Rainie Yang and Will Pan’s Deep, Platonic Bond

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Rainie Yang and Will Pan’s Deep, Platonic Bond

Close friends Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) Will Pan (潘瑋柏) share such good chemistry on and off screen, that fans and media alike have frequently urged them to date each other. Rainie and Will sometimes play along and publicly flirt with each other in jest.

Recently, in a cheeky move, Will posted a video of him and Rainie sharing a passionate onscreen kiss from one of their first drama serials together, Miss No Good <不良笑花>. He captioned it, “Chanced upon the replay of something exciting!” and even tagged Rainie.

Embarrassed, Rainie commented, “Oh my God!” To the amusement of fans who had begun flocking to Will’s Weibo page, Will and Rainie then engaged in some humorous banter through their respective commenting.

The clueless observer might have mistaken Will and Rainie for being a pair of mischievous lovers. Underneath their semi-flirtatious behavior with each other, however, Wilber and Rainie share a deep bond that could not be more platonic. Rainie once explained that while she would be distraught if anything untoward were to happen to Will, she only perceives him as a friend and nothing more. She added that she was actually rather upset by those who constantly urged the two of them to be in a relationship.

Perhaps Rainie’s annoyance could also stem from the fact that there is a new rumored beau in her life. She is reportedly dating Li Ronghao (李榮浩)winner of Best Newcomer at the 2014 Golden Melody Awards.

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