Raymond Lam’s Proposal Included a Bathroom Surprise

After revealing how he met Carina Zhang (张馨月) and fell in love, Raymond Lam (林峯) spilled how he asked her to marry him two years ago on Chinese reality show Viva La Romance 5 <妻子的浪漫旅行5>. Though Raymond’s proposal was filled with elegant words, the place where he popped the question seemed strange.

In the latest episode, Carina reminisced that Raymond had asked her to dress up for a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant in Hong Kong. When she saw that Raymond took special care to look handsome that night, a woman’s sixth sense told her that he was planning on proposing. During the entire dinner, she eagerly anticipated the ring and expected violinists to pop up.

By the end of the night, Raymond still had not proposed. Disappointed that what she expected had not happened, Carina also felt angry when he pointed out several flaws in her habits.

After dinner, the couple returned to their residence. Raymond immediately ran up to their room and she followed suit. Once she opened the door to the bathroom, Carina received the surprise of her life. She was shocked to see many balloons, flowers, and lighting decorations. She was so shocked that she fell back on her bed and started to cry.

Helping her up, Raymond gave Carina a big hug in the bathroom. He then proceeded to ask the most important question in his life, “Thank you for allowing me to get to know myself again during this year. I hope that you will be able to accompany me for the rest of my life. I will make you the happiest person in the world.” After his moving speech, he got down on one knee and brought out the engagement ring. Carina was so touched that she could not stop crying!

Raymond’s friends were present in the apartment to document and film the memorable moment. Though the proposal was planned in advance, it did take place inside the bathroom!

Raymond Lam’s Documented Proposal

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is staged and kind of cringey.

    1. @hbc1 RL has been cringey since the I love you x what 7 times to a certain younger ex? haha lol…. oh god….

      1. @melody Exactly! Now that he’s married he can do kinds of cringey legitimately. It’s compariable to Tom Cruise’s iconic sofa jumping. haha lol…And I always thought that ex had a good EQ I mean she was soooo much younger and her response was not overly girlie and clingy. I didn’t understand why the media picked on her so much when they dated I mean who is and is not a gold-digger when dating these rich 2nd or whatever generations like they can really tell who is indeed a gold digger just cuz she likes to show off her materialistic items that was given to her?

      2. @wm2017 I never understood the hate regarding Karena too. I met her at a film award in Korea and she was the sweetest. I took a few pictures with her and she’s quite a beauty in person.

  2. So many of these couple shows in China…. Celebs willing to show all as long as they get a fat paycheque.
    Is it just me or does his wife resemble Karena Ng at some angles? Kind of the same style.

    1. @bubbles23 I am not sure if the younger ex had PS but I thought she’s pretty cute all around. Never find this one cute or anything esp seeing her pre PS shots. But she is still prettier b4 PS thou that’s for sure.

    2. @bubbles23 ex Karina has the standard hk beauty style look: stick thin, v shaped chin, big eyes + double eyelids.

      Current wife Carina looks a mix of Gillian Chung from twins + Chrissie Chau but with a mainland China feel.

  3. Most of these are staged and for them to agree to go on reality shows w a fat paycheck pretty sure they will go all out and privacy and low key was probably never in their vocabulary.

  4. I’ve not watched the proposal yet and likely won’t bother. Any chance this ‘proposal’ is staged and recorded recently just for viewership for this show?

  5. Lol. Since they love to show off why don’t they show more of their daughter see she looks like. I don’t think we ever get to see how their daughter looks like or doesn’t mentioned her name either.

  6. I don’t think this proposal was staged for the show. Personally, I would hate to be proposed with an audience watching, but some like it. They are entertainers so I guess they are use to it. I have to laugh at Raymond’s “dressed up” outfit is just a regular all black ensemble.

  7. So Staged. So fake. So no real tears. I don’t get it. Why do ladies have to shed tears of happiness when proposed to? Being surprised doesn’t always have to go with tears? If someone is really in a devoted relationship with the other, there is no necessity to think there is no marriage involved. Don’t ppl talk anymore about their expectations of the relationship? Sometimes I think the stereotype of femininity demureness is why ladies “cry” tears of joy. And those staged engagements – where every other 1 is more elaborate and creative than the other? In the past decade this practice is getting just…OMG IG moments only. An engagement is a promise to marry, and exclusive relationship. An engagement was a tradition to inform the community that a lady is now promised to someone, don’t knock on her door anymore and we are all committed to this. Also the period of engagement was to allow families to prep for the wedding. Now. It is a circus.

    1. @noodlez
      She had to cry in that situation otherwise it would have gone against Raymond’s script. She would have put Raymond in an awkward situation in front of his friends if she didn’t cry. Even if she knew the proposal was coming, she would still have had to force these tears out. How many times have we seen a long lasting couple go on TV show and the woman crys after the husband is given a minute to say something loving to his wife. There’s no way out really…..

    2. @noodlez I have no comments about those over the top proposals but I think it’s very normal for women to cry happy tears when they get proposed to. I dated my husband for about 7 years. We discussed marriage many times so that was always the end game. However, when he took me to the place that we had our first date and reminded me of all the happy memories before he proposed, I literally cried like a child. It just reminded me of how much I love this man and that I would finally be his wife.

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