Raymond Lam Apologizes to Disappointed Fans for TV King Loss

The 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards were full of surprises and upsets, but that did not stop the winners and losers from commending their hard work, perseverance, and dedication of their craft in the past year.

Raymond Lam Apologizes for Disappointing Fans

Although popular nominee, Raymond Lam (林峯), left the Anniversary Awards with no trophy to bring home, he nonetheless attended the celebratory dinner of his good friend, Kate Tsui (徐子珊), the winner of this year’s My Favorite Female Character award.

Asked if Raymond felt at a loss now that he lost the TV King throne yet again, he said, “I am not sad, but I’ve failed my friends. I do feel a bit disappointed that I did not have the chance to thank my fans’ hard work. After all these years, I also really wanted to earnestly thank my family.”

Regarding his loss to Wayne Lai, Raymond said, “Wayne is a much respected senior. I just regret that we never had the chance to collaborate.”

Myolie Wu Does Not Believe Bosco Wong and Niki Chow’s Rumors

Nominee Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) left the awards empty-handed, but was ecstatic to see her best friend, Nancy Wu (胡定欣), taking home her first TVB Best Supporting Actress award. At the after-party, Myolie, who promised to kiss Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) if he won Most Improved Actor, immediately tackled him with a kiss on the cheeks.

Felix Wong (黃日華) and wife, Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華), also attended the after-party. Oscar used this chance to thank Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Jaime Chik (戚美珍), and Felix for being his mentors and supporting his work in the past three years.

Myolie was asked if the TVB Anniversary Awards was her first time being on stage with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) since their break-up earlier this year. Myolie hesitated, and then answered slowly, “Really? I thought we shared the stage some time before. Anyway, we are fine. We still greet each other when we see each other. We are colleagues.”

Asked if Bosco is currently pursuing his A Change of Heart <好心作怪> costar, Niki Chow (周麗淇), Myolie’s jaw dropped and exclaimed, “What! Those are just rumors! [The paparazzi] have nothing else to write about!”

Nancy Wu Told Herself to Not Cry

It was a long wait for Nancy to win the Best Supporting Actress award, and she has managed to win all of them in one year, thanks to her critically acclaimed performance in Gloves Come Off <拳王>.

“As I watched my acceptance speeches in the previous years, I realized that I am such an ugly crier,” Nancy laughed. “That is why for this time, I need to be pretty, and control my emotions; hold back my tears.” Nancy also expressed that she is very happy to see her opponent and friend, Mandy Wong (黃智雯), win Most Improved Actress, and was excited to be able to accept the Best Supporting Actress trophy from Mandy’s hands.

Koo Ming Wah Signs TVB Management Contract?

When Koo Ming Wah (古明華) won Best Supporting Actor, he immediately phoned his wife and daughter. His daughter was so proud that she broke into tears.

Asked if it was true that TVB had intentions to sign him as a managed artist, Koo Ming Wah vaguely said, “[The award] was not part of any exchange terms. There will also be gossip like that. I don’t mind it.”

Source: Oriental Daily via ihktv.com

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  1. Again in the above pic, LF caught not smilling and posing in his usual “chok” looks.. lol

    1. He looks perfectly fine. Or else someone needs to warn me I have a habit of looking “chok” as well.

    2. can people just stop attacking him personally, its just a normal look that anyone would have if they don’t smile

  2. it is a waste u missed this chance but in next year, i doubt the award will favor to u. there will be TITS2, THC2, RB3 & AGWTC2. better luck next next time!

    1. Lynn,
      I found Raymond’s apology in his loss to be a bit severe. He has already tried his best, so no need to apologize. To support fans, he can only put forth greater efforts to entertain and amaze us in future projects.

      1. yeah, he needless to apologize. fans will alwiz support their idol.

  3. Raymond…all your fans will continues love you…support you…forget TV King…you have bigger market in China and in movie industry…TVB will not give you good series…that okay…hard work…prove to the one who love you that you are the BEST…get the bigger and higher award outside….LOVE you…

    1. i think Raymond has the highest vote,,,TVB can still give the award to whoever it want…the voting is just a game…TVB will not give the award to Raymond because he only do one series per year…why should TVB give to Raymond????

