Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Refuse to Film for TVB?

This year, the Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress winners for the TVB Anniversary Awards were determined entirely by popular vote, giving audiences the greatest freedom in selecting the TV King and Queen of Hong Kong.

When everyone expected Raymond Lam (林峯), who arguably has one of the largest fan bases in Hong Kong, to win Best Actor, it was Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) who ultimately took home the Best Actor trophy. Tavia Yeung (楊怡), who starred in the flopped Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, won Best Actress over Kate Tsui(徐子珊), who starred in the much more successful Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>. Cult favorite, When Heaven Burns <天與地>, also beat out popular dramas The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> and The Confidant <大太監> for Best Drama.

Could it be that we are overestimating the size of Raymond’s fan base, or did his loss have something to do with the system itself?

According to a recent Hong Kong report, the total number of Raymond’s votes did not even qualify him for a second place trophy. In fact, Raymond did not even make it into the top three. Wayne reportedly won by a landslide, accumulating over 110,000 votes. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) came in second place, approximately 30,000 votes behind Wayne.

In a similar scenario, Tavia won the Best Actress award with over 110,000 votes. Kate came second, also with 30,000 votes behind.

A Battle Between the Executives

The source claimed that the reason behind Raymond and Kate’s loss for TV King and Queen was because of a struggle between TVB management executives, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and Virginia Lok (樂易玲).

The annual TVB Anniversary Awards are normally held two weeks after the station’s Anniversary Gala presentations in November. This year, Catherine Tsang insisted to hold the awards in mid-December, after the broadcasts of Anniversary dramas, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and The Confidant. Both dramas star some of Catherine Tsang’s favorites, Tavia and Wayne, and thus, allowing them to have a greater chance in winning the Best Actress and Actor awards.

As favorites of Virginia Lok, Raymond and Kate were at a disadvantage. Virginia Lok immediately objected to Catherine Tsang’s proposal, but as both Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and The Confidant were also nominated for Best Drama, it made sense to hold the 2012 awards ceremony after the two dramas had finished airing.

Raymond and Kate Give Up

It has been said that after losing the TV King and Queen titles, Raymond and Kate voiced their opposition by refusing to work for TVB. Raymond initially saved a spot between March and April 2013 to film a TVB drama, but after serious consideration, he decided to focus on doing albums, films, and mainland dramas instead. Kate will also focus on filming movies for most of 2013.

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Lets bygones be bygones, LF is gaining enormous fans from this turnoils.what is so proud of tv king?the previous tv kings like gallen lo and roger kwok has not gone far to become mega star

    2. For sure is actually POLITICS ,come one Wayne again !!! which is his acting same always the same style so freaking boring and he already won last year with his same kind of character and Tavia with her strange nose her drama Silver Spoon t acting so poor ,when they announce the winner OMG what a set up and seriously the votes is all lie ,we are the consumer but im not really a Raymond big fan but i do some home work about him and i found out he is a very famous Tvb guy and his acting in High and Low r really seriously good so i guess TVB is all lie about the votes, Im a Malaysian and i do work in hong kong and im in the film industry so i guess no more votes for me …

      1. High and Low sucked! Raymond not qualified. There was not even a breakthrough in his role. What you wrote are all lies.
        Wayne & Kenneth did a better job than him. Wayne deserved the best actor award.

