Raymond Lam is Feuding With Virginia Lok?

Reports that Raymond Lam (林峯) is leaving TVB may contain some truth as the star has been burning his bridges in not-so-subtle ways. Although both parties remain vague about Raymond’s future at the company, latest reports suggest that Raymond has distanced himself from his long-time mentor, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲). Some sources even claim that Raymond is intentionally rebelling against Ms. Lok, ignoring her phone calls and publicly aligning himself instead with girlfriend Karena Ng’s (吳千語) management company.

Since he lost the TV King title during last year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Raymond has been allegedly upset with TVB and publicly threatened the company by announcing his plans to return to the family business at post-award interviews. Since then, Raymond has focused mostly on his many side projects, filming several mainland dramas and continuing to pursue his music career. While TVB was confident that Raymond would renew his management contract, his behavior seems rather contradictory. Most recently, Raymond volunteered to guest star alongside Karena in her upcoming film produced by Raymond Wong Bak Ming (黃百鳴), who is Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) box-office rival during the Lunar New Year film race.

On September 14, Raymond and Karena made a high-profile appearance at the wedding of Raymond’s son Edmond Wong (黃子桓) and Carmen Cheng (鄭嘉敏), who is Karena’s manager. The two arrived at the event together and remained in the lobby for some time as they viewed the wedding displays. The couple attracted much attention at the event and they happily posed for many photos together. Raymond was often seen gently supporting Karena, keeping a hand on her waist as he guided her along. The two sat together at the banquet table, and at one point, took photos with a cute little boy sitting nearby. Raymond radiated fatherly love and many say that the three looked like a loving family. Raymond later took the stage and belted out his rendition of David Tao’s (陶喆) “Love is Simple” <愛很簡單> and wowed the crowd with his good spirits and high energy.

Virginia Lok also attended the wedding, although she was seated far away from the happy couple. Despite being at the same event, Raymond did not greet nor exchange words with Ms. Lok. A source suggested that Raymond may have behaved in a high-profile manner to annoy the TVB executive. The source stated, “Virginia Lok has always disapproved of Raymond dating Karena. Plus, Karena is an artist under Raymond Wong’s company. Ms. Lok wanted Raymond to maintain a low profile to avoid generating noise for Wong’s company….”

Other sources also revealed that Raymond has become distanced from his own manager as well. “Mother Candy (Raymond’s manager) doesn’t like BB (Karena) because she comes in between the two and manipulates Raymond, causing [Raymond and Candy]’s relationship to deteriorate. Raymond has always planned to start a company with Mother Candy, but [after all of this] he may change his mind at any minute.”

Besides his manager, Raymond also allegedly had plans to recruit good friend Kate Tsui (徐子珊) to join his film production and talent management company. A source revealed, “Raymond and Kate share the same manager. They are very good friends. Raymond wanted her to join his new company, and Kate agreed to signing with him after her contract ends. Recently however, Kate changed her mind and says she wants to remain at TVB. She feels that it is more advantageous to stay at TVB. There aren’t very many first-line fadans left nowadays. Fala Chen (陳法拉) has left. Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) have already won TV Queen. Kate feels that now she has a very high chance. This messed up Raymond’s plans, so of course he is angry!”

Kate seemed unaware of Raymond’s future plans when reporters reached out to her regarding these allegations. When asked if she is hoping to win the TV Queen title by staying at TVB, Kate said, “I have said this to Ah Gor [her nickname for Raymond] privately, I will stick with Ms. Lok no matter where she goes because she really watches out for me!” Kate also emphasized that winning TV Queen and renewing her contract are two separate matters.

Reporters also contacted Raymond regarding his possible business venture, though Raymond denied the claims. When asked if he is currently in talks regarding his contract renewal, Raymond revealed that no one has contacted him for negotiations and jokingly asked if he should feel worried. Asked if he will for renew with TVB, Raymond replied hesitantly, “I am not sure. I don’t know what my future plans are. I haven’t thought about whether I will renew my contract or not. My family also wants me to return home and help out. I will have to discuss this with my family!”

Source: Oriental Sunday #823 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. this news is somewhat suspicious, probably exaggerating. LOOL.

