Raymond Lam’s Wife, Carina Zhang, Shares Experience with Painful Mastitis

Raymond Lam’s (林峯) wife, Carina Zhang (張馨月), gave birth to their daughter in late September. Now a month old, their little girl is learning to be comfortable in the warmth of her parents. And for Carina, now is a critical time for her to be on alert 24 hours a day to feed her daughter every few hours.

But in a recent social media update, the new mother shared that she’s been suffering from acute mastitis, a painful breast inflammation. Mastitis can be caused by blocked milk ducts or bacterial infection.

Carina, who never shedded a tear while giving birth to her daughter, was left in tears from the pain of her swollen breasts. She suffered a high fever for two years, and had to seek help from a specialist.

“The breast massage was so painful,” wrote Carina on Weibo. “I cried with every massage. I cried so much the lactation consultant had to stop the massages and advised me to seek medical attention. My fever went up to 39.6 Celsius (103 Fahrenheit).”

Carina said her fever fluctuated for the next few days, before it was finally brought down with medication. Only after her fever subsided when the lactation consultation was able to assist in clearing her milk ducts.

However, because the post was not provided with any photo evidence, some netizens are doubting the authenticity of the post, and suspecting that the poster was not Carina.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Oh come on, what do the netizens want as a proof? Picture of her to have a fever or picture of her massage? Do they find it is too sensitive and private? If she took a picture when having fever, they would have say that she was fake.

    Anyway, the mastitis is really really hurt. I suffered 1 week with that and omg, I can’t sleep nor do anything. Hurt and heavy. So I can understand her feeling.

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