    3. I just want to say people should stop whining and just suck it up. Truthfully, I didn’t think Kate Tsui was really that good in her acting, as the role of a drug addict. I think she’s done better acting, so why is she so shocked she lost? As for Tavia, I think she did well in both On Call 36 and SSSS.
      As for Raymond, so you think he has a lot of fans, but I don’t think he has as many fans as Wayne. I don’t think his acting is all that great in Highs and Lows either. He’s done better. Yes, Wayne’s character wasn’t really that unforgettable, but it’s voted by the citizens of HK. Just b/c Raymond’s nickname is “King of Chok” doesn’t really mean he has a lot of fans. I personally don’t really like him, like him as an actor, but nothing more, and I don’t really know anyone who likes him either. So basically, a nickname doesn’t have to buy your way to awards.
      IF, Kate & Raymond, are really threatening to leave, I suggest they think twice. It’s not TVB whose wrong to you, it’s the citizens. Don’t blame it on the system or the executives, it’s the audiences. You want to capture the hearts of the audiences, you should clean up your acts (any bad gossips and/or rumors) and take acting more seriously.
      I know an award is important to them, but don’t have to take it too seriously if you lose b/c they’re always room for improvements.
      Raymond and Kate really didn’t do that great of a job in Highs and Lows. They both did much better in Moonlight Resonance. If they didn’t win the awards then, how could they win with this?

      1. Hmmm… You may be right.

        It’s not much of an improvement, but I will take Aimee anytime over Kate.

    1. I actually agree with that!
      Though I love her character in HOL but Kate still acts poorly >.<||
      Raymond? Omg!! I almost stop watching that drama because of him!!! One word to describe YUCKS

      1. Yen i can guess your age now hahhaaa u mush be a house wife n 45 of age n u r a big fan of Wayne ….

      2. I wanna know what you thought was wrong with Raymond in HAL? I am currently watching this drama and I’m really loving it! I thought Ray did a good job and acted with more feeling and facial expression than Wayne (But I think Best actor should go to Kenneth though). And Kate, I think she did really good acting for the parts when she was consuming drugs. I could really feel the emotions during the scenes when Kate cries and Ray over acting out of love for her.

  1. Why do the young generation of TVB artists these recent years often want to get the highest top so quickly? Think back to the past, the veteran actors/actresses must spend much more years to try, to improve and prove their performance. No awards, then quit/give up? Ridiculous. I don’t feel antipathy for them (Kate or Raymond) but I personally think that their acting is not good enough for TV King & Queen. Need more effort.

    1. Hate to burst the bubble but LF and Kate are hardly “young”. Raymond has been with TVB acting in meaty roles since 2001. He’s always lost out on awards every year. He’s been in the Best Actor category for ages.

      1. LF and Tavia attended same acting school. So Tavia improved much better than LF ?

      2. Seeing as Tavia has been focusing only on her acting, it’s no wonder she’s improved a lot more than LF has.

      3. I hardly believe Tavia has improved much either. But it would not be surprising that she would improve “more” because all she does is act, period.

      4. Agree. Don’t think Tavia Yeung has improved much in the last 3 years, but at least she has got rid of her lazy intonations. However, Raymond Lam is worse. He has not improved at all over the years. He cares more about his image than his acting skills.

      5. tavia is lucky with less competition on female side compared to male side cus i dun think she is BA material yet

      6. For Tavia the only thing we notice is her nose not her acting sorry and we,re not a big fan of Raymond but we r a actually shock that trophy goes to Wayne not him honestly Raymond acting extremely approaches to win, so we guess the TVB votes is a Trash ….

    2. I can get why Ray wans to quit. First, TVB always causes him so much trouble. Bad news always gets reported whenever Ray does anything in TVB. Second, when people commented on King Kong being nominated for 3 years at the awards, but never won anything, then look at Ray. Like he said, he was already in the top 5 for best actor when he was in his 20’s (shows that he is good at acting), so he was nominated top 5 for way more than 3 years and received nothing but the stupid Fave character award.

      I don’t think Kate is really that unhappy cause Tavia has been acting for longer than her and Tavia actually came out of TVB acting class, so learned. I think Tavia deserved her award, but it would have been more meaningful for her to win it along with Kenneth or Ray (2 of her good friends)

  2. Is this report even true. If so, it’s ur lost then. Getting an award is good, but you gotta work really hard for it. It may take several decades to get that award. Wayne Lai deserve that award.

