Raymond Lam Postpones Wedding

By on November 27, 2019 in NEWS

Raymond Lam Postpones Wedding

Earlier, it was revealed that Raymond Lam (林峯), 39, and his girlfriend Carina Zhang (張馨月), 29, officially filed for marriage registration at the beginning of last October. The lovebirds reportedly planned to get married on Raymond’s 40th birthday, December 8, so he canceled his birthday celebration with his fans. However, it is speculated that the current tension in Hong Kong prompted the couple to reschedule their big day. Even so, the duo appears unaffected by the change.

Although Carina is not officially Mrs. Lam yet, she already moved in with Raymond at his luxury home in Pok Fu Lam. Recently, the couple was seen leaving their love nest to visit a nearby doctor in Causeway Bay. They left the clinic after an hour, and Raymond held her hand while walking to their car.

Afterward, the couple went to Central, where Carina looked at makeup. Raymond was by her side the whole time and gave his input from time to time. Finally, he paid for the goods, and they left with Raymond carrying the shopping bag. Their last stop before returning home was at a restaurant that specializes in braised beef brisket noodle soup.

The next day, reporters caught Raymond on his way to work out in Sai Wan. A reporter asked him if he was getting married on December 8, and Raymond said no.

Source: Yahoo

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  • 7 comments to Raymond Lam Postpones Wedding

    1. foodie says:

      Well, if they officially filed for marriage registration then they are both legally married and she is Mrs Lam. That is in the eyes of the law.

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      • xrc56 replied:

        @foodie are you chinese? for chinese if not official wedding ceremony, people wont call you as mrs. thats the tradition. of course in the eyes of law then its different.

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        • hetieshou replied:

          It is not just a Chinese thing,but it is like that in many Asian cultures. It is true that they do not consider a couple married if the official ceremony and banquet has not occurred yet. I have a cousin that held a ceremony and banquet so they are considered married by our family, but they are not legally married on paper which is important as well.

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        • foodie replied:

          @hetieshou Yap, in fact in a case of any separation, death of a party etc, without the official paper, this “marriage” is not valid in the the eyes of the law. And such cases will be dealt with as such.
          So Raymond and his wife is officially married. They have just not gone thru a traditional ceremony.

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        • hetieshou replied:

          I agree and I think being legally married on paper is more important. I find it sad that many devalue marriage these days without realizing how important it is to be married legally on paper. There are many things that you cannot do in many situations if you are not legally married which can mean life and death in some cases. In some cases like signing important documents like health consent forms which make or break a life, you have to be legally married to your spouse on paper or else you would not be qualified to sign it. This is why the LBGT community fight so hard for the right to marry while Heterosexual couples take that already given right for granted.

          Just going through the ceremony is more for family customs, culture and to introduce your spouse to family and friends. But sadly it does not mean you are legally married.

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        • foodie replied:

          @xrc56 “Official” is what the law acknowledged Anyone can have wedding ceremonies, but unlike it is registered it is not official.
          Are you a Child?

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      • anoninhk replied:

        @foodie They have between 14 days and 3 months from the date of filing to actually register for their marriage. If they don’t do it during this time-frame, they’ll have to file again.

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