      1. It was probably true. Wayne Lai and Kenneth Ma are their full-time actors. They can film 4 to 5 drama series in 2013 and their drama series will generate more revenues for TVB. Why not Wayne and Kenneth?

        Anyway, it was very nice of Raymond Lam to apologize to his disappointed fans for TV King loss. Raymond seems to be a very nice artiste. He is pretty good in speaking to the public.

      2. That is an assumption. Let’s just take it at face value that the votes are accurate. If this is a purely voting system, then why he lost is because lack of votes and lack of votes mean not many voted for him.

        Is it that inconceivable Wayne Lai will win in the popularity contest for the TV audience? That is if you are assuming young fans voted. But don’t forget, older generations have voting rights too and I bet Wayne is more famous to the older fans and working fans or working professional fans. It makes sense, rigging or no rigging.

        Now let’s assume TVB rigged the votes. Why should they? Why would they want to prevent Raymond from getting his award? Was there any indication he has expressed unhappiness at TVB? It doesn’t make that sense. I was expecting Kenneth Ma to win. But then I realise between TV star power, Wayne Lai is the more famous one in a consistent sense.

        And I still stand by the theory that fans are divided between Kenneth and Raymond and so in the end the 3rd person benefited.

        Raymond’s fans may be a bit sourpuss if you ask me. The one with more legitimate claim should be Charmaine Sheh. My feeling is she is probably 2nd highest votes if the votes are taken at face value.

      3. My assumption was that TVB overestimated the number of votes got from Raymond Lam’s fans and therefore awarded the “Most Popular Male” to Kenneth Ma. Unfortunately, the results turned out that Wayne got the highest votes. As a result, Raymond Lam did not get anything.

      4. your comment is rediculous. one vote per person, why would you be so suprised that RL didn’t win? the award is for “best actor” and hk audience are not stupid…and they are not all 16 year old girls. i can understand your frustration if he loss to Wayne for “best chok” award. so, get over it.

      5. Agree with Funn. Best actor is the one category that makes the least sense to rig. If they allowed WHB to win best series, there’s no basis for TVB rigging the votes. Certainly TVB does not want to give an award to a series whose producer and writer are leaving.

    2. Uh I don’t find it right to blame fans for “not voting more” .. and LF isn’t a person that does that. There should be no blame and even if there is, it should be TVB – my opinion is that the awards are fixed behind closed doors. Reason? Who knows.. probably contract deals or simply because they can’t afford their two grand anniversary series losing out on any major big awards (at least that’s what i think).

      Wayne (TC), Tavia (SSSS), Kate (HAL), Kenneth (THC), Nancy (GCO), Koo Ming Wah (DID) and WHB.

      Hmn a winner to represent each drama?!

      1. This was what struck me about this year’s results too — no drama bagged more than one award. One of my theories about Wayne’s win is that it’s not about Wayne (he’s already a two-time winner and doesn’t need more awards to cement his status) but about rewarding The Confidant and TVB wanting to ensure that both their anniversary series bagged a major award. It’s also about TVB patting itself on the back to say, look how successful our two anniversary series are, these great dramas produced this year’s Best Actor and Best Actress.

        We viewers are focused on the actors but TVB needs to keep their behind-the-scenes talent (producers, scriptwriters, etc.) happy too. So if TVB was determined to spread the awards amongst as many series as possble, then LF’s competitor wasn’t actually Wayne, but Kate, his co-star from HAL.

      2. You two make sense. I remember Wayne has said in an interview 2-3 months ago something about to be favoured by TVB not necessarily because you’re biological son, but also because you’re in a “drama that TVB wants to promote that year”.

        I’m don’t remember if Wayne talked in response about awards or calendar placement but it’s still related since both situation are considered favoured by TVB.

        I also remember Myolie said earlier(1-2 months ago) in one interview that she won’t likely get in top 5 this year, and it is true! How can a popular actress like Myolie be this unconfident about her fans power? Or does she know inside scoop or was informed of some secrets?

    3. Like simplitee, I don’t think it’s right to blame fans for “not voting more” — you can only vote once under this system and non-HK fans can’t vote at all. Short of hacking the poll, there’s very little an individual fan can do to influence the results.

      1. I Agree actually cos im a malaysian n im looking at it seem like a inside job not so much about t fan voting its about the people relation in TVB….