    1. how many times does wayne lai deserve that award? isnt 3 times a little too much for him? if it takes decades to get that award then shouldnt damian lau be getting it? wayne is just overated

  3. I don’t think this is about putting in effort or not. It’s about the poor system that TVB has in place as to who wins these awards. They decided to let the general public decide who will win..then they should do what they say. I’m NO fan of either of these artists, but you can smell something fishy if you say Raymond doesn’t even come up second? Okay, maybe that day all the girls’ in HK computer crashed! 😛

    1. that’s why Kenneth mouth open so big when the best actor announce

  4. I’m glad they didn’t win!! and as for them refusing to film dramas for TVB, they are bind by contracts so they will have to eventually…I’m surprised raymond didn’t get second but maybe its cause his character was in “love” with kate’s character which is why they voted for kenneth lol

  5. I personally think it’s kind of stupid to just stop filming because they didn’t get an award they want. What about people who’ve been working longer than Raymond and Kate? They haven’t gotten an award yet, but they still keep filming.

    If they truly liked filming at TVB, then they would continue regardless of getting an award or not.

    And besides, I don’t really believe that they both refused to film, they still have contracts, but perhaps they do really want to branch out?

    Weren’t they already in some of the posters for the upcoming 2013 drama year anyway?

    1. *What about people who’ve been working longer than Raymond and Kate? They haven’t gotten an award yet, but they still keep filming. *

      The more experienced artist haven’t got award but still film cause they have no choice. If they don’t film for TVB, there’s no other way for them to make a living. Ray and Kate on the other hand can afford to not film cause they can work in other areas like movies and music.

  6. I hope this rumor is true so don’t have to see Kate in TVB series anymore!

    Wasn’t it always rumored, even before the award shows, that Ray wasn’t going to be in many tvb series because he wants to pursue his music and movie career anyways?

  7. “Could it be that we are overestimating the size of Raymond’s fan base, or did his loss have something to do with the system itself?”

    Neither. Just that maybe the housewives who voted did not vote for Raymond, and perhaps the winner’s fanbase is underestimated. I don’t doubt his fanbase or his popularity but looking at the winner that is Wayne Lai, perhaps a demographic of the age of voters will reveal why he won and not Raymond. I do believe to TV audiences, Wayne is more famous.

  8. I highly doubt this is true, Kate should start filming Sniper Attack in a couple of weeks or less and Raymond nor Kate didn’t confirm at all. It seems like its just fabricated news the media made up.

    Honestly I don’t think Kate and Raymond are that upset about losing the awards than the fans are.

    HK tabloids comes up with such immature news if you’re gonna make a rumor at least make it believable not this,oddly stuff. Kate and Raymond are both grown adults they wouldn’t refuse to film just cause they lost an award. Besides both have a pretty lengthy contract with TVB

  9. I don’t think the above rumour was true. Raymond Lam may want to spend more time in filming movies, acting drama series in Mainland China, and focus on doing albums, but Kate Tsui still needs TVB to pamper her. She is not super popular and successful in Hong Kong and Mainland China yet. She needs TVB to boost her popularity.

    1. and tvb cant loose both of them cos tvb needs them to win the war with cti.

  10. Great because now Ray can concentrate on his music and movie careers and doesn’t have to waste time and energy for TVB!

    1. True! Raymond Lam will make more money by just filming movies than in filming TVB drama series.

    2. I do not think that the report stated by the Hong Kong article is true. They said that Ray did not even come into second? I think they just want to cover the mounth of Ray’s fans because so many complaints that they received that the results of Wayne getting the award is rigged. No one believe that Ray’s vote were fewer than Wayne. Look at Kenneth’s expression that night, even he cannot believe.

      1. Agree we all in malaysian shock as well when we found out that Wayne win again so stupid ,seriously Raymond mush h,ve piss someone in TVB big time so i guess no trophy Raymond .

      2. To may scully,
        Even Raymond did not get it in Malaysia, did you voted for him?
        BTW, you did not represented all in Malaysia.

    3. I know. I think that Ray can just ditch TVB anytime he wants. It’s not like he needs TVBs helf to get him fame cause he already is super famous to asians around the world.

