Raymond Lam and King Kong are Attentive Boyfriends

It is harder for celebrities to maintain their relationships than normal couples, but Raymond Lam (林峯) and King Kong (金剛) have proven that even with busy schedules, they still have what it takes to be attentive boyfriends.

Raymond Lam, who has recently left TVB management, was spotted shopping at a supermarket with girlfriend Karena Ng (吳千語) on Sunday afternoon. After entering the supermarket, Raymond immediately went to grab a shopping cart and followed Karena around the aisles. The couple purchased a lot of snacks and spices including instant noodles, cup noodles, and crackers. When they stopped by the dried foods aisle, Karena pointed at some boxes situated in the bottom aisle and Raymond immediately helped Karena pick them up. After Raymond purchased the groceries, they immediately went to a nearby garage to pick up Raymond’s car. When the couple spotted the paparazzi, they greeted them with a smile. Karena also waved at the paparazzi before Raymond drove off.

King Kong and his girlfriend, model Yuri Chan (蕊蕊), also went grocery shopping recently. Yuri, who has been busy with her pictorial photo shoot, brought King Kong with her to a supermarket in West Kowloon. They purchased some dairy products and a large pack of instant noodles. Throughout their trip, King Kong stayed close by Yuri’s side.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m the first to comment lol and my first comment is the “busy schedules” line. Nowhere is kok making big bucks. He is not close to being popular.

    As for Lam, what on hell is he busy nowadays? He rarely attends functions, no dramas or movies on hand, no new album releases, and very few work on hand. He’s only seen eating and shopping with Ng nowadays. If so, how is he busy? How can he not pamper her with gifts and maintain that sugar relationship?

    1. Plz let me add, it’s so easy to see him shopping now than seeing him on television, so he has a lot of free time on his hands lol. Nowhere is he “busy,” I guess the article meant he’s busy shopping and dining with BB.

    2. He attends functions/promotions in China and is going to have a movie. And he has just had a concert to be busy for.

      1. Going to have a movie? Who is he working with? Which director? Script?

        As for concerts, hmm, didn’t he just finish his Foshan one (??). What’s the next concert?

        Btw, this article is another one of many which is about him SHOPPING IN HK.

  2. Ok I get it now, addy added some elements of his own to the article. It definitely not a direct translation from what I’ve read in the Chinese version. Still laughing at the word “busy” and the Chinese version’s line – “Very popular TVB siu sheng – Lam Fung,” he’s no longer part of TVB; Oriental Daily reporter needs his/her facts straight.

  3. This article totally proves that you don’t need to starve yourself to be skinny and pretty like stars on TV or Models. Look, they eat instant noodles too and snacks like chips which are both supposedly not healthy for you and fattening.

    1. Actually, instant noodles isn’t that unhealthy. It’s the seasoning they come with that’s unhealthy. I usually throw away the packet and make my own soup to go along with the noodle. The only problem is that noodle has tones of carbohydrate which is bad when eaten alone. I just supplement it with vegetables.

      1. Like Vel, I make my own soup base, use half a packet of mee & throw in lots of vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, corns and one egg…simply delicious

      2. Yum, sounds good. How to make your own healthy soup base? For vegetables, I also like wakame, napa cabbage, baby gailan, baby bokchoy, etc. Any other good suggestions?

  4. The picture above is so clever. Raymond is talked about being attentive here and he’s holding his ears like he’s fully listening.

  5. wow…that article is such a LOL seriously buying instant noodles at the Supermakert ??? instant nooodles is not healthy they should buy a big packet of vegtables and some healthy foods….like cheese (i’m am just justing that okay…is just not healthy bujy those instant noodles)!!!!!!:)

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