    And if he does leave, well, good luck to tvb. 😛

  2. OMG don’t tease me! This better be true cus he needs to get the steppin away from my TV screen forever.

  3. this is interesting how ‘loyal’ she is to virginia. tv queen this year? When asked if she is hoping to win the TV Queen title by staying at TVB, Kate said, “I have said this to Ah Gor [her nickname for Raymond] privately, I will stick with Ms. Lok no matter where she goes because she really watches out for me!”

    1. IKR it seems like a kiss up so she wins TVB QUEEN so her name will be worth more. IDK about you guys but do you notice that girl actress fa das get a lot more series to do then men actors sui sungs. And only Moyile and Tavia won TVB QUEEN so far and no younger Sui sung has won one yet.I bet if Kate add on to her TVB contract and does not leave TVB she will be the next TVB QUEEN this year.

  4. There is trend is reports now a days. It shifts from dramatic, overly dramatic and exaggerating, then straight up uncertainty…that should be a hint to all readers.

  5. I don’t blame Raymond Lam if he felt angry at TVB for not winning TV King award last year. There was no strong competitor for TV King award and he really had a good chance to win it if he had strong support from TVB.

    1. He signed 1 year only, of course cant compete with ppl who signed 5 years. And ppl who had 5 year length apparently had the awards last years :p.

      1. Poor Raymond Lam, but he has been a management-contract artiste with TVB for over 10 years.

      2. Right! I think Wayne Lai signed another contract with TVB just around the anniversary.

      3. Yeah, 14 years, not 10. In 14 years he signed in total 6 contracts, longest is just 5 years when he started. Clearly not too obedient like others who signed 8, 11 or 13 years. Now he turns each year each contract, so of course the 5 year ones are loved by Txb more.

      4. But I felt like Micael Miu took Raymonds spot light his role was better and his acting tbh. And Raymond doesn’t do much series a year so he lost some of the votes like that plus the contract thing. I think for the top 5 TVB KING Raymond was number 5 or 4 and I wasn’t surprised.

      5. Nah the votes weren’t the matter. Txb hardly minds. They changed the vote of LF once, they can repeat such with no difference. Anyone really see the accounted votes last year?

        And even a big flop like SSSS can have winner, it tells how the system really worked. Fans are fans, LF has less series in a year dun mean he disappears in the eyes of audiences for them to forget him. Last year he even had 2, more than all other years.

        And it isnt coincident when all signed 5 years won. Michael Tse is a similar case to LF, btw.

    2. I am not sure if he is angry, but maybe a bit disappointed. However, I felt that maybe he got over it since he probably realized how worthless the TVB awards seem to be.

      1. Wrong my friend When you get TVB KING OR QUEEN you name is worth more and you get more famous. Plus you get bonus amount of money too and to your contract.

      2. Well, it has been said that LF receives the salary for TV King few years already, and he is now the only managed contractual actor who can choose script to act and only one series per year with Txb. If he signs a new one with Txb, the conditions will be even more flexible to him. But the highest salary in Txb only worth 1/10 an eps of series he is filming in China (500-600k/eps). So having the Txb King or not, wont affect him much. He also has his music career as backup.

        Btw, he set his goal out of Txb already, so he dun mind the Txb king anymore. Txb on the other hand still mind him. The spokesperson of Txb still has to say that LF no series, wont compete this year’s Txb king in recent news about the award :p.

    3. Honestly, Raymond is not that talented in acting at all, not saying he can’t act, but his acting needs improvements. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of facial expressions. His acting is really stiff. Thank God he did not get the tv king award

      1. Yea his acting has went down cause he doesn’t do that much series any more. And Michael Miu took his spot light. I felt Michael did a better job and felt he should have won TVB KING.

      2. I feel otherwise. He filmed too many series recently. In 10 months 3 series. The good thing that those 3 are different genres. Better no series and more movies. No Txb series is the best.

  6. I like Raymond and all. I’m not saying this because I like him but last year was so obvious TVB politics wins over anything. I never believed in these so called ‘audience votes’ because any IT genius can rig them easy. Look at Korean music shows… Well lets not go there since that’s a whole different level of rigged-ness.

