Raymond Lam On Filming “Show Me” Music Video

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Raymond Lam On Filming “Show Me” Music Video

A few months back, Raymond Lam (林峯) traveled back to South Korea to shoot his second music video with Korean director Jang Jae-hyuk (張宰赫). The music video for “Show Me”, which is the second plug off of Raymond’s upcoming Cantonese album, was released as a digital single on February 3, 2016.

LF show me 1“Show Me” is a pop song of the trip-hop genre. The music video, which was partially filmed in a golf club in Seoul, follows the song’s fast-paced characteristic by incorporating intricate dance choreography helmed by American dancer Christopher Martin. Raymond learned the choreography through video, sharing, “This dance is completely different from the dances I did before. The choreography is very intricate and intensive. I would feel like I’d just worked out for half an hour after dancing it once.”

LF show me 2Needless to say, the dance choreography was one of the most tiring and painful things to shoot for the “Show Me” music video. Drenched in their own sweat, Raymond and his dancers danced so much that they started to cry out in pain halfway into filming, which fooled the staff into believing that Raymond had injured himself. Upon realizing that Raymond was only complaining about the hard dancing, everyone relaxed and laughed.

LF show me 3 But dancing wasn’t the only challenge for Raymond that day. In one scene from the music video, Raymond sits on a sofa while being surrounded by 25 sexy Korean models, all begging for his attention. But Raymond is disinterested, and politely rejects all of them in the end.

When Raymond asked the director how he should approach the rejection, the director said, “Well… this is actually my very first time doing a scene like this!” Raymond then immediately replied with a laugh, “Me too!”

LF show me 4To calm his nerves, Raymond downed two glasses of whiskey before shooting the scene. Director Jang said afterwards, “In my next music video with Raymond I’ll make sure to prepare some alcohol.”

“Show Me”, which was released as a digital single on February 3, is the second plug off of Raymond’s upcoming studio album. The first plug was the dance pop song “Heart Attack”, released on December 1, 2015.

“Heart Attack” and “Show Me” are the tie-up songs for Raymond’s upcoming concert tour Heart Attack, which commences with three shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum from April 29 to May 1, 2016.

“Show Me” MV First Teaser

“Show Me” MV Second Teaser

Making Of “Show Me”

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