  4. He shouldn’t have to apologized. Honestly, the only thing to blame is either the system, or his own performance. Wayne Lai won fair and square, and for sure his dominance will remain a few years down the road. Wayne Lai is at his prime, and will pass it soon enough. Back to Raymond Lam. I think 2013 will be a good year for him to focus on acting, instead of juggling in between singing and acting. 2013/2014 may be his chance. Kenneth Ma as well, as I have high hopes for Kenneth to win Best Actor from THC 2.

    1. KM does have a good chance with THC2…that’s if he can hold his own agaisnt Lawrence Ng…that guy can pass for a real doctor if you ask me 🙂

    2. Raymond only has food for slaves next year. This year was his best chance to win it. Next year raymond and kenneth are up against francis, chilam, bobby, lawrence, wayne and moses.

      1. Only Food for Slaves for TVB but Ray has many movies for the whole world even to Europe premiers. His career has span worldwide.

      2. Agreed, next year will be freaking tough. The winner will be someone that made a big impact. I doubt it’s Wayne Lai, even though Rosy Business 3 is set to film. Wayne Lai is OP in my book, he’s like a bulldozer, it’s gonna take more than just Raymond and Kenneth to take him down.

    1. he needless to apologize to his fans. they will alwiz be there for him no matter what.

      1. Yes agree! He is already the best actor in his fan’s heart. And all will continue to support LF!

  5. There’s no need for Raymond Lam to apologize. Winning an award is not in his control.

  6. I remember in one of the previous years, Felix was the presenter for best supporting and nancy was a nominee. When he saw the result, he said ‘Michael we can’t complete our mission’ (guess they wanted nancy to win since they collaborated together in gun metal grey). Glad to see nancy has finally won and Felix is there to celebrate with her!

  7. Why apologise, raymond? Not at all his fault. Tvb just gave the award to the one they want. And made all the voting thing into a big joke.

    1. Totally agree…Raymond…just work hard …all your fans will support you

  8. He doesn’t need to apologize, not his fault. I think he was really disappointed as it was so hyped up that he will win Best Actor, sort of feel sad for him. I prefer Raymond to stick to acting only, I find his acting better.

  9. Why he need apologise? because he still need them to survive. simple as that. w/o his fans, he’s nobody.

      1. only idiots will cause an uproar bcoz of this award thingy. gosh!

      2. when your 16 what else is there to do other pooping your pimples and drolling over you idols lol lol lol

  10. People who are complaining about tvb fixing the vote for Wayne, why on earth will they do it? Exchange for contract? Do you think Wayne cares that much that he wants his award to be fixed? You think he doesn’t have confidence in his own acting? This year? TC. Next year? RB3, where hes the strongest. The year after next? TC2? Every year he has a high chance of winning, tvb should more likely be fixing him not to win than anyone else.

    Between Wayne and raymond, who is the better actor? Perhaps on raymonds best day, he can beat wayne at his worst, like Kevin did last year since the role in FH3 wasn’t waynes best, but Even if li lianying is not Wayne’s best performance, happy sir is far from being raymond’s best.

    the timing of the shows being broadcast. When the voting is going on, the confidant was being broadcast. Even if people are saying Wayne isnt his best in TC, is his acting bad? He is competent and still better than most and that’s good enough, and due to the timing of the show being broadcast, has the most lasting impact on most audience. If you are not a super obsessive fan of anyone, and just voting for the prize, who will you vote for?

    Also, Wayne has good karma from the general audience from all the years before, like when he lost best supporting actor many times when he actually deserved them, how many of you guys were actually supporting him when he was the underdog? These opinions that the audience form in the past, is definitely gonna affect their vote. So when the general audience thinks of who is the best actor from the popular list, who will they think of? Moses? Kevin? Raymond? Or most likely Wayne lai?

    Furthermore, Raymond fans, if tvb wants to fix the awards for someone, why on earth will they choose Wayne who has basically all the market value he already had from his first two tv king award, and already cornered the auntie market? why not give it to Kenneth, since MM is so popular this year, and people are rallying to vote for kenneth against Raymond, because even though he has many fans, he does have many haters as well?