  11. if it is true, they are sore losers. look at Sheran Teng, she was robbed of tvb best actress award for War of Beauty and she didnt refuse to film for TVB. Honestly, Raymond doesnt deserve to be TVB king yet…hell, Kenneth and Ruco deserves it way before him. He’s not up to par. This is best ACTOR not most popular (reason why he is winning all the music awards). If he thought he could win it because of his large fan base, it probably back fired on him.

    As for Kate, she’s improved but still not best actress material. She needs to continue improving before getting it. It’s sad but Nancy wu’s acting is much better than hers along with other supporting actresses such as Elena Kong who are never given the chances to shine.

  12. Honestly, I don’t think Raymond nor Kate deserve the best actor/actress awards. I used to enjoy watching Raymond’s dramas but his acting hasn’t improved over the years and it is no longer enjoyable watching him. Kate is even worse.

    When heaven burns is the worst drama ever.

      1. Although High and Low was considerably well done I have to say one drama does not make any actor and actress “Best Actress” or “Best Actor” material. I won’t comment on Raymond Lam but Kate Tsui on the other hand only rose up to fame thanks to HAL. So if she does indeed “refuse to film for TVB” because she didn’t win than that she is an immature actress who doesn’t appreciate anything she has. Winning or losing shouldn’t matter because this is the first year where she is considered in the race for the BA awards. She should take it as an experience. Other years she was not even considered in the running for it, she was nominated just because she is a fadan. Raymond is someone I do feel pity towards though, all though his acting is quite ….. to me. But for him it must be a stab to the face, especially when everyone was so sure he would win but ends up not…

      2. *I have to say one drama does not make any actor and actress “Best Actress” or “Best Actor” material*

        I totally agree and think that it is wrong for TVB to make their best actor and actress award nominees, nominated for just one drama out of the many they filmed that year. Cause you can be a good actor in that one drama, but maybe do not as well in a nother. You might win cause the character you were nominated for was a good fit for you.

      3. Disagree. How would you judge the acting of the nominees over their series in one whole year? Say someone delivered the best leading performance of the year but flopped in anither series while another nominee did consistently good, but not great in all her series that year, the award should still go to the one with the “best performance”. That said, I don’t think that Kate or Raymond delivered the best leading performances of the year.

  13. I don’t think that Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui would actually refuse to act for TVB. It seems suspicious since Raymond Lam’s fans would be most disappointed.

    As per Kate Tsui, she has improved but she’s not yet “best actress” material yet. I feel like there’s still room for both actor/actress to develop their skills.

  14. Yes I am really not a fan of her ever. Never was and now she is just annoying me even more

  15. Kate focusing on movies… what movies? All of those roles are arranged by TVB. She certainly wont get to be the female lead in movies.

  16. I don’t think this rumor is true b/c they’re both adult and work in this industry for so long, they know how it work
    Kate has Sniper attack in 2013, even if it’s the only drama she get then it’s not abnormal b/c in 2012 she only has HAL. in fact i think TVB has other plan for her or something
    As for Ray, he’s not doing that much drama lately so nothing out of original
    And they’re not confirm or anything

    1. right Gabby.Just speculation or cook up story just because Ray & Kate close to 620
      Who does not like scandal stories, rumors

      I believe both of them still in demand in term of advertisement.

  17. I wouldnt agree that SSSS is a flop. The rating is not that bad and its quite popular in Mainland. Certain audience enjoyed it and others don’t.

  18. I personally think this rumor is fake! I’m like 99% sure they won’t freaking stop filming for tvb because of a stupid award that has no meaning to it! The voting system is freaking stupid!
    It could be true that Raymond wants to concentrate more on his music and movie next year but is not true for refusing to film for tvb!

  19. SSSS is a flop? Seriously? LOL

    I hope it’s true because I couldn’t bear to see Raymond on TVB dramas. As for Kate, I think she shouldnt think help of herself just after one successful drama. Tavia is still the better actress than her whether she likes it or not.

