Will Pan Announces Marriage Plans With Flight Attendant Girlfriend

By on July 28, 2020 in NEWS, Taiwan

Will Pan Announces Marriage Plans With Flight Attendant Girlfriend

Taiwanese singer Will Pan (潘瑋柏) announced yesterday his marriage plans to 26-year-old Shanghai flight attendant Luna. Known as “China’s most beautiful air stewardess,” Luna often shows off her fit physique and luxury items on social media.

Posting a photo of Luna and himself with his parents, Will wrote, “Hello everyone, 2020 has been a difficult year, so I’ve been trying to find the right time to tell everyone. Today, I want to share some good news. I am very lucky and have found a partner whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. We will be starting our life as a family, and I hope everyone can give us their blessings. I want to thank everyone and hope that you can too find your own happiness.”

Will and Luna started dating in 2015, and their private social media interactions were leaked in 2018. At the end of the year, it was even rumored that Luna was pregnant and they had secretly gotten married in the United States. Will later denied all claims and confirmed that he was not married.

Despite being in a stable relationship with Luna for years, Will still maintained the outward appearance of being single while appearing in 2017 Chinese reality show We are in Love <我们相爱吧> with Orfila Wu (吴昕). A popular pairing among fans, they were nicknamed as the “Koala Couple”. At the end of the show, when Will suggested to Orfila that they date in real life, she asked whether he really meant it and he replied yes. Many fans hoped that the two would end up together.

Now that Will has announced his marriage plans with Luna, Will and Orfila’s fans who shipped them for three years are heartbroken. Some also suggested that he was pretending to be single when he filmed the show and felt that he was playing with their emotions. However, Orfila was happy for Will’s announcement and left a message on his Weibo congratulating him on his marriage. Many fans also wished for her to find her partner in life.

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    1. coralie says:

      I like him a lot as both an actor and a rapper/singer. I’m happy about his news, but it’s really kind of disrespectful to go on shows and claim singlehood when he’s already in a relationship. Ah well, such is celebrity life.

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      • gnomageddon replied:

        @coralie totally agree that it’s shady to be trying to come off as single and mess with other people’s emotions unless Orfila knew he was in a relationship and just messing around. But even then, still. He could have kept his mouth shut and not suggest anything, even as a joke. His gf is pretty and cute. Reminds me of Chingmy Yau.

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