    1. *IF* TVB did rig the whole thing, I’d assume they wouldn’t want to hand it to Kenneth over LF. These two were set up to be “rivals” this year and there seemed to be a fair bit of animosity between the fans… Isn’t one of the reasons for introducing the ‘one person one vote’ thing is to ward off some of the backlash they’ve been getting over the years? Wayne seems to be a safe option, since – as you pointed out – he’s a generally well-received actor amongst the public.

      Personally, I think if the voters were clear-headed enough, they would not have voted for Wayne this year; yes, he’s proven himself to be a solid actor, but he was underwhelming this time round. Not that anyone else stood out and poor Damien had a more dislikeable character plus series. Anyway, what’s done is done.

      1. skinnymocha,
        Since you agree he’s generally well-received, won’t the general public (who isn’t a fan of anyone, vote for him?) I think before this tussle involving obsessive raymond fans, I doubt if you ask anyone, there would be many who HATE wayne lai, compared to those who hate Raymond or Kenneth. And if you ask people who is the best actor among raymond, wayne, kenneth, i think even most raymond fans will agree wayne is the better actor, although they WILL vote for raymond, but overall performance, wayne is better.

        I think what happened was that everyone underestimated the power of voting for the general audience, those who aren’t necessarily a fan of anyone, who are voting because there’s a car prize involved. it ends up not being about how many die-hard fans you have (young idol types), but how well received you are in the minds of the general public.

        Opening the vote to the public, throws out any ounce of credibility in the voting. Everyone is just gonna vote for who they think is their personal favourite, or best looking (just look at all those people who were interviewed on the streets, and their reasons for voting for Kenneth and some others were like, because he’s leng zai! haha) At least those voting for Wayne, based on his previous performances, since he’s definitely not leng zai, are more clear-headed than those voting based on how handsome someone is.

      2. Oh yeah, and I really want to laugh at those Raymond fans who are grousing about Wayne exchanging contract for award. They are saying that Wayne was not a biological son before (do note this), and only signed a management contract to get this award. So for the first Best Actor Award, he didn’t sign, for the 2nd BA award, he didn’t sign either. Yet for the 3rd BA award, he’s suddenly DYING to get it, and thus will sign a management contract to get the 3rd BA? LOL We aren’t talking about someone who never received the award before, but someone who received not once BUT twice on his own merit, yet they think he’s so desperate to exchange for award only on the 3rd crowning. If he’s so desperate, won’t he negotiate management contract before his first award?

    2. @Nicole,

      Why I love Raymond Lam!

      I guess the question should be, are there anything to hate about Raymond in the first place? Obviously there can’t because otherwise I would be contradicting myself right?

      Firstly, I just love watching series starring Raymond when I’m tired and don’t want to use my little brain. Surely he makes the job easy to figure out who will be the good guy, because the beloved son of TVB aka prince charming certainly can’t be the coldblooded serial killer/rapists. The worst he has ever played is probably a cheater, but it was certainly not his fault because the girl was just too boring therefore he can’t be blamed. Moreover there is no need to concentrate on his facial expressions since he is just being “chok” or emotionless most of the time which makes me ZZZZ. It’s the perfect antidote when I’m having insomnia, works every time.

      His singing has also reached a god-like level especially his “Chok” song which earned him the JSG award last year shocked the entire world. The MV is a first class production with superb dancing moves supplemented with appropriate gears. I suppose a good laughter prolongs life and that’s why I’m watching that MV every day in the morning, LOL.

      Due to the brilliance of that song there were created many videos uploaded on Youtube where he received acclaims globally from Stephen Chow, Dayo Wong, Nick Cheung, the Four Heavenly Kings and even Adolf Hitler! Based on the assumption that laughter prolongs life, the cumulative effects of the whole “Chok” franchise has most likely prolonged the life of all the living organisms on the planet by an immeasurable amount of time. That’s why I wish for a chok 2, chok 3…..chok n so many more lives can be saved, haha.

      Furthermore by being a Raymond lover I have put myself in a position where I don’t need to worry about being attacked by hard-core fans on Jaynestars which is such a relief. I can’t imagine how life would be like for those who dare to criticize the chok god for being a plastic face etc. Criticizing Raymond is blasphemy and must be punished. Attack them relentlessly until they admit defeat. Most haters will give up shortly, while some will be bored to death and/or stop replying i.e resignation. You won’t believe how many battles that have been won by employing this strategy, even Sun Tzu would’ve been proud.

      Another trait about Raymond that I love is his ability to fool us fans like little puppets. It’s incredible how he can announce to the public that he is currently single and is looking for the special someone only to have pictures of him in bed with a plastic doll surface on the net the next day, haha. The press conference about the incident where he suddenly starts crying like a baby was priceless and so adorable! No worries Raymond, you are our god so of course we will continue to worship you like brainless zombies no matter what lies you serve us.

      The recent TVB awards made me worship him even more. We fans were 110% certain that he would win BA, miraculously he ate “white fruit” instead. Even so he acted graciously and was sincerely happy for the other winners especially his good sister TY. He didn’t blame that TVB robbed him, but apologized to us fans from the bottom of his heart i.e. telling us not to cause uproar on his behalf.

      Therefore, it’s no mystery that someone who possess such acting, singing and dancing skills which doesn’t belong to this world has accumulated so many fans around the globe. No throughout the universe would be more accurate, yes even extraterrestrial life forms are his fans which make him master of the universe, haha.

      Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to declare my love for Raymond all the sudden I just couldn’t control myself.

      Sigh, if only Nicole would’ve agreed to go on a Raymond concert with me 🙂


      1. Exoidus,
        Thanks for entertaining us with your amusing Raymond Lam essay! 🙂

        “Sigh, if only Nicole would’ve agreed to go on a Raymond concert with me”

        And you have the courage to ask for public date, no wonder Nicole hasn’t responded to your post yet!

      2. Hi exoidus ,

        I’m surprise you a hardcore fan of Raymond, thinking you fan of Kenneth.
        Another reason I’m surprise, I had notice based on your comment dislike Kate Tsui ?

        Everyone knows Raymond and Kate both are very close calling each other brother and sister, Ray invited Kate on his concert as guest performer.

        What make you dislike or hate Kate ?

      3. cloud9,

        I’m surprised that you are surprised after reading my post, LOL

        To make a long story short with regards to Kate:

        – can’t act and sing
        – always tries to seduce Raymond in order to increase her own popularity. Good thing he prefer plastic dolls, lol

    3. pls la. Obviously raymond will have the highest votes no matter how. They do not want to give it to him was because tvb still wanna to use him more. If after gave him, they LF will not have the tendency to act anymore with tvb. and u see he already planned to stop singing for few years after his concert next month. Look at the top 5 la. That one lau chung yan. haha. pls la. He also got fans? seriously? WHy on earth he was in the top 5? ask tvb show out all the proof of every voters WTF. Dont talk nonsense here. You think every aunty will vote for wayne? haha. Raymond will still have the highest vote. TVB suks. If give it to chan hou or other i also wont so angry. This is rubbish!!!!

  11. Well i`m not a big fan of Raymond Lam, but i think he did a great job in Highs and Lows, his acting was good.

    1. I do like watching Raymond’s series but honestly speaking, he overacted to the max in HAL. His acting was horrible esp towards the end.

  12. No need to apologise!!!!You have done your best!!!
    You’ll have a great career in the movies next!!!

  13. lol…shouldnt the fans be apologizing to him? it was all in their hands for him to win. xD

    1. yeh where did all his fans go when he needed them. or maybe too many young fans that were unwilling to give their id and phone number

  14. i bet myolie still loves bosco i smell some jealousy in her answer,i hope its true that bosco is chasing niki,she is so natural and nice.

    1. i’m afraid bosco’s flirty nature will hurt niki in future. oh no…

    2. lol, have you ever been in a relationship? you think it’s so easy to forget someone whom you are in a relationship with for 8 years?

      if you really think Bosco is chasing niki, it means that he can put down someone he was “crying” and talking about how he want to get back with easily after 6 months? You want his reputation as a flirt confirmed don’t you?

      1. @nicole, remember myolie is heartless one the one who dumb him,and whats the big deal to chase another? because he had cried for her doesnt mean that he will be a monk for the rest of his life? no no he isnt flirting, cause he is single now and can chase everyone he want.

      2. nope, it’s only 6 months after his 8 years relationship. lol, have you broken up after such a long relationship? they will need some time to heal, regardless of who it is, unless they are the love them and dump them type.

      3. maybe is niki the one who healed bosco who knows? and now they are probably in love?

      4. wahaha, you are thinking too much.
        might as well say linda and bosco are in love or kate and bosco are in love. gosh.

    3. LMAO. What jealousy? Myolie was asked about sharing the stage with bosco and not about the bosco niki rumours.

      According to tabloids, after bosco and myolie broke up, myolie was chased by nancy’s ex boyfriend kenneth and now bosco is dating kevin’s ex girlfriend niki. More exciting than what we see in dramas.

      1. Okay I didn’t see the second part, but still can’t find any jealousy in her reply.

        Anyway, I feel both of them are still awkward with each other from how bosco tried to avoid standing next to myolie during the awards. Or maybe he just didn’t want to give the reporters a chance to create more stories.

      2. @9394967 those are some of the many rumours that appeared after the break up.

      3. I can’t sense it too. Maybe you have extraordinary powers that I don’t. What ‘many rumours’ are there that allow you to ‘sense’ that Myolie is jealous?

    4. Myolie is probably over it already as she can now talk about it. Before, she would just give no comment to the reporters.

  15. It’s a lie that Raymond said that he is not sad. I think everyone would be sad when they don’t win in any nomination. It’s normal/natural thing to be sad when we don’t get what we want.

    I like all of them: Damian, Kevin, Wayne, Kenneth, and Raymond Lam. So, any of them win, I am happy for him. I think out of Wayne, Kenneth, and Raymond Lam’s role, Wayne’s role is more difficult to portray. I compared three of their roles because their roles are hype for Best Actor Award.

    Wayne has received three Best Actor Awards for all of his roles in ancient drama series.

  16. Respect Raymond for being good loser, to the extend apologies to his fans.

    Is not easy, especially he being rated “HOT FAVORITE” to win because of his Big Fan Base in Hong Kong, even Tavia at Malaysia AOD Awards call Raymond onto stage when she received award.

    Wondering how many actor/actress console Ray for not winning anything?

    I notice Kate talk to him at the end of the ceremony where everyone mingle around TV King and TV Queen.

    1. Yeah, nice of her to wrap her arm around his shoulder and shake him – assuming to make him feel better. Haha, cute.

      1. he attended celebratory dinner of his good friend, Kate..both of them call each other Brother and Sister
        Good luck to both of them next year 2013

    2. hongkong-singer actor raymond lam ‘bedroom photo’ saga has taken a new turn after ex-girlfriend chinese model mavis pan revealed that she broke up with lam after discovering he was cheating on her, reported hong kong media, “we actually broke up on march 9, we were in a hotel in beijing when i discovered things on his cell phone of him with another girl, that was when i told him i wanted to break up, but he never said he wanted to break up with me,” pan told hong kong media over the weekend; adding that she suspected lam dated as many as three other woman behind her back. ” a lot of media reports say lam had trusted the wrong person, i actually feel i was the one who met the wrong person”

  17. I think Raymond is humble to apologize to his fans for supporting him but he didn’t get Best Actor Award. Also, Raymond is a good speaker and how to talk to people. It is smart of Raymond to say sorry to his fans and others will know that he has good sportmanship.

    1. I remember reading in Kenneth’s interview last month or so. He did mention that he is not good at social/networking like Raymond. So, Raymond definitely knows how to win everyone’s hearts.

      1. I remember that interview but I don’t like how Kenneth said it. He was hinting that Raymond move up the ladder because of social connection.

      2. i agree with lynn, i think raymond is a player.. mavis pan shuang shuang, fang fang ( she’s in her 20’s ) fr xiamen china, rose chan, wen ya fr hunan

  18. Honestly his acting skill still needs to be polished before the award comes. Having a base fanbase means you are popular but it does not give a direct relationship to the acting skill.

    Nevertheless his effort in becoming a serious actor is noted and appreciated. If he keeps on improve in his acting skill, the award may come to him eventually.

    Being sad is normal. Come on, who does not want to have award? Afterall this is the actor’s annual review.

    1. yup, he needs to brush up his acting. he was overshadowed by Kenneth in 3KingdomRPG & he overacted in HAL. I couldn’t stand him & was paying attention to Michael Miu’s scenes only.

      1. If Ray sees your comment how torturing for you to watch HAL, he properly quit acting and concentrate on singing.ROFL

    1. Agree. Felt so disappointed and heart pain for him. He really deserves something this year for his good performance.

  19. LF has always regarded awards as a bonus. He truly loves his work as a singer and actor. While all his Honeys are sad that he did not win this time, LF is still around to entertain us. He knows how much his Honeys adore him, support him and love him. That is why he still works hard in his trade for our sake. Stand tall and be proud LF. You have many grateful fans who appreciate all that you do! LF lights up our lives!!! LF Love FUNG!

    1. Totally agree with you. LOVE Raymond…just want him to keep focus on his concert coming up…his drama in China…his movie…he can do better…wait for him to get a bigger award outside of TVB…all his fans…leave him some encourage word in TVB.com…LOVE him and support him…

    2. Really like how you said. Ya, we will all continue to support LF, not only in acting and also his singing career.

  20. I am not a huge fan of Raymond (however I ama RayMic Fan). I always want the most talented actor to get it each year, that is why I never really rooted for Raymond for the past year since I always thought there was someone more supreme then him. I understand that Wayne Lai is a great actor, without any denial however I am not surprised why Raymond fan are upset and why people think this is a fix. I mean technically speaking, since this year is a vote, Raymond looks like the winner. Raymond fan are younger and he has, I would say more fans then Wayne. Wayne appeals to the older generation then the young and older generation is not good at technology as the younger so they are less likely to vote so Raymond with more fans and more people who know how to vote will vote for him? I want Raymond to get it this year because I feel this year he truly deserves the award after 13 years. Correct me if I am wrong, maybe the older generation in Hong Kong are very hip and know alot about technology.

    1. I’m sure the older generation know how to pick up a phone… Whether they care enough to do so is another thing.

      1. I understand that Wayne is good actor…he deserve the award…but the voting is really a joke…it is not way Wayne get more vote then Raymond…most of the other poll has Raymond be TV King…also…Raymond also has a lot mid-age fans too, not just 16 years old fans…I am 40 and I like Raymond!

      2. hongkong star raymond lam spotted in hotel with china starlet/tv host wen ya (hunan)

    2. Agree with GL. I am 40 plus, and I like Raymond. I know that he has fans from teenage to even 60 plus.

    1. me too, didn’t like the way he apologised for not winning.. he’s implying he’s a better actor than wayne

      1. Raymond apologized because all of the fans that voted for him were extremely disappointed. It does not mean that he implied that he is a better actor. The system was based on fans’ votes and opinions, rather than on acting skill of the actors.

      2. only young silly girls will vote for him so he’s apologising to them to fish for more votes the next round

      3. crying for what? them silly girls again, did he pay them to cry? that rascal haha

      4. @cfy a gentleman would not make use of young girls to get a best actor title which leads to the lucrative sponsor fees

      5. Oh so you mean all those actors who make use of their fans to vote are not gentleman also? I believe Kenneth will also have fans of age 16. I read in a report that Wayne gave supermarket vouchers to pull votes also.

  21. I had a feeling Raymond will not win although I wished he did. Some say why would TVB rig the awards against him – my thoughts is looking at Kevin Cheng, I do believe once LF gets it, he will move on. So long as he hasn’t got this one, he will stay. I am not saying that they rigged but if they did, there is a motive.

    Ppl are saying how can it be rigged with auditors, ICAC and all. Quite posiible because there is a manual category, one can do a manual call. They can rig it before registering it into the system, to the auditors, the numbers will still be clean. Maybe that is what happened with Charmaine. My view is they kept WHB as consistent with the polls outside to prove that even the low ratings series if gotten the highest vote will be honored to cover for the BAs.

    Anyways, I never believe the guy with most fans wins, with every one fan vote you will have 4-5 of their family members vote against because their idolisation annoys the people close to them. I hated Leon Lai because my mother loved him sometimes I felt she did more than her own children.

    However, the hardest part for any person is to have his hopes stashed high even when he hadn’t hoped as much and have it come crashing down but I am impressed with Raymond, he took it gracefully so far and I believe he is relieved he lost to Wayne and not Kenneth. Anyway, this is one award he couldn’t bag but he has had many other wins and losses too. I bet he is enjoying the attention nonetheless.

    To apologise to his fans is to take responsibility for the loss. Good on him!