  20. Given that Apple Daily is the source of this “news”, take it with a huge heaping of salt.

  21. Kevin Cheng is smart to stay in China and make 500K RMB an episode plus advertising endorsements instead of worrying about the overrated TVB award which is only a localized company award featuring only TVB artists. Oh yes, winning the award gets you a modest increase from 50K to 80K per episode if TVB thinks you are worth that much. Opportunistic people go where the money is…

  22. So they didn’t win, and so will now sulk and refuse to do TV?

    Hope that’s not true… because if it is, it’s a terrible display of character.

  23. Why are people saying LF or Kate aren’t deserving of the BA awards this year? It’s mean to be the ‘most popular actor’ and ‘Best Actor/Actress’ in name only… Talent can lead to popularity, but they can also be independent.

  24. Seriously ? Just because you didn’t win it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world . Now if both of them stop work , the only thing they will be getting is dust . They won’t even be nominated and later on forgotten . -.-
    Tavia and Wayne deserved it and Kate is just bleh…She’s not bad and not that good , if she tries harder these few years I’m sure she will get it one day but if both of them continue this attitude , they’ll be getting boo-ed by viewers . Kate has to learn from Tavia and Linda , see , both of them worked so hard these past few years and Tavia won with her hard work , although Linda didn’t win , did she say that she is going to boycott TVB and stop working because they didn’t give her an award ? NO . I hope this rumor isn’t true cuz if it is , they don’t deserve any title with this type of attitude .

  25. Sour grapes!!! Good riddance..I never like them both anyway..so hypocrite esp. Raymond, pretend to have the “boy next door” kinda image but actually a real player!

  26. Id like to know why LF has so many haters on this site.I mean, the guy has been labeled as a biological son since his acting debut, yet hes been losing out for the past 5 years. Honestly, if he refuses to film for TVB, I wholeheartedly support him. He has enough fans to do whatever he likes and go where ever he wants. Besides, I feel like he has more fans than the tv station itself.

    Now for the voting system, if TVB refuses to show the exact results, there has to be something fishy. No matter what people say about wayne’s midwife fans….look at their age..do people honestly think theyll remember to vote or do whatever it takes to make wayne win? They have kids…they need to take care of the household daily…unless hk midage fans are like korean mid age fans..where theyre pretty much insane over their favorites….

    As for Kate, she just needs to stop thinking too highly over herself and work for her award. Tbh, if tavia didnt win, id vote for nikki or michelle.

    For those who accidentally said kenneth is the better actor than LF….somewhere that doesnt even sound right. Both need improvements. People bash LF for his role on HL but keeps forgetting his character is a hot head and a sick lover…I dont doubt LF over exaggerated his expressions but on a scale of five…id give him a 3.5. Just imagine kenneth as happy sir…just imagine how much more exaggerated kenneth woulda portrayed him…

    To conclude, I blame tvb for the poor roles and lack of character development that theyve been giving LF for the past years. His last best role was in TOB. something is seriously wrong with that…

    1. Couldn’t have said it better! It’s true that people have forgotten about how Happy Sir should be portrayed and the type of character he is. LF is just playing out the role according to how the writer has depicted it to be. I agree that he could have toned it down a bit with his expressions but overall LF did a good job and I can’t imagine anyone else that could have portrayed it better…maybe Bosco?

      1. Agree with the both of you and tottaly agree that TVB has given Ray the stupid characters for the past few years. That’s why I liked Rays acting more when he was still in his mid 20s. His acting got worse, but his music is certaintly getting better. This years album was much better than the ones before.

      2. Aside from LF, I actually thought Bosco could have portrayed Happy Sir since he has that physical appearance to look cool and charismatic in his own way. Raymond shines in ancient series, perfect example from his role in TOB and Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion. Whatever TVB is doing, I hope LF and them can maintain a good relationship. I’ll be quite disappointed if he just leaves like that as TVB is his maternal home and for sure the revenue they received from him is quite high as well.