    Anyways, last year’s award ceremony thing was just bad. Very bad. No one voted into the top 5 was deserving of any awards, female and male. Nothing against their acting, just their roles weren’t even captivating. I don’t think any of the characters that were voted in the top 5 were awards worthy…

    1. I never believed in these so called ‘audience votes’ because any IT genius can rig them easy.
      Totally agree. If Wayne Lai’s portrayal of Li Lin Ying was more convincing, I could have accepted his winning more.

      1. Also best acting should not be judged by general audience. It should be judged by a panel of professionals.

      2. These TVB awards have lost their meaning years ago already, so it is nothing new. They often give it to whoever they want to give to rather than give it to the ones that truly deserve it. Therefore, you really wonder if it means anything to win these awards at all??

      3. I agree with you HeTieShou. It would mean a lot to those receiving it because getting the awards would give them more money in making dramas. Therefore, everyone is kind of competing for the award, yes, I would say even years ago, TVB has never been fair. They often give to those they want to promote so once you see which artists stand in front, you’ll know these are the ones that they’re promoting & out of them one of them will be getting the awards.

      4. If the system was rigged last year (which I’m more inclined to believe), Wayne’s just the “safe” choice; he has the audience on his side. (Not from that bleh performance in The Confidant though…) The other option was Kenneth and he’d potentially have Raymond fans raging on him, especially as it was set up to be a Kenneth vs Raymond war. And not handing it to Raymond would save him – and TVB – from the inevitable backlash. Now THAT would be all hell breaks loose compared to the minor complaints we got last year after Raymond’s loss.

    2. It’s true the performances last year were sub par but tbh the writing is that bad. And awards have to be handled out every year so you pick the best out of mediocre performances, I guess.

      I do think it was stupid of TVB to not give Ray the award to at least placate him. Wayne already had two or three? One more won’t make a difference in either loyalty or market value. Granted, I don’t think the TV King award will make a difference to Ray’s market value either but he obviously want it quite bad and has somewhat paid his dues.

      Honestly, not sure if there’s any truth to this article at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays – or leave TVB. Though I very much doubt it has anything to do with Karena.

    3. Yea they do rig the votes and they don’t tell you how much voteS each sui sung gets. NO WAY wayne shoould have won his 3rd time they might make him win his 4th time so he becomes the next Gallen Lo and beats Gallen LO.

  7. I don’t think he’s on bad terms with the company at all and nor was he that upset about the awards like his fans are and how the media made him to be. Honestly I found him the more appropriate winner for last year out of the rest of the candidates especially Wayne. I actually thought the real competition was either him or Kenneth but after I saw Kenneth grabbed that Favorite Character Award I knew he wouldn’t get it. Wayne’s win was a shock to me, his performance wasn’t anything outstanding, I just didn’t see what the fuss was all about it was just Wayne being Wayne again. Happy sir is probably one of his best roles, even though the character was inconsistent at times especially being so in love with Kate’s character but still he was worthy of that award. If he were to leave, it would be the company’s lost as he is about one of the few leading actors that can actually act. Leaving only Bosco as the remaining talented one among his peers that debuted the same time as him. Then again I know he wouldn’t stick around much longer, he have other priorities to worry about. They need him but he doesn’t need them.

    1. It’s exactly because they need him more than he needs them that it shocked me they didn’t give it to him. That’s the only reason why I think he could have reason to be upset – though I doubt it’s as exaggerated as the media makes it out to be.

      Seriously, who is left of the younger generation to lead? Bosco and Ron, I guess. I don’t count Kenneth in that generation and he’s not really the type with an idol following. TVB can always make up for the older generation by luring back some old artists but the young generation is lacking. There’s a significant gap (of market value) between an established artist like Ray, Bosco etc. to the new faces like Him Law, Vincent etc.

      1. Right, on the younger generation lead I only mentioned Bosco because Ron still have a lot of work to do and his roles have been very limited in his career. I don’t count Kenneth as that generation either, he didn’t start out leading until after more than 10 years of the industry and he’s a few years older than the latter two. True there is a lack of the young generation actors, even the youngest leading one Bosco is in his early thirties. Him is not a contracted artist, and Vincent and Oscar are already in their thirties. The rest seems past that stage like Ruco and Edwin, I don’t see much potential in the current male actors who are in their 20’s but then again there isn’t much.

