Raymond Lam Throws Princess Party for Karena Ng’s 21st Birthday

Turning 21 years old on October 27, Karena Ng (吳千語) was delighted by boyfriend Raymond Lam‘s (林峯) surprise birthday party. Raymond enjoys indulging Karena like a princess and often lavishes her with generous gifts. The celebration had a fitting princess theme, with the cake featuring Cinderella’s castle and dining area decorated with pink “glass” slippers.

Planning the celebration for three months, Raymond booked a private party at Hong Kong’s exclusive The Krug Room. Accommodating only twelve guests at a time, the French restaurant offers a custom-tailored menu in which the chef’s food preparation can be observed through a window in the dining area. The restaurant caters to the most elite clients, with culinary services starting at $120,000 HKD.

Due to the restaurant’s small capacity, Raymond only invited Karena’s closest friends to the intimate dinner. Adding to the memorable atmosphere, the food was meticulously prepared and entrees were served inside jewelry boxes. Edible desserts in the form of gift boxes and chocolate sweets also graced the table.  Karena’s likeness was also featured on the castle-themed cake, which towered three feet tall and had a spouting fountain at the bottom.

Smiling widely at the fairy-tale princess details of her birthday party, Karena enjoyed being indulged for the night.

Karena Ng party  Karena Ng birthday party 3  Karena Ng birthday party 2

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i agree with u jinx 🙂 those all are just hater and jealous, don;t care about them

  2. I like the cake. So elaborate, what with stairs and all. I wonder if the stairs and figurines are made of plastic or sugar.

    It’s a nice gesture from a boyfriend to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday. Why all the hate? Maybe Karena still like princesses, so, Raymond throw a princess party. Loving fairies and princesses shouldn’t stop at age 20.

  3. Just glad to see LF happy regardless of what others may say about their stable, two year relationship. No one has the right to judge their private lives!
    LF Love FUNG ❤️

  4. I get why people here are babbling about how Raymond looks old comoared to others at the party. C’mon Karena is 21, her friends’ age are about hers as well. So why make a fuss about it? Sure Karena is living a luxurious life dating him. But what can we say about that? Raymond likes her and is more than willing to spend his money on her. It is his money after all. About the princess cake. Is it wrong? Tons of people still likes those. Raymond seems happy. Well money iswhat he has the most. Lol.
    P/s – just stating out my opinion.,no offence. oh yeah and i’m not a fan not LF.

  5. Raymond is lucky to have a girl like that. Honestly speaking they don’t match.. but hey, that’s the way it is. Let’s see how long this relationship will last, which of course includes their marriage too…

  6. he really made things worse by holding a “princess” party ’cause uh, he’s just reminding everyone he’s a cradle robber lol.

    he treats her like a little kid, which she is, ’cause just 2 years ago she was a teenager. regardless though, she does seem like a mature lady, so this party looks really immature in comparison.

    1. Three years ago she was a teenager. She was born in 1993 ie. she turned 22, not 21. She enjoys the theme, dont need to worry that she would think it is immature. She recorded few clips on her meipai and that was the source of the reporters.

      1. I didnt mean to say she’s not happy about it. But i meant he’s antagonizing people who dont like this couple by doing this. It’s not a smart move but im sure the couple has no qualms over it.

      2. It was a private party and the reporters were taken the pictures and clips posted by the attendants. It wasnt opened for the public to put their nose in. Why they should live like what the people who dont like them want? They are living their life.

        If someone dont like them, even if they only breath, those person still have something to dislike. Cant comfort the whole world. Therefore, they enjoy their love and moment, that is positive.

      3. Ok I have my guests all wrong for the reason of moderation :P. Maybe I should wait until Jayne approve.

      4. Well then if theyre happy and dont give a crap about what anyone thinks, then it’s a non-issue for their haters to discuss this. This may have been a private party but it’s publically posted thereafter. My point being, this aint a smart move, but that’s not an issue for raymond and so, shouldnt be an issue for those who loves them either. I personally am neutral about this, but i can see how this event could be blown out of proportion.

      5. She was born in 1993, so she just turned 21. It’s still 2014.

  7. 21 is definitely a mature age. At the end of the day it’s about experience that drive a person to grow. Age is nothing but a number. Idk why all the negative comments are for. I am 22 & honestly i would much rather date someone who is older like Raymond. Not for his money but for stability & know he is responsible. Why would anyone want to be with someone who is not going anywhere. Karena obviously have a long way to go & her career will just grow as well.

  8. I’m not a fan of them and won’t be a fan of Uncle Ray either.

    I didn’t care about their relationship at first but as reports came out over and over, I start getting perturbed.

    I have never seen a couple poise such a nuisance before. It’s like they keep on showing off their wealth and annoying others by shopping or holding extravagant parties.

    They went to Japan, USA, Milan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, what’s next? Please go back to China and stay there forever.

  9. The most annoying couple that won’t go away. One in it for the money and the other for sex….. Everything about them is money. No wonder he lost so much fans…

  10. And he looks so-uncle in that picture…..his wrinkles on tv and his skin condition is worsening….. Indeed, like some users said, he doesn’t blend in the crowd/audience.

  11. Ray is a Joker….Hahaha He looks odd with Karena n friends, they are so young. Oh my goodness, Karena’s chin is long and pointed. Charmaine Sheh may be slightly older than him but they look perfect together. Kate Tsui is not a bad choice, too

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