      3. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that LF no longer has that stamina to keep up with filming at TVB. I mean, the majority of the fans know that TVB over work their staff and actors to the point of doom. And on top of that, LF has not been given a single role to shine in since who knows when? I won’t blame the guy for not giving his heart into it seeing how successful he is in the music industry and perhaps soon to be in movies.

        I find LF never gets the credit where it is due. Perhaps, it is true that the more popular you are, the more “haters” you garner. I agree that LF isn’t a top vocalist, but he isn’t to the point where the statement, “he can’t sing” is projected by every hater he has attracted. The guy can sing. Give him the right song, the right tempo, mainly ballads, he can rock it. I mean, many people have made it big with just singing ballads, I don’t understand why LF can’t be given that chance. Hate or no hate, he worked hard for where he is at now. I mean, he came from a rich family. He doesn’t need to do any of this. He doesn’t need to deal with being in the negative light. But why does he continue on despite the criticisms? This is his dream, he loves what he is doing and dedicates almost all of his time to achieve it. If only people can respect that…

  27. Another BS article from Apply Daily. Kate is definitely going to film Sniper Attack 2013 and Raymond is contracted to film one drama next year. It’s probably not going to be Food of Slaves because he never confirmed he would do that. He only filmed the presentation clip.

  28. Haven’t really enjoyed Raymond Lam’s & Kate Tsui’s works so far. So, won’t really miss them that much. Also don’t appreciate their attitude for not winning.

  29. How do you know the news is actually true to say that they have bad attitude toward the award. I understand Raymond Lam and I think it’s better for him to move on with his movie and series in mainland. As for Kate, I remember in the middle of the year she already said she would focus more on movie next year and it is the plan she set ages ago, not because she lost the battle. And of course Mrs 620 won’t let the refusal happens, otherwise she would lose more than just now. Before the award Ray and Kate have more supporters, but now why so many haters, or just haters start to comment when they have chances???

  30. raymond lam’s ex-girlfriend chinese model mavis pan revealed that she broke up with raymond lam after discovering he was cheating on her, “we actually broke up on march 9, we were in a hotel in beijing when i discovered things on his cell phone with another girl, that was when i wanted to break up, but he never said he wanted to break uo with me,” adding that she suspected lam dated as many as three other women behind her back, ” a lot of media reports say lam had trusted the wrong person, i actually feel i was the one who met the wrong person”

  31. like shuang shuang, fang fang has sharp features, a voluptous body, is in her 20s, and loves to take pictures, the rumoured relationship came to light when fang fang posted a number of pictures she took at raymond’s apartment on her microblog, fang fanf was seen admiring raymond’s throphy from the ultimate song chart awards, the actor was said to have met fang fang before he started going out with shuang shuang, raymond would reportedly visit fang fang’s bar upon his return to xiamen each time, the rumoured couple seemed to be able to get along as they are from the same hometown, according to media report fanf fang would acknowledge raymond as her boyfriend whenever they are in the company of friends, in a series of luxury furniture photos posted in march, fang fang wrote, “the furniture is in, aren’t they beautiful, hubby?,” the captions seemingly hinted on their close relationship and that raymond had bought a new furniture for fang fang, after his breakup with shuang shuang, the former also confessed on her blog that she is a fan of luxury goods

  32. Tvb rarely lets a truthful leading role for her, everyone can know the way tvb treats her,she always is underrated( for ex, her only has 2 small roles before Awards in next year ). Now she wants to focus on movie where she is invited much more and her roles are more exciting, engaging. A lot of actress are very famous with movie and don’t play drama. Why she cannot do it? Lolz.

    As for Ray, It is Voted award,so it’t likely to understand he wants this award. Now he lost, so he has the right to suspect the vote system. He can be disappointed and do this. Similarly u get lower salary which is not satisfied, u find another company or chances. So why pp blame on him doing it.

