curriculums.

  8. yet rainie seem boastful in an episode of a talk show which she co-hosted with taiwanese Jacky Wu and the other lady, rainie commented this one lady guest being dumb and retarded.. something like that

  9. rainie always thought herself cute but cant see any cuteness at all in her… its like she trying too hard to be cute yet she looks normal indeed….

  10. Very common and something she can learn. No big deal.

  11. So what if she doesn’t know that? Is it something worth reporting? Hmmm.

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