      2. They definitely don’t have any strong, capable lead actors in their 20s. That said, TVB don’t necessarily need that since they don’t have leading actresses in that generation either. And nobody minds older guys/younger female pairings anyway. But the early 30s to mid 30s is lacking because you only have Ray’s generation which is like Bosco and Ray. Even guys like Ruco and Edwin, Raymond Wong are mid 30s+. It’s not a problem that Vincent, Oscar etc. are already in their 30s, the problem is that they don’t have enough lead experience.

      3. It’s not a problem to us but it is for that company, they hardly spend much time on artistes who are in their mid 30’s.

  8. If this piece of news is real, great for him. Best to go do what his heart desires. You live for yourself anyways and time is limited, your golden years only last so long.You cannot live life by TVB of VL or Candy Ma. If you fail you can always fall back on family business, you you succeed then you will have widen your horizon beyond years of repetitious life at TVB.

    He does not owe TVB anything, it’s business and TVB has made a lot from him too. Even if all these collabs with other companies now etc. TVB definitely has a cut so long as he is their contracted artistes. Looking at Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Gallen Lo etc. why after a while they flare up negatively with TVB and then leave because TVB manipulates and takes them for granted once they are successful. The person I really admire most is Kevin Cheng, just go do whatever he wants even now as TVB artiste and he too is opening his own production company. Why he can, Raymond cannot?

    1. I agree too. If this is real, it’s the best for Raymond since he found TVB can’t fullfill his wishes anymore. Maybe he has become too big for TVB now and it’s nothing new that a staff wanted to venture out and fall out with a mentor over conflicts. I hope Raymond doesn’t think too much about the Best Actor award loss.

      1. It doesnt seem he actually cares for that award, but he wants to win it eventually to have an ending for the annual rumours that he would have it. However after last year, he knew Txb wouldn’t give it to him for watever he did for them, so he dun have an eye on it anymore. He set his goal in movie now.

        In.recent interview, he said tat his career in TV field came to an end, while his movie path has just started, which make his aim clearer. Even if he wont never win Txb’s best actor, I doubt he would mind anymore.

  9. Why is so much animosity towards Wayne in this site. While I agree that Wayne can’t act as professionals for example in FH3 and BB, but I still think Wayne’s acting is still better than other nominees last year for the eunuch character. It might not be Wayne’s best work but I think between Wayne, Kenneth, Raymond last year, Wayne acted the best. The competition was just weak. Michael Miu did a great job in HAL, why wasn’t he nominated?

    1. Different opinion, I just didn’t feel Wayne giving the role his all and even he said so himself that he didn’t do so well. The character he played wasn’t much different from the characters he won the last two awards from. None of the top 5 last year were deserving but Raymond was the most worthy contender fort hat category, it would of been more appropriate for him to take home the award. Michael was nominated he just didn’t entered the top 5, Raymond overshadowed him in the series which is why he got a spot but Michael didn’t.

      1. I don’t think Raymond outshine Michael Miu at all. Raymond just receives more promotion from TVB. If someone is outshining others, it’s Ben Wong who outshines both Raymond and Michael Miu. Raymond initially showed a glimpse of hope and difference at the beginning of HAL, but after a few episodes he’s back to the same forlorn love sick Raymond Lam. Ben Wong shows consistency and dominance until the finale.

        Wayne might be outshined by Power Chan, but I still think between the acting of Wayne in TC, Kenneth in THC, and Raymond in HAL, Wayne is still the best one among them although it was one of his mediocre work. Simply no competition.

      2. Eh Ben had a really bad written character in HAL, Raymond outshine Michael because he showed a new approach to his character. Michael was inconsistent at times, but Happy sir was the one that was inconsistent not Raymond.

        It’s just how I feel, I know people who loved Wayne in that series but I didn’t. Edwin was great in there in my opinion, he did a better job than Wayne with his character. I just don’t think he should of won an award for that particular character. Again no one really deserved it last year.

      3. Very often the supporting artistes outshine the lead artistes in any drama series, such as Ben Wong vs. Michael Miu and Raymond Lam in “Highs and Lows”; and Power Chan vs. Wayne Lai in “The Confidant”; Elena Kong vs. Tavia Yeung in “SSSS”; Elena Kong vs. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee in “Beauty Knows No Pain”.