    A good performance doesn’t depend much more age. If Awards depend on age or dedication, Natalia Portman will never get awards, while she also has some very bad role. :))

    Not according to votes, I think Kevin and Micheal are much more deserved insteaed of Wayne and Tavia. lolz.

  33. I don’t know what you people are thinking but for me, tavia role is always frigging bad, she is how old already? But she is always acting a maiden role which is catered to 17-20 years old actress, sometimes I can’t tolerate for her acting…

    I’m personally a Raymond’s fan but I have gotta say that Raymond role this year is pretty dull, not much character development compared to Wayne and Kenneth character… It all makes sense however I do encourage Raymond to take up roles in mainland, a change in working environment may in fact improve his acting much like kelvin cheng! ;£

  34. not a very nice pic of them, no alterations/touchup they normally do in the magazines, actors are not better looking than normal ppl so don’t need to be crazy over them

    1. If there was no touchup on the above photo, then dang they be lookin’ good stil. Their looks are still above the average Chinese person.

  35. I don’t think it’s true. Do Raymond and Kate confirm this news? Why do you guys criticize them while it’s just a rumor? 

  36. Kate was extremely elated and satisfied to get the favorite character award. She cried and threw a celebratory party so this rumor is not really believable. Also, before the best actor award winner was announced, Raymond looked kind of sad, as if he knew beforehand that he wouldn’t win??

    1. Yeah i think Kate is very happy for what she get. At the celebration party after the award she danced and posed with the “8” balloon like a child just gotten presents on Christmas morning

  37. this is just rumor!!!! Raymond has already said that he will focus on China market and film industry…so he will only do one series per year. I am Raymond’s fan…support Raymond to go for China market….

  38. lol. I don’t blame them. They have no use for TVB anymore, especially Raymond. Raymond’s music career has been a success, as for his acting, it ain’t getting anywhere as long as Wayne Lai and Kenneth Ma keeps getting the good roles. Kate Tsui, she has no reason to stay, but at the same time no reason to leave as well. She has more chances, but for Raymond, the feeling of disappointment over the past few years probably took over him enough that he pretty much expected it. He’s better at singing.

  39. Wow, this is so great to be true!!!

    1st, they rallied and hardcore campaigned to pull votes while the rightful winners (Wayne & Tavia) have faced the voting system with modest attitude. Lolz!

    Now that they have lost despite sucking up to TVB management, they are demonstrating what real sore losers are! COOL!

    1. You actually totally believe the article? Ray’s work has been predetermine from long ago he himself announced that he will focus more in movies and mainland dramas until he need to take time off from HKC concert! The article purposely wrote Ray like an ungrateful sore loser but that’s not it. We all know how sensational HK media can be.

  40. I agree with everything you said Raina! Just because Ray is from a rich family and having more success than others, he is hated by people. The truth is Ray’s success today is from his own talent and hardwork and not using his parents’ money. He also do work hard like others. Wayne also said that Ray’s income in 6 months is more than what he can get in 3 years.

    I think Ray is superb as Happy Sir. Yes I do think Bosco has the charisma and acting calibre for Happy Sir too but we can’t deny that Ray did a great job at it. I love Ray as Happy Sir more than Wayne or Kenneth in their characters.

    1. Aside from over exaggerations on some parts of the series, I think Ray had an all round excellent performance. But I’m not the best acting critique-er so that is just my opinion.

      As a fan of his since Eternal Happiness, I hope he continues his success on screen, films and his music. 🙂

    2. His success can also be attributed to TVB giving him opportunities ahead of others in his group like Bosco. Yes, you can work hard, but we all know, no opportunities = no success.

    3. Tvb gave him those opportinities due to his rising popularity. Its all business. Raymond was garnering fans from left and right since his acting debut. As a company, would you not give the opportinities to someone like raymond who can influx your revenues to no end or to bosco who was slowly attracting fans?

      Also…I believe raymond was in the entertainment industry before bosco as he started acting since he was 18-19.

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