  22. I also do not believe, the Best Actor Awards is given to the Best Actor and not Popularity. Of course there are reasons why a person is popular and should be credited for but looking at the past, how did Kong Wah not get a BA award while people like Louis Koo can, Bowie Lam, Bobby Au. He can be the monk, the King, goodie, baddie, effeminite, manly and have great looks. In my heart he is the BEST to the point none of the past BAs can perform his roles as well even Gallen – can’t imagine him as Tong Cheng.

    So, if Raymond did win instead of the BEST (Wayne, Damien) what is so wrong? However if he did win, the backlash towards him will be worse than now. So if it’s his it will be his, if not then not.

  23. As an LF fan myself, I admit I felt disappointed that he didn’t win but at least it was to Wayne who everyone knows is a top-notch actor so no hard feelings there. LF did his best and all of us fans will continue to support him no matter what. Go LF!

    1. Totally, I am Raymond’s fans…I feel a bit better it is Wayne win instead of Kenneth win…(Don’t be mad Kenneth’s fans)…Honestly..Wayne act really in King level…But Kenneth is not… If you think Raymond’s act is not in King level, so is Kenneth…although he is a hard working actor…

  24. There is always backlash against LF every time he wins any award. People are so jealous of his popularity, handsome good looks, his multi talents AND his loyal Honeys. How can they claim LF being the ‘favorite’ son at TVB when he never got Best
    Actor after all these years. No big deal. LF already received recognition in 2008 as Asia’s youngest TV King in his role in ‘Master of Tai Chi’!!!
    He always says his Honeys is his greatest motivation and he works hard to please us and repay us for our loyalty. What a prince!
    His Honeys will always be there to cheer him on, share in his pain and support him in anyway. His Honeys are worldwide!
    Counting the days to partying with LF at his three concert dates in January! Love FUNG!

    1. Yes…let’s continues support him…all his fans around the world…really really really hope one day he has outstanding performance on movie…go for Asia Filming award or HK Filming award…(higher value than the TVB award!!!)…LOVE you Raymond

  25. Great answers, Raymond!!! And yes, why not a collaboration with Wayne? TVB, do it!

  26. Raymond, Kate, Mandy and other artists celebrated with Virginia Lok. It is obvious that Virginia likes Raymond and Kate the most.

    1. Great to see that Mandy and Raymond celebrate together…they has the same management…so good to see them as friend…because i LOVE them both..

    2. yeah, virginia little pets, virginia controlling tvb and all.. would not be good at all for the company in the long run

  27. I just prefer the old way of giving awards. Those at the top have the greater say. The present system is just not “dignified” and just. People just vote for their favourite actor regardless of their acting. They think Raymond should have won, but compared with Wayne he is just nowhere. I would have liked Kenneth to have won as he did so well in the Hippocratic Oath, but he too does not come up to the mark compared with Wayne. I think TVB should reconsider reverting to the old system.

    1. that’s right p.tan, don’t know why some girls are crazy over him.. no other choice? or his acting out of screen is better than on screen.. i don’t like this fake man, no wonder kenneth mentioned that he is not gifted with the ability to pull votes like raymond, reminds me of a politician

    2. haha. pls la. Same like politician. They is no right or wrong. Only have winner and loser. Just like only have richer and poorer example u poor. hehe. What to do. Even u so hardworking so what? still couldnt afford to drive bmw 5 series.
      LF is lovely and people love him so what. That’s his advantage. Wayne no matter can act how fking terrible also is useless. And obviously raymond will have the highest votes. They just give it to wayne so wayne will work hard to tvb like a mad cow. And raymond has no lost ,he still having the largest fans base and richest in tvb. Look at lau chung yan la. He also got fans to vote him until top 5? stop kidding man. haha. Obviously the old system is still there. New system just a fake up. Stupid!!!

  28. Personally if they don’t sign Koo Ming Wah, it’ll be their loss …

  29. bosco still like myolie, and she still likes him. both are just avoiding each other. bosco do smth if you want her back. 🙁 hope you guys can be back together. and is kenneth even chasing myolie?

  30. huh? if myolie still likes bosco, she would not be avoiding him? it’s better for bosco to focus on other things in life rather than no myolie, better not dwell on the past and hurtful present life, maybe he can get some peace by going to a charismatic pentecostal church?

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