      4. Edwin was great in there in my opinion, he did a better job than Wayne with his character. I just don’t think he should have won an award for that particular character.
        Agree. All the top eunuchs did better in “The Confidant” than Wayne Lai, such as Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong Edwin Siu and Elliot Ngok, unfortunately.

    2. Personally I don’t think Wayne Lai acted well in “The Confidant” though he did very well in his other award winning series, i.e. “Rosy Business”, and “No Regrets”. Power Chan outshone him in “The Confidant” by miles.

      You are right though that “the competition was just weak”.

    3. In terms of portraying the characters for Best Actor award, Wayne Lai definitely didn’t act his best as Li Lin Ying. His character was not impressive at all as an eunuch. He acted like a minister or general in “The Confidant”, not like an eunuch to me.

      In general, Wayne’s acting can be the best among Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma, but for the Best Actor award in 2012, he was not the best actor for the character that he portrayed.

      1. A good actor may not excel in every single character that he acts. A good example: Raymond Lam did not act well in “3 Kingdoms RPG”.

      2. 3K also contains Ma Ming and he provided only one thing: OTT.

        Wayne has his peak, and a dip, but Confidant wasnt his peak. Btw, Wayne is involving in a new netizens war for a Chinese best actor award when his online vote suddenly soared in one days for millions. It makes him from 3% to 19% in magical way. And if count the votes from HK, it cant reach to 1/10 of the number of votes Txb announced last year. So its a new drama to watch.

      3. None of the leads in 3K did very well including Tavia and Kenneth. It was just a bad script.

      4. Ruco Chan and Pierre Ngo were the best actors in “3 Kingdoms RPG”, but they only had minor supporting roles.

        Kenneth Ma still did better than Raymond Chan in “3 Kingdoms RPG”, though not great. Raymond Chan’s character was supposed to be a very smart guy, but he did not act like a smart genius at all. It was his bad acting, not just the script.

      5. Agree that Tavia Yeung also did badly in “3 Kingdoms RPG”. In fact, Leung Ka-ki as Huang Yueying (黄月英), Chukot Leung’s wife, acted a lot better than Tavia Yeung.

      6. Kenneth was the worst actor of the series, he just wasn’t funny like how they wanted him to be.

      7. I rmb I posted somewhere about same topic of acting in 3K. However its own opinions. Well I find Ma Ming too OTT, no eye acting, always pout and dont get why they let him sing in that series. I find Ruco cant get to any feel of Chow Yu like Tony Leung did. I forgot Pierre until you remind. The best one I can rmb was Lee Shing Cheung. The themesong as someone mentioned is something not bad in such. I ignored/fast-forward most scenes whenever I saw Ma Ming + his love interest because its too OTT about that Vincent role.

        Overall, 3k is good for nothing. I watched it because I like LF, Kaki and the supportings but I have to quit and cant reach to an end. Lucky me because the end is all about Vincent. Its too krap. However after I know that 3K’s script was changed in order to boost Catherine Tsang’s beloved children, I can get why. Bad edition anyway.

  10. However I dun think he will open his own ent company. He may leave Txb, but not to open a new company.

    1. who cares he is leaving tvb? he isnt that hot anymore.he looks so old now.

      1. wht u talking about,33 old?then wht about andy and all in the movie?

      2. no wonder because tvb is a club for oldies,almost all lead actors are 40+ and 50+,lolz.

    1. Jacky chan please use your real name you coward.please get lost

    2. Lol his name can be Jacky Chan I seen people name Jacky Chen before. The famous star is called Jackie Chan.

  11. got u ,i think if u join tvb ,they will get the most flop of drama of the year haha

  12. Tvb might have taken Raymond for a ride and made Raymond think he will get tv king Raymond doesn’t need it u don’t need the award to be a good actor and make big money outside the award is a bonus

  13. Recently I was watching one of raymond’s older drama, he honestly looked very much different. If you were to ask me, I honestly feel he has undergone plastic surgery on his nose & eyes.

    1. Raymond Lam looks different now. His face is definitely narrower.

    2. Yea Raymond Lam looks a lot differnt in his older series I didn’t belive it was Raymond lam when I saw A step in the past. Until my friend looked up the info and got colse up pictures to show me.

  14. I seriously couldn’t care less if he is leaving. He stinks